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So you posted about it not being many popular wlw books around here. Do you have some good books with a wlw protagonist? I really wanna read more lesbian books. Love you xx

sdfghjkl oh boy here comes a masterpost

i’m also happy to recomend individual books if you send your three current favourite books to my lit/wlw blog!

if you like percy jackson: the dark wife by sarah diemer (it’s free!). trigger warning for rape at the beginning though.

if you enjoyed the picture of dorian gray (or books that are incredibly exquisite!) read the price of salt or carol by patricia highsmith. it was recently made into an excellent movie starring cate blanchett & rooney mara.

if you like pain, read the well of loneliness. it doesn’t not end happily, but i enjoyed it nevertheless.

virginia woolf’s works have lots of sapphic themes– orlando has a nonbinary/genderfluent protagonist, and in mrs dalloway clarissa remembers her affair with sally seton. i would also read her love letters to vita sackville-west!

edit: when i get the money, i will be buying thérèse et isabelle by violette leduc, a french lesbian novel that is, most likely, the most beautiful book i have ever read. for now i’m reading excerpts on the internet, which you can find here and here.

fingersmith by sarah waters is also supposed to be good, though i haven’t read it! 

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other people, feel free to add your own book recs! :)

I am just a speck, on a speck, orbiting another speck, with a bunch of other specks, in the middle of galactic specklessness. What I think and feel doesn’t matter at all. But then, I thought, wait, I have a brain just ‘this’ big, and with that you can imagine all of this, you can know the cosmos and your place within it, you can know your place in space, and that is wonderful, that is remarkable, that is venerable. Being a speck is worthy of respect.
So class of 2015 here’s wishing you the joy of discovery; keep reaching, keep seeking, keep using your abilities to bring out the best in those around you, and let them bring out the best in you. Become the next great generation, you can and you will, dare I say it, change the world.
—  Bill Nye
What is it like to be a shark?

by Saṃsāran  

You are hungry. If you come across a lot of food like a whale carcass you will gorge until you must throw it back up again. Always hungry. Everything in your universe is divided into three categories: things I can eat, things that will eat me and things that I can safely ignore. 

Even though you are in the cold, cold sea you do not feel cold. You are cold blooded meaning that the temperature of your body is always that of the surrounding water.

Your hearing is quite good but different from human hearing. Sound travels differently in water so your hearing is more like sonar in that it gives you location and approximate distance from the object. Your eyes see color though not as well as a human’s eyes. Your sense of smell is incredible and can pick up a scent with just a few molecules per cubic centimeter. 

You have a sense that no modern human possesses but one we used to possess and that is electromagnetic imaging. You can pick up the presence of a prey animal by the electric signals their muscles give off. That’s right New Agers. Sharks hunt using the aura. You can also detect magnetic lines of force on the sea floor which guide you like an internal GPS. 

Sharks cannot get lost.

Mikunology Files 1: Premise

So I guess I better start this, huh? My post did get a decent amount of likes and I dunno if everyone really wants me to do this or not but might as well and I need to keep track of this anyway @ask-vocal-android, @ask-model-cv02 and @incorrectvocalandroidquotes do have a sort of “shared universe” or something like that. I’ve actually had this little universe in mind for a WHILE now, and I’ve tried to make it as a fanfiction, but I’ve had to restart that fanfiction about 3 times because of negative reception (which made me wonder if I should be doing this at all). But I’ve kept working on it quietly, and I guess I should explain what it’s all about at least for the sake of letting people know what I’m actually talking about sometimes when I refer to things inside this verse.

I simply call it the “Vocal Android Verse”, and I am now declaring that this is (obviously) NOT CANON IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, NOR WOULD I EVER SAY THIS IS. I know for a fact tons of people in this fandom mistake stuff for canon when it isn’t, and I don’t want anyone doing it with my own stuff. All of this is, in a word, headcanons, and the headcanons I go off of when I make things regarding Vocaloid.

Now, let’s get started, I guess. If you wanna keep reading, go under the cut. But be warned: there’s A LOT OF READING.

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One insecurity:
My belly. But I guess most of us are like that.

Two fears:
Losing a loved one.

Three turn-ons:
A lovely singing voice.

Four life goals:
Get out of debt.
Marry for love.
Raise good human beings.
Travel the world.

Five things I like:
Detective stories.
Horror movies.
Board games.

Six weaknesses:
Coming up with meaningful gifts.
Names and faces.
Cat hair.

Seven things I love (things not people):
Going on vacation.
John Finnemore’s comedy.

