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I saw Link once...

Travellers: *sitting at campfire*

Link: *sleeping inside the inn*

Traveler 1: One time, I saw Link killing a Talus.

Traveller 2: One time, I saw him riding a horse through Zora’s Domain.

Traveller 3: I saw Link beating up a camp of boboklin’s.

Traveller 4: This one time I saw Link climb Death Mountain.

Traveller 5: Once, I saw him save a girl from a group of Lizathros.

Traveller 6: Link once saved me from a Yiga Clan member.

Traveller 7: One time I saw Link and he was cutting down trees in the middle of the Kings old hunting grounds at two am. Then his sword broke and he continued to blow them up, but he ended up accidentally blowing himself up.

On The Door Step - part 4

Parings: Dean x Sister!Reader x Sam

Summary: In 2000, John Winchester opened the door to his current motel room and found a little girl at his feet, sleeping peacefully with a fuzzy white blanket tucking her in a wicker basket. Now, nearly 16 years later, (Y/N) has still yet to find herself in the world of the Winchesters.

prologue   part 1    part 2   part 3

Warnings: Season 10/11 spoilers, cursing (I think that’s it)

Words: 2544

A/N: Y’all will never understand how much I appreciate hearing from you! I’m so glad y’all like this series.

My foot taps against the carpet floors of the restaurant my stomach demanded I enter while I wait for my food to arrive. Four hours ago I left Lebanon, driving down interstates until my gas tank needed to be filled. While I was at the pump, stretching my legs, my stomach roared to life and I had remembered I forgot to eat today.

Sam and Dean left two hours before me, heading out to find Castiel with Rowena in the backseat. I skipped breakfast and lunch because I was too busy trying to make sure Sam and Dean didn’t suspect me of anything, and then once they had left I had sent myself on a quest to find dad’s journal in hops that it would be my first clue to finding answers. It was.

There was a couple of entries from the week that I was given to them and the most useful piece of information written in any of those entries was that the Winchester boys were staying at the Travellers Inn in Circle Montana. There was bits and pieces about the case John was working on, a simple haunting at one of the residence’s houses, but most of it was John babbling about how much Sam and Dean fought to keep me as John wasn’t thrilled about me.

“Here ya go, doll,” the waiter smiles at me, placing my BLT sandwich with house-made chips. I smile at him until he leaves me be and I dig in. And man does this hit the spot. As I enjoy my food, I shift in the booth as I begin to feel the cold metal of the gun I stole from Dean’s bedroom and the rough cloth of the spell bag meant to keep me hidden rub against the small of my back.

I had to take precautions so Sam and Dean won’t know that I left home and they can focus all their energy on find Castiel and not me. So, I turned off my GPS as well as change the account information so they can’t call the company and ask to switch it back on. I grew up watching Dean chase after Sam every time he ran, and I’ve learned from his slip ups.

The waiter comes back, asking me if I need a refill on my soda and not so subtly hinting at the fact he wants to know if I’m free later. I pretend to be naive and not understand his flirting and just pay for the meal. He seems a little disappointed as he takes the cash and heads to the register while I begin to place my bag on my shoulders and tuck my helmet under my arm.

The night sky is painted a beautiful shade of purple as the sun sets behind the line of trees and I climb on my bike and strap on my helmet before riding down the main road of Valentine Nebraska and soon cross the border into South Dakota.

The interstate is an agonizingly long stretch of road surrounded by flat and seemingly endless green land that owned by farmers. If I remember the map correctly, I am actually passing through an Indian reservation.

The sky darkens and the stars take their places up in the sky while my eyes begin to struggle to keep open. I can feel my body weaken as the tiredness settles within and I pull off the main road and come to a stop at the only motel in Faith, South Dakota.

Parking my bike in the pretty much empty lot, my eyes fall onto the small picnic area in the center of the lot underneath a gazebo where a young couple sit and chat.

“Can I help you?” An older woman with glasses greets me when I enter the office and the little bell hanging over the entryway rings. She looks up at me, moving her glasses to the tip of her nose in order to see me better and then slightly scowls. She’s not thrilled a teenager walked through her door.

