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Bruce Wayne/Batman X Reader- She Seems Interesting

Some of the dialogue is from the movie so DC don’t sue me!! (Please)


Glass shattering could be faintly heard as you and Bruce quietly made your way to the source of the noise.  Once the two of you were close to the entrance of the room, you separated from him and traveled to the storage area.  You waited silently on the highest point of the room and listened to Bruce through the comm.

“Waylon Jones, aka Killer Croc.  Stealing drugs isn’t your usual MO.”

You listened to Bruce’s side of the conversation until the grunting, snarls, and sounds of objects breaking reached the room.  When Croc was in your sights, you dropped down and turned on the vehicle that was right behind him, causing him to be rammed and trapped in between the shelves and the machine.  Croc dropped the bag of drugs and struggled to keep the vehicle from crushing him.  You ran by and grabbed the drugs, leaving Croc to deal with the speeding machine.  You grappled next to Bruce and dropped the bag next to him.

“What’s your hurry, Croc?  I’m not done with you,” Bruce stated.

You jumped out of the way when Croc used his new tail to grip onto the vehicle and hurled it in your direction.  Bruce grappled to the next shelf and landed, but was dragged down by Croc.  You quickly stood up and pulled out your taser.  When you jumped down, Croc noticed you and wrapped his tail tightly around your neck, cutting your air supply.  The taser fell from your grasp as you pulled at his tail, failing to free yourself from his tightening tail.  You watched as Bruce collapsed on the ground after receiving a blow to the head, but continued to claw at Croc’s tail.

Croc grabbed Bruce’s head and started to crush it, “You know, Bats, the problem with steroids is, I get the munchies.”

He opened his mouth and went to bite Bruce, but Croc was electrocuted and collapsed.  When he fell onto the ground, a woman was revealed and holding your taser.  You quickly unwrapped the tail from your neck and tried to catch your breath.

“Hello, my love.  You should have warned your play date, I’m the only one who can bite you,” the woman said.

You gave Bruce a look, now realizing that this woman is Talia al Ghul.  You rolled your eyes under your mask and grasped the shelving behind you so you could pull yourself from the ground.  It was infuriating to know that this woman is here, especially one of Bruce’s past partners.  He didn’t tell you what happened with Talia, but you knew that something happened between them.  It’s hilarious that you and Bruce were actually going to start a relationship and this lady showed up.

You walked up to Bruce, “What’s the plan?”

“We come with her and talk,” he replied and started walking towards the Batmobile.

You rolled your eyes, “Yeah, talk.”


You looked around the expensive boat that Talia owned, not understanding how weird some rich people are.  Yeah, Bruce runs around Gotham at night wearing a batsuit, but at least it helps the city.  These types of situations make you glad about your upbringing.  You lived with your single father in the bad parts of Gotham and helped him out by stealing whatever you could, but that changed when you got a full ride to the college you applied for.  Your degree came in handy when you started vigilantism and needed to make some gadgets, but you became a full-time vigilante when your father passed away in his sleep.  You and Bruce joined forces when he took in the second Robin, Jason Todd.  You raised that kid as if he were your own, but that didn’t stop him from being murdered by the clown prince himself.  It broke your heart that he didn’t trust you enough to allow you to help him, but when he came back as the Red Hood he explained everything.  You welcomed him back with open arms and Bruce raised his fists.  You still manage to visit Jason, but you kept that from Bruce.  

“Would you like a drink?” Talia asked.

“Last time, that didn’t go so well,” Bruce replied.

You raised a brow at Bruce, but kept leaning on a wall.

“Oh, you’re right,” Talia said and placed the drink down. “If I remember correctly I put a little something in your beverage.”

Now you were completely surprised.  You forced your mouth to not form a deep frown and remain blank, but this lady was starting to piss you off.  You looked over to her and saw her very revealing red dress.  When did she have time to change into that?!

“Same way I remember it,” she stated and walked up to Bruce. “It made you romantic.”

It made her a rapist, you thought.  

“It made me do what you wanted,” he said.

“Was it all that bad, Beloved?” she asked and grazed her leg against his.

You rolled your eyes once again and guessed at this rate your eyes would be stuck in the back of your head if you had to listen to anymore of this.

“No, it wasn’t all that bad.”

That one really hurt.  

“Then you remembered our shared moonlight?” she questioned.

You pinched the bridge of your nose to stop you from punching the wall, knowing that it would cause a few problems.  Why didn’t you bring your earbuds today?

“Some of it.”

Maybe because she was sucky in bed, you sassed in your brain.  You had to prevent a smile from forming on your face, knowing that you are hilarious.