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I wanted to take a break from writing/editing and draw something again! So, human AU babes. I’d love to actually create some illustrations from Reciprocity in the future, but we’ll see.

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hi stacey! so i am a cis girl who kinda maybe wants to try online dating. i think i could be bi/pan but have actually never done anything with anyone so i can't really be sure? i'd rather not limit myself to cis boys but i don't wanna accidentally lead anyone on either?? any advice??? tyvm in advance :) (nb: i'm not inexperienced because i'm super young or naive or whatever. i've just never really been interested before.)

Greetings, my dove! Come, sit by me, I need to tell you some v important things before you embark on this online dating journey.

1. You don’t have to have slept with or engaged sexually at all, with anyone in order to identify yourself as a certain sexuality.

This isn’t like getting your licence. You don’t have to prove you can parallel park into a vagina before you’re allowed to say you’re into people with vaginas. If you’re feeling hella into all the genders then you do you - identify as bi, pan, whatever you like.


2. You don’t have to choose one sexuality to identify yourself as for the rest of time.

This isn’t like taking the red pill or the blue pill. There is no “no going back” once you’ve identified yourself as a certain sexuality. If your feelings on the matter of your sexuality change over time, or once you’ve gained some more life experience then that’s totally okay. Take it from someone who’s identified as both lesbian and bisexual over the course of her life. Go with what feels right for you in the moment.

3. Just because you happen to be on a dating website does not obligate you to engage with anyone romantically, sexually or even at all.

I seriously cannot even begin to stress this enough. You’re on a dating site, end of description. Yes, by virtue of it being a dating site, people are more likely to assume you’re on there looking for romantic interaction, but that does not make their assumptions in any way a) correct or b) your problem.

Say that with me again: other peoples assumptions about you or your behaviour are not your problem.

You are not obligated to have sex with or even interact with anyone you meet on a dating website. If someone sends you a message and you don’t feel you’d gel with them, you’re completely within your rights to not respond. If you do reply, your opening an avenue of communication does not obligate you in any way to do anything.

You are not leading people on by interacting with them on a dating site. You’re not even leading people on by meeting said people off a dating site. You control what happens to your space and your body and you are 100% within your rights to change your mind about any social interaction at any point. NO. EXCEPTIONS.

Now, having said all that. If you’re still a bit uncertain about the landscape of the online dating world, there are a few handy tools to help people wade in slowly:

OKCupid has a number of options where you can specify who you’re “looking for”:

If you’re a bit leery about how you want people to approach you at first, you can always just have “new friends” ticked. NGL it definitely will not stop people from approaching you looking for more, but it will give you a very clear something to point at if you need to reassert your boundaries.

OKC also has a “you should message me if” section on your profile. This enables you to specify a little more clearly/in more words what you’re looking for in your interactions on the site. Don’t be afraid to be hella specific here - trust me when I say the people it will turn off are not the people you need in your life anyway.

Last but not least, if anyone, and I mean anyone, tries to pressure you into doing or saying anything just because “well your profile says this” this is a maaaassive red flag and you should run very fast in the opposite direction. Every major dating site has a block feature - do not be afraid to use it, even if it might seem rude or like overkill. It’s neither. If someone is making you uncomfortable or pushing your boundaries you are fully within your rights to ensure that that person cannot continue doing so.

Now that I’ve been very serious at you, here’s a gif of a posh seal I just found.

Look at this cute little asshole.

External image

Gonna take these a few at a time *u*

1. Draw your character…done!

2. Most prominent features:

External image

Ok to be serious that’s not “eyeliner,” he was born with black accents around the eyes. They become slightly more prominent when he’s in peak condition.

6. (skipping 3-5 since they don’t apply) How about where they live?

External image

His home used to be this shadow city in the middle of a white desert in a parallel dimension…this is where all of his kind are born and where they live when not out in the human world. Astor has left it possibly for good, and now travels constantly throughout the human world.

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Hello! :) For the New Year's ficlet prompt could I request Tentoo/Rose and breakfast in bed? (I really love fluff and your fics are always lovely) Thanks!

Title: The Morning After the Morning After

Rating: Mature

A/N: The Doctor decided at the last minute to take this in a slightly different direction. I hope you won’t blame him. He was completely besotted and a bit too distracted at first to think about breakfast.

The very real intoxicating scent of pure, heady Rose in her hair and on her neck plucked him from a dream. He breathed her in whole lungfuls at a time with his arm curled around her stomach, savoring her and holding her close before she disappeared again. Not that there was any way he’d ever let that happen. His new heart ran wild, enthralled with having its mate - its perfect match - so close by. Warmed by layers of heavy blankets, his skin clung to her back. It was a far cry from their first night with her curled up in a ball to one side of the bed hidden away beneath her pillow because she couldn’t bear for him to see her tears shed for his other half.

