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Amazing overlook view of islands and fringing coral reefs in the Maldives


Northeast Montana, 2017

because it was pretty last minute and we’re bad at planning it wasn’t until we were about to get onto Road To The Sun after eating supper that we learnt from locals that it was still closed for the year. Snowed over. 

This caused a three hour re-route. A good portion of which was on what is now and forever known as DEATH ROAD. the locals told us not to go that way but what do locals know that we don’t. /fp

leading up to it were signs that in hindsight accurately describe the experience. intermittent pavement, they said. we laughed, like what the hell is that. 

turns out it’s very very bad road carved into the side of a mountain with a very deadly drop inches from the road. it was terrifying and amazing all at the same time. unfortunately there was no where to stop to take pictures that didn’t mean sure death so here are a few from the other side of the mountain once you’ve cleared the death road. 

ps. always listen to locals. don’t be dumb like us and find yourself almost at dark on very bad roads hanging off the side of a mountain in a strange country. 


Gregoire Tillery gave up his job in corporate America and spent all his money on buying a food truck (which broke down on him immediately).

Luckily, due to perseverance, a friend with a lot of followers and some incredibly delicious chicken and shrimp recipes, he has made it onto the prestigious Canal Street. Playing old school tunes and advertising demos by local talent, We Dat’s Chicken and Shrimp is a hub for the community, where Gregoire has given free food to kids in the neighbourhood.

Full video here


Milky way pivots above mudcracked surface at the mines of Mazarron, with structures that date back to roman times, Spain.


natgeotravel Video by @paulnicklen// Humpback whales lunge feed for herring and breach along the coast of British Columbia.

I am draped in dreams. A cloak of awakenings and glorious revelry. I am defying gravity. I bathe myself royally, drenched in celestial longing. I am a renegade. Daring to love myself the way I am. Daring to be seen and not sold out. For me, I am shining my light. No permission needed. 

Oia, Santorini

We are sending our first batch of postcards from Santorini today! If you would like to receive one from us during our travels check out our Patreon link in bio 🌞

A special thank you to @houseofbohemian for this beautiful Goddess shawl. I cherish it like the treasure that it is.

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This timelapse is from Point Sublime, the most delightful and hardest viewpoint to reach on the North Rim, Grand Canyon. An awesome experience. It takes a good vehicle and even 4wheel-drive at times, to reach the point and we had only one other family nearby for the evening. A photographer from the other group joined me and we took pictures and talked technique and life philosophy for several hours. The cliff light is from the setting moon that was a waxing crescent of about 8%.

My mood changes with music, with books, with movies, with nature. My writing comes to me like a message and I feel the urge to immediately pen it down, or else it will go. I long for inspirations, I want to write about people in love. It makes me happy. It makes me believe in the beautiful thing life offers. I want to write about heartbreak, because I want you to know, you are not alone. I want to travel, meet new people, learn about their lives, take pictures and maintain a journal. So that, when I look back few years from now, I want to know I was never lost, but just getting to my destination. To him. And one night, under the moon, I would whisper in his ears, I made it, we made it, life made us and all of it was worth it.
—  Bini // adventure
Maybe we will speak again one day. It is not enough that these wounds heal. It is not enough that the pains disappear. There is no room in me for both you and scars. For both forgiveness and scars. I need to forget. I need to look down and not know how they got there.
—  D.K.

Summertime vacation timelapse tour of Yosemite National Park. For the first half you can watch shadows of clouds dance over the mountains and forests, and in the second half the night and the Milky Way surround a campsite.