travel spirit

The beginning of something new
This is the start of a painting that is very close to my heart. I started this under drawing while I was traveling through the southwest. Are there any places or things that inspire you?

“I do not need to ‘get all good,’ if that were even possible, to have communion with God. His life-giving Spirit gives me life even in my sin. But He opens to me a fuller life, a more useful, renewed life, when I turn away from that sin,
just as God is willing to ‘turn His face away’ from my sins.

The ‘bad’ that is within me, because I’ve embraced it, time and again, does not stop God from abiding and working in me, because He is willing to descend even into our darkest hell to renew us, in His undying faith in us. He is also willing to ‘turn away His face’ from our sins, time and again, continuing to create through us and among us,
so we and other ‘ungodly turn to Him.’

So let me not be discouraged, however ‘bad’ my state of affairs may be at the moment, and embrace the renewal God has on offer. ‘Restore to me the joy of your salvation: establish me with your governing Spirit’.”

~Sr. Vassa Larin

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For low spoons days:
  • Play/spend time with your crystals! Just sit or lay and hold them.
  • Draw sigils. Don’t charge them because it takes energy but you can sketch as many as you want for future use.
  • If you can manage to be outside, soaking up the sun is a good way to energize yourself and your very own magical potential.
  • Similarly to the above suggestion, put out things you want to charge in the sun or the moon!
  • Listen to audiobooks relating to witchcraft in any way or guided meditations.
  • My favourite: take an astral nap. Basically, make yourself as comfortable as possible in your bed (I love making a nest out of blankets and curling up in it with my cats), listen to music if you want, and imagine a safe sanctuary where you can invite in friendly spirits and entities. I usually fall asleep at that point and fully go into this sanctuary, like a dream. Spend some time with your deities if you have any!

It’s genuinely terrifying how there’s millions of posts on here about astral travel but almost none of them talk about safety. If you just hopped on a random plane it could take you to Hawaiian resort or it could take you to a war zone. Why would you do this in astral? The astral realms aren’t imaginary places where nothing can ever hurt you. It’s not imaginary, and not every being in astral is benevolent. You can’t trust everyone you meet there.
Shield yourself, and shield your physical space so things can’t attack you or follow you back. Learn how to cleanse yourself and your space in case you pick up anything you don’t want. Learn how to effectively banish things so that if something does follow you back you can get rid of it. Don’t go to strange places in astral without a trust worthy guide. Set up secret passwords that only you and your guide know so that you can spot an imposter. If you can learn about the place and culture of where you’re going.
Astral is just like earth: there are safe places and dangerous places. There are people/spirits that are helpful and friend and others that hurt people for fun.
If you can’t protect yourself you have absolutely no business traveling out of body.