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Since I will leave for vacation I want to send you something, so you’ll be reminded about how much I love & believe in you. You can either answer it right away, or let it stay in your asks so you can come & revisit it every time you need someone to tell you how amazing you are, since I won’t be here in person to do so. YOURE ALWAYS WORTH IT! YOURE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE AND I ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOU! DON’T YOU EVER GIVE UP! ALWAYS CHOSE LOVE AND BE KIND TO OTHERS and I absolutely adore your blog.


I’m publishing this so I can keep it and show everyone how much of a positive and uplifting person you are. Thank you so much for these kind words. I’m so utterly happy that you exist in this world and that I’ve had the chance to talk with you. You’re seriously a breath of fresh air amongst the negativity that is present around the world. You may adore my blog, but it’s you in all your renowned beauty both inside and out, that I adore <3

I really want to know how harry and louis would decorate their mantle 

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Can you write an AU Loki and Thor in HS drabble? :)

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I just hit a pretty big (to me) follower milestone. Have a ficlet as a thank you to my followers for a lovely year. I’ve written quite a bit of Gen lately, so here’s some Thorki.

Author’s Note – ~2.5k words Thorki AU. This could definitely turn into something longer if I let it.


In the darkness, with Thor’s body pressed in so unexpectedly close, Loki’s composure disintegrated into something far less collected. Unable to meet with Thor’s unwavering stare, Loki looked around the bedroom for anyone who might be lurking in the shadows. Was this really happening? He could hardly believe it.

Thor’s fingertips grazed Loki’s waist, inquisitive yet eliminating all doubt concerning his intentions. Even obscured in the gloom, Loki could sense Thor’s easy smile as he said, “Look at me.”

After exhaling a shaky breath, Loki did as he asked and looked—and his world immediately narrowed to the small space between them.

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