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Cheo Hodari Coker Talks About Luke Cage

Luke Cage creator Cheo Hodari Coker talks to BlackTree TV about the show, Mahershala Ali and his latest choices in binge-watching. When asked what he wanted for season 2 Coker told Mashable:

“Just bulletproof dopeness”  and he also used A Tribe Called Quest; “The analogy I say is that, I want Season 2 to be ‘The Low End Theory. Low End Theory, if you’re a hip-hop fan, you know that that’s A Tribe Called Quest’s second record. The first record,  People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, was great, but then Low End Theory was the record that everyone says … when they think of A Tribe Called Quest taking it to the next level.”

Mike Colter, who plays the role of Luke Cage, hopes to see the show’s new season out early next year.


Afternoon folks!

Alright we ended up staying in San Jose overnight and stuck around for a bit! Little known fact: I used to live here years and years ago! SO I AM SUPER HAPPY AND PROUD TO SAY THAT IT IS A PRIMARILY INSTINCT CITY.

There, that’s awesome. I got to see my old stompin’ grounds. It was fun to see my old neighborhood and the changes. BUT we’re off on the road again heading to Sacramento and then from there straight into oregon where we’re going to stop for the night.

Thanks to you all who are sticking with me this far! Y'all are amazing!


On this day in music history: April 17, 1990 - “People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm”, the debut album by A Tribe Called Quest is released. Produced by A Tribe Called Quest, it is recorded at Calliope Studios and Battery Studios in New York City from Mid 1989 - Early 1990. The group has its beginnings in 1985 with Q-Tip (born Jonathan William Davis, renamed Kamaal Ibn John Fareed) and Phife Dawg (born Malik Izaak Taylor), who are childhood friends having grown up together in the same neighborhood in St. Albans, Queens. While attending high school, they are joined by DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad and fellow MC Jarobi White. First known as Crush Connection, the group are given the name A Tribe Called Quest in 1988 by members of The Jungle Brothers. Tribe begins to record home made demos which are heard by legendary Hip Hop figure Kool DJ Red Alert of the Universal Zulu Nation (also JB’s member Mike Gee’s uncle). Red Alert takes Tribe under his wing, assisting them in landing a demo deal with Geffen Records in 1989. Tribe record a five song demo for the label who pass on signing them, leaving them free to shop the tape elsewhere. They attract offers from other labels, but go with RCA distributed Jive Records based on their past track record with other rap acts such as Boogie Down Productions and Too Short. Having learned how to make beats from Large Professor (Main Source) and recording engineer Shane Faber, Q-Tip puts the tracks together with assistance from Shaheed. They sample from a wide and eclectic mix of jazz, R&B, funk, rock and pop records. The groups unique approach to writing rhymes also stands apart from other rappers, proving to be an excellent compliment and counterpoint to the music. Proceeded by the single “Description Of A Fool”, the album spins off three other singles including “I Left My Wallet In El Segundo” (#9 Rap), “Bonita Applebum” (#4 Rap, #56 R&B) and “Can I Kick It?” (#8 Rap). “People’s Instinctive Travels” receives praise from both music critics and within the Hip Hop community for Tribe’s fresh perspective and musical vision. Though just a modest seller at the time, its stature grows in exposure and influence as it is sampled by other artists and discovered by a new generation of fans. For its twenty fifth anniversary in 2015, it is remastered and reissued on CD and vinyl, featuring three additional bonus tracks. The same year, Get On Down Records releases a limited edition eight disc vinyl box set, with the full album (plus non-album B-sides) pressed on 7" 45 RPM discs. The set is limited to only 1,000 numbered sets and sells out almost immediately. Due to popular demand, another small run of the set (non-numbered) are released in 2016. “People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm” peaks at number twenty three on the Billboard R&B album chart, number ninety one of the Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

“You haunt me.” - EthanxReader smut

A/N: Sorry if the build up to the good stuff is a little long… I was trying to build up the tension as high as possible in order to create an intense scene. Hope it worked. XP

P.S. This is my first imagine post. Be kind. My tender little heart is fragile. XD

Warnings: Strong language, Aggressive behaviour, Graphic imagery, Sexual scenes

You giggled at the episode of Rick and Morty you were currently watching with Grayson and Ethan. You were staying overnight and this was one of the first times Ethan had stuck around while you were there. The air around him was foreboding. For reason unknown to yourself or Grayson, Ethan was not accepting of your presence. You had made friends with Grayson through social media and had only just moved to LA about a month beforehand. Everyone within Grayson’s social circle, liked you. Except Ethan, the most important person in Grayson’s life.