“Hi, I’d like a room for the night, please?” I smile brightly at the woman as I approach. “One bed would be great. She raises an eyebrow before placing her glasses back on and turning to the computer.

“You here with your parents?”

“No, by myself. I’m heading back to college but I’m too tired to continue driving.” I tighten my smile, trying to keep my irritation hidden. Why the fuck do I need parents to rent a hotel room?

“Oh, really, where do you go to school?” She asks, typing away on the keyboard and glancing at me over the top of her ugly and old frames.

“Williston State College. I was visiting my sister who’s going through chemo.” The old woman places a hand over her heart as her eyes fill with sorry.

“Oh dear,” she places a hand over mine as she hands me a room key. “I’ll pray for your sister. What’s her name?”

“It would mean so much to my family,” I smile softly at the woman, playing on her emotions. “Her name is Kim.”

“My husband died last year from cancer…” the woman begins to tell me all about her late husband and I smile and nod along, giving the responses of a concerned human. However, on the inside I’m screaming for her to can it so I can go to sleep.

My phone rings in my pocket and I politely excuse myself outside into the night. For all I know the call can be a telemarketer as I haven’t checked the name while I escape. Once outside and I search for room five, I glance at the screen and my oldest brother’s name is written across in white letters.

“Did you find Castiel?” I ask before Dean even has the chance to greet me. It’s been eating at me since I did what I did, I didn’t want to do it, but it was the only way to get them out of the room. “Is he okay? Did he hurt anyone?”

“Nah, just me, but yeah, he’s fine,” Dean sighs, and I can hear the creaking of the Impala’s doors before Dean lets out a huff when he sits behind the wheel. “Rowena removed the spell and he’s better.”

I close my eyes and release the breath I had been holding.

“Everything okay there?” Dean asks, keys jingling in the background. “Sam wants to know if you’re reading for your test.”

“Yeah, just finished studying,” I lie, unlocking the motel door and switching on the lights to the very small room. It doesn’t look too bad, compared to some of the motels Dean and Sam had dragged me to before they found the bunker. There’s no weird smells or disturbing stains on the walls or ceiling and when I lay down on the bed I feel my eyes grow even heavier than before. “I’m about to go to bed… Studying is horrible.”

Dean laughs lightly at my comment and I feel my heart sink.

“Alright, kiddo. Get some sleep. We should be home sometime tomorrow afternoon.” I nod, and say goodnight to him and then to Sam when he demands to talk to me. He gives me words of encouragement for my test tomorrow before hanging up.

I toss the phone farther up the bed and hide my eyes in the crook of my elbow. I’m happy to know they’re okay, but something keeps nipping at my thoughts.

What’s going to happen if I find what I’m looking for?

I munch on the chips I bought at the gas station for lunch, sitting on a park bench and watching a group of locals throw Frisbees and toss some footballs back and forth, the occasional soccer ball rolling pass my line of sight. I take in a deep breath, enjoying the afternoon sun before checking my phone. It’s four o’clock, school in Lebanon gets out at three but my brothers know I sometimes head to the library.

By the time it turned thirty minutes passed four, my phone buzzes to life in my pocket. I answer Sam’s call.

“Hey, how late are you going to stay at the library?”

“Sam, I’m not in Lebanon… I’m not even in Kansas.”

“What do you mean you’re not in Kansas?” I close my eyes, hearing Dean asking the same question in the background. Sam puts me on speaker and Dean asks again. I repeat.

“Where the hell are you, (Y/N)?”

“I’m looking for answers, Dean.”

“Answers? What do you need answered?”

“(Y/N), come home.” Sam softly demands and I sigh, shifting on the park bench.

“I can’t do that. I need to know what I-” I clamp my mouth shut, before correcting myself, “who I am. I’ll be home when I know.”

“Come home. You could get yourself hurt. You know what kind of things are out there.”

“No, I won’t. I was raised by Winchesters… I also have dad’s journal.” I pause, gathering my trash and belongings before heading towards a trash can. “Don’t even bother tracking me down. I’ve covered my tracks.”

For a moment, the dead silence on the other end leads me to believe they’ve either hung up or walked away, but the more closely I listen, the more I can hear their breathing.

“Did you tell Cas I was sorry?” I ask, in hopes to get a response out of one of them.