“The best parts?”

Oh, Jesus.

“Talia, what do you want?” Bruce asked.


Talia turned away, “My father, he’s dead.”


What other father does she have, Bruce?

“How many fathers do I have?” she questioned

“Sorry, he always seemed….”

“Like you?  Indestructible?”

Definitely not like Bruce.

“Huh, you haven’t seen my x-rays,” Bruce said.

“Maybe you can show them to me sometime,” she flirted.

You rolled your eyes once again and tried to drown out her voice, “You don’t seem all that broken up about your father’s death.”

“There is no time for mourning.  Assassins plan to take over my father’s organization. They are led by a man who Father believed could be his successor, until my father became aware of you.  Now this man wants to kill us,” Talia stated as she walked over to a set of curtains.

“Us?” you and Bruce asked at the same time.

“Not you.  Me,” she stated and pulled the curtain, “and your son.”

“Son?” you and Bruce asked.

A young boy walked out of the shadows stood by Talia.

“You expect me to believe this?” Bruce asked.

“I assure you, he’s yours,” Talia said.

The boy approached Bruce, “Don’t look so stunned, Father.  I thought you’d be taller.”

You smiled at the boy’s sass, but it faded away as you remembered the situation at hand.  


You walked out of the boat, Bruce and his son behind you, and walked past the Batmobile.

“(Y/N), where are you going?” Bruce asked.

“I do not want to discuss this when your son is here,” you said, holding back the tears that threatened to fall.  “There’s no space in the car.  I’ll see you soon”

You pressed a button on your wrist and waited for your motorcycle to arrive.  You felt a hand on your shoulder and turned around.  His son was in the car and staring at the two of you.

“What is wrong?”

“You know what is wrong, Bruce.  You say you love me and then she pops back into your life and has the guts to talk about how she practically raped you.  I’m trying to keep my cool and not make a bad impression on your son, but I want no part in this if you are going to act like you don’t know how I feel.  I have nothing against your son, he didn’t ask for this, but you better know where your heart lies before you ruin mine,” you said and remained strong.

Your motorcycle stopped a few feet away from you.  Bruce remained silent.

“Are you returning back to the manor?”

“No, I’m going to go visit a friend,” you said and got on your bike.  “You better get your shit straight or I’m long gone.”

Bruce watched as you drove away, leaving him with his son.

“She seems interesting,” Damian said from Bruce’s side.

“Yeah, she is.”

“I’ll drive.”


“I know how.”


anonymous asked:

Hi! I am working on a Viera costume from Final Fantasy and trying to figure out the best way to do the ears. I've looked up a variety of ways but most seem to attach the ears permanently to the wig, I'm not sure if that would be great for storage/travel. I was thinking of magnets but the ears are super long... How would you approach it?

Oh god, do you know I love viera? When I was a teenager and FF12 came out, I wrote a whole personal almanac on the viera just for shits and giggles. I’d love to make one someday but have never had the time. Let me live vicariously through you for a minute.

So I’d do this:

Under the wig, you have a headband with two long prongs on it — spikes for your ear to slot onto. You put this headband on, then the wig — the spikes poke through the wefts. It may take a friend to help you get them on in order. You then slot your ear on — you could even screw it on if your prong/spike is a long Chicago screw or something. If you don’t do a screw, you could put a magnet on the base that’ll snap them together a little more securely but still come back off with a tug.

This is how I do my Camilla horns and it works great.


[SketchDaily] February 18th - Suitcases

[Once a day we will post a theme for you to draw. ] Boxes in which you carry your stuff when travelling, a storage container you put in the attic or simply a prop for decoration. Suitcases takes so many forms. Let’s draw some of them :)Alt theme: mason jarsTheme posted by Powersimon

zelspots said: I have a quick question! How do you attach your horns to your creations? Via hot glue, magnets, or something else? Thanks!

Our horns are removable, so they attach with machine screws. Here you see the attachment end on the horn itself; the posts sticking out of the horn are pre-threaded for screws. The posts fit into corresponding holes on a mounting plate on the mask, and then screws are inserted from the inside of the head, up into the threaded posts in the horn. The mount is extremely secure, but easy to remove for travel and storage, or even wearing the mask without the horns (in which case little fur panels would mount to the plates on the mask instead).

Some people have suggested that we use rare-earth magnets instead, and I have heard good things about this method. I may try it at some point, though the screw-on method ensures that there is no way the horn will accidentally be knocked off of the mask (though easy to re-attach with the magnet method, it’s nice to not drop parts of your costume).