You were finding it impossible to relax. Everything you did seemed to earn coldness from Ethan. The kid was sat so far away from you and Gray. He’d made a point to go get a chair from the office because the opposite end of the couch just wasn’t far enough away from you. He played it off like he was trying to get a better TV viewing angle but it was clearly bullshit.

“Hey I’m gonna go get into my pj’s. I’ll be right back.” You said to Grayson, removing yourself from the crook of his arm and heading for his bedroom, where you’d dumped your overnight bag. You grabbed your pyjamas from your bag and your toothbrush before heading to the bathroom. After changing and brushing your teeth you headed back to the sitting room and were stopped in your tracks by the sound of Ethan’s disapproving voice.

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Nerves - Malia Tate

Request ;; a malia tate x fem!reader imagine based on 6x01 after malia transforms back from being a full coyote and reader gets all nervous because she likes malia and malia knows, so she decides to tease reader and stuff. maybe they could end up together? tysm

A/n ;; 6a has killed me + gifs are not mine ++ i’m back !! i took a break from writing for a while to sort some shit out but i’m working on it and hopefully i’ll be posting more often as of now :)) 

Warnings ;; nudity, mostly fluff, gxg

Words ;; 1.8k

Published ;; 19th february, ‘17


Stay safe + ily🔭

Shivering, you wrapped your arms tighter around yourself as the crisp, late night air brushed over your skin, goosebumps appearing as you groaned in annoyance. “Is this necessary?” Your teeth chattered together as you let out a huff of air aggressively so you’d see your breath in the bitter air just to prove a point to the true alpha that was stood next to you, completely unfazed by the harsh wind.

“Stiles has a theory,” Scott shrugged, looking over at you with a small, innocent smile.

“Stiles always has a theory!” Letting out an overly dramatic groan, you turned to face the wrecked car in which two of your best friends were pointlessly sitting inside of. Stiles, who had seemingly heard your statement, whipped his head around to look at you, doing his famous eye twitch to show his irritancy. “And when am I ever wrong, (Y/N)?!”

“Most of the time,” You sang, a playful grin on your face as you looked back over your shoulder to Scott who was chuckling under his breath at yours and Stiles’ childish banter. He was just glad that his pack was back to normal and their usual bubbly selves after Theo and the Dread Doctors nearly ruined everything.

“I heard that!” He let out an irked yelp from the car and a soft laugh escaped past your chattering teeth at the sound as you made your way closer to the destroyed chunk of metal.

“Hmm,” Lydia hummed from the front seat, looking around warily, her hands wrapped tightly around the steering wheel. Stiles shot up once more from his position in the back seat and looked towards the strawberry blonde with wide eyes.

“What? What is it?!” The sudden eagerness in his voice was apparent as he leaned forward from his spot.

Her right hand left the steering wheel as she shrugged, her middle finger then delicately touching the crease of her eye. “This is a perfect shade for me. I forget the name,” Her shining eyes were on her reflection in the small, compartment mirror, the light smile on her face showcasing that she was definitely proud of her eye look that day. 

“Oo, let me see,” You faintly touched Lydia’s jaw through the open window and she turned to face you, a small smile of appreciation still written on her lips as you eyed her makeup, impressed. You nodded at her in agreement; your eyebrows raised slightly, “Oh, that is nice. Where’d you get that?”

“Macy’s,” She grinned, but it slowly dropped when Stiles let out an obvious, exasperated sound, his eyes squinting down at the two of you.

“Can we stay on topic here?” He ran a hand through his dark hair, sitting up straighter in the car seat.

“I’m not getting anything,” Lydia stated briskly, getting out the car with pursed lips, a roll of her eyes and the need to loudly slam the car door shut to show her annoyance towards Stiles.

“She’s not getting anything,” You repeated for emphasis and shot a look at your sarcastic friend who was sure that this would be a supernatural mystery and dragged you out of your warm and cosy bed at 11 o’clock at night, for the 5th time that week, yelling excitedly in your ear about how ‘they still need us!’

Then, the chilling sound of a coyote howl filled your ears and echoed around the small clearing; you smiled to yourself slightly at the signal. You watched her jump over a wrecked car, landing softly on her paws with a gentle bark and shining blue eyes. You grabbed the pile of clothes out of Lydia’s car in preparation for the werecoyote and when you turned back, she was now crouched in her naked human form, her bare back to you before she stood upright confidently and faced you, her vibrant, glowing eyes fading out until the soft brown was restored. 

Your breath got caught in your throat as you made sure that your eyes stayed grounded and connected to hers instead of instinctively traveling south, a small smirk played on her lips when she secretly tuned into the sound of your racing heartbeat. 

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