“Yes, but he doesn’t know why you’re sorry,” Sam answers, and I can hear the scraping of a chair against the floor.

“That’s good.”

“Why are you sorry?” Dean hisses, leaning closer to the phone.

“You’d would just be angrier if you knew. Look, I gotta get back on the road. I love you both.” I hang up before either one could add anything.

Finally, after a little over thirteen hours on the road, I pull into Travelers Inn in Circle, Montana. It almost looks deserted and if it wasn’t for the two grumpy looking men standing outside their trucks, I would think the place has been abandoned. I find the office and stride in and instantly I’m slapped with the strong scent of cigarette smoke that the older man behind the desk is sporting. I get the man’s attention, expecting him to turn into a grumpy old man because a teenager has found her way into his place of business, but instead, he smiles brightly at me.

“You wanting a room?” he questions, before pulling out a record book. “We’ve got some available.”

“A room would be great,” I smile back at him, oddly feeling comfortable around this stranger. “A single bed would work.”

“You’re in luck then, this is the last single bed,” he says, handing over a key and taking the cash I place on the counter. “Say,” he pauses, leaning over the counter to get a better look at me, “have you been here before?”

I shake my head, twirling the key-ring around my fingers. “No, first time.”

“Are ya sure?” He questions, his graying eyebrows knitting together as he thinks hard on where he’s seen me before. “You look rather familiar…” He shrugs before extending a hand. “My name’s George, and if ya need anything just come back here. You’ll either find me or my wife, she’s the the woman being pulled on by gravity.”

I jump as a rag hits the older man’s head, a rounded woman stepping out from behind him with her hands on her hips. I giggle at the glare she sends her husband’s way before smiling at me. “I’m Vivian, nice to meet ya dear.”


“You’re, what, 17? You here with family?” I shake my head. “You’re here alone?”

“I’m here for answers.” I smile before nodding to both and exiting the office.

I find my room, stepping inside to find no sign of the scent of smoke and everything seems to be fairly clean. I dump my bag on the bed and check the amount of cash I have. Realizing I’m going to need more I head for the shower to rid my body of the long trip and then begin to apply a small amount of makeup and dress in a pair of skinny jeans and tank top.

My brothers might not have taught me everything about hunting monsters, but they taught me how to survive and one of the things you need to know is how to hustle.

I find a casino farther down from the motel, and as the sky darkens, the residents of Circle pile in and begin to enjoy themselves. I take a seat at the bar, asking for two empty shot glasses. I place them down in front of me, before turning to scope out the bar goers.

I search for the right type to loop into playing pool, and my eyes land on small group of guys that’s already had two beer buckets. I meet the eyes of one man in the group of three before swiveling in my chair to face the bartender. I ask for a shot glass with water and a lime. Even though the bartender gives me a strange look, she delivers to my request and I toss back the water and bite down on the lime. I turn back around, catching the guy’s eyes again before hopping off the stool and heading his way, making sure to sway my hips.

“Any of you boys up for a game of pool?” I smile sweetly, twisting my finger around a strand of my hair. One of them volunteers and I set to work. We play a couple of times, each time I fail and each time I purposely lose and beg to play again and bet some more.

“Again. Double or nothing,” I smile, leaning against the table as I watch the man rack up the pool balls.

“Double $200?” He questions, raising a brow as he approaches me. He laughs, placing the cash on the table and I do the same. “Loser breaks.” He gestures to the table, taking a step away and giving me room to break. The balls roll around until three solids sink into the pockets. I move along the side of the table, searching for the best angle to make the next shot and I sink in two more solids and completely avoiding the strips and the 8 ball.

“You hustled me,” the man says in awe as he watches me sink the 8 ball and win the game. I set the cue-stick on the table and pick the cash off the corner and stuff it in my pocket. One of his friends laugh as the others pat him on the shoulder and try to hold back their own laughter.

“This was fun, we should do this again.” I turn to walk away and grab my jacket from the back of the bar stool. The bartender laughs, shaking her head at me.

My hair is swept off my shoulders by a cool breeze when I exit the casino and climb on my bike. As I ride back towards the motel, I can hear that surprisingly comfortable bed calling out to me.

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