He’d tried not to feel hurt, tried to quell the suspicion that all he was good for was traveling the universe. He knew otherwise. This human heart was feeble and easily wounded. And he wore it on his sleeves. She hadn’t told him since they landed that she loved him without following it with a ‘but’ or the like. He hadn’t meant to let her see his feelings were hurt. But she did, and spent the second half of their second day making it up to him, making him know that he was loved. 

Rose Tyler, the goddess of his now living and breathing dreams loved him. Him! Call him a dalek if he wasn’t the luckiest idiot this side of the void. She smiled on his lips and he actually giggled he was so elated. Just reminding himself that she was here in his arms, having promised to kiss every inch of his skin ignited his senses and made him shiver. The first time she told him - just him - that she loved him she said it among gobs of guilt-ridden tears. The second time was on a raspy moan followed by his name sighed hot just behind his ear; and he swore he’d cross oceans, planets, galaxies just to hear it again. The third time (and oh yes his new past time was going to be counting them in all of their glory) rode on a warm, nervous, trembling giggle into a pillow as she woke up in his arms. In his arms! Properly. She could say it however she liked, as long as she was with him. 

She wriggled in his arms and rolled over to face him. “Morning.” 

He croaked something of a response when she also greeted his shoulder with a little peck. Just a little peck and that was it? Or maybe it was Rose, and the sunrise coloring her eyes a honey brown as they peered up him sleepily. And oh yes, even behind those thick lashes was a little bit love. He was so counting that as four. She had him at five with a ripe morning kiss. He was hopelessly hers. Not that he’d ever had any hopes of being designated otherwise.

“You’re well awake I see,” she giggled and pushed him onto his back. 

“And starving.”

She was in the middle of kissing a trail down his chest when he said this. “Wait. Do you mean…” He bounced his eyebrows at her. She gasped. “Oh, you!”

That gasp was just enough to let her guard down. Breakfast took on a different meaning that morning. Of course they did also order in room service. They sampled local cuisine while huddled under piles of blankets and watching snow fall from the bay window ahead. One might think they’d eat and run, eager to start their new lives together. But for once the Doctor let himself be decidedly lazy. As long as Rose was in sight he had no place he’d rather be. 

selena rox, from portland, me to los angeles, ca.

i like animals, good humans, fun interactions, outdoor activities, traveling the world, photograpy and art.

i enjoy working with my hands—i am really good at rolling joints and hand poke tattoos.

i finally feel like myself and i like being open and honest about me and my life.

very into women, sparingly into men, really just into good people that are hilarious and make my heart go pitter-patter. avoiding fuckboys and fuckbois alike. 

i might be cooler than your dad?

  • The Hand of God (1/7)
  • Elsword: Add-centric fic; Diabolic Esper + Mastermind  (One-sided DE/MM)
  • Summary: The Adds in mourning.
  • Warnings: VIVISECTION, death, and blood and mentions of it. It’s not too awful but it is there!!! Please exercise caution when going through it. The next chapter will mention what happened so if you don’t read this one you aren’t missing out!

Esper tastes blood. He smells blood. Blood is everywhere.

When he comes to it isn’t surprising to him that he’s bleeding, the black bile in his veins in his mouth pouring through the cuts through his suit and skin.This is the third time he’s come back to life.

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The Tiny Little 4.25mm Lilliput Pistol,

Produced between 1920 and 1927 by August Menz Waffenfabrik of Suhl, Germany, the Lilliput pistol was one of the smallest production semi automatic pistols in history. The pocket sized pistol was named after the fictional island of Lilliput, which in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels was home to a race of tiny human beings. It is good name for this tiny little peashooter, which has a barrel length of 1.75 inches and an overall length of 4.25 inches.  Most incredibly, it fired a very tiny centerfire cartridge called the 4.25mm Lilliput (roughly .17 caliber).  

The Lilliput in 4.25mm was not very popular, as the ammunition was rare and barely powerful enough to bring down a tin can.  In 1925 August Menz introduced the Lilliput in .25acp and .32acp as well.  The Lilliput pistol would go down in history as the pocket pistol of choice for an infamous German leader named Adolf Hitler, who carried a .32 caliber model in a concealed pocket in his pants along with a Walther PPK.

Today the Lilliput pistol is a very rare firearms that is high sought by collectors, especially in 4.25mm, a caliber which hasn’t been manufactured for over 70 years.