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Meeting and travelling with the Tenth Doctor as a Time Lord/Lady would include:

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  • Him being so confused and surprised but mostly not believing whatever you’re claiming because it’s supposedly impossible.
  • “But.. But that’s impossible!’’
  • Trying to explain to him what happened to you during and after the Time War which he doesn’t believe because no one, supposedly, could’ve escaped a million dalek ships hovering around the planet
  • “Ask me anything.’’
  • Him quizzing you over so many different things and still getting every answer right, after it he’s so confused but at the same time so happy to know that there’s still a Time Lord/Lady left in the universe beside him.
  • The Doctor getting jealous when it becomes clear the Tardis likes you a lot better than she liked him because you can actually fly the Tardis properly.
  • “Did you even pass your flying test?’’
  • Getting your own room and the Tardis helping you decorate it and you end up making it look like your room on Gallifrey
  • Whenever you end up on an alien planet outsmarting the Doctor and actually know more than the Doctor which makes him slightly annoyed but he really liked it because there’s finally someone smarter than him.
  • Meeting Donna and becoming best friends and you’re actually able to explain things so humans understand it instead of just rambling for twelve hours which sounds like nonsense to them.
  • Donna calling you timeboy/timegirl and loving how you’re always able to outsmart the Doctor.
  • “Super temp.’’
  • Always making sure Donna understands what is going on and always making her feel better whenever she doesn’t think she’s useful for anything because she doesn’t get it.
  • Meeting Martha who’s just as surprised as the Doctor but now that she’s moved on from him definitely enjoys your company and the way you are properly able to make him shut up.
  • Flying the Tardis instead of the Doctor and Donna continuously saying the Doctor should never fly again because you are actually able to fly the Tardis without constantly partially half-crashing.
  • The Doctor slowly falling for you.
  • Meeting Rose who’s quite jealous of you, meeting Jack who’s getting told of by the Doctor to stop, Sarah Jane Smith who’s surprised when there’s another time lord left but nice nonetheless.
  • Being extremely confused and angry by the fact there are still so many Daleks and what they’re doing.
  • Shocked when there’s a second Doctor and DoctorDonna but also extremely sad because you know that humans aren’t able to handle that and what’ll eventually happen.
  • “There’s four of you. I can’t tell you what I’m thinking right now!’’
  • “Everyone leaves but I won’t ever.’’

The Moment took the form of Rose Tyler

So the Doctor would pick her to be his next companion

So she would absorb the Time Vortex

And bring Jack Harkness back to life

So the TARDIS would travel to the end of the Universe

And bring back the Master

So he’d get trapped back on Gallifrey

And then bring Clara and the Doctor together

So she could persuade the Doctor to save Gallifrey

Clever girl

Reasons why Newt Scamander is exactly like Doctor Who


Appearances: Most noticeably, the facial expressions of Newt and Doctors 10 and 11 are very similar. Their voice patterns are also very similar, the muttered monologues to themselves and the halt between speech where there shouldn’t be one. They are also both somewhat socially awkward, acting slightly out of place. 

Possessions: Newt Scamander owns a very special suitcase, more than Mary Poppins-esque at the very least. His suitcase contains its own miniature world, where a menagerie of beasts live in wildly different climates. It’s almost, bigger on the inside. I couldn’t help but notice the parallel between itself and the Tardis, a time traveling ship that is infinitely big

Companionship: The Doctor often picks up humans from Earth and takes them on adventures so marvelous that its almost magical. Newt Scamander does something rather similar to this during the film, he unintentionally brings a no-maj (muggle) into his wild beast chase. This companion often leaves the series with their memory wiped and living comfortably, just like Kowalski being obliviated and getting his bakery. 

Empathy: The Doctor and Newt Scamander both have a deep empathy for non-human beings. During the series, the Doctor often stands up for and protects aliens from ignorant and fearful humans. The plot centers around Newt advocating for his beasts, saying they’re misunderstood and are really quite friendly. They both are able to communicate at some level with these non-human entities unlike anyone else. 

Being best friends with the Doctor would include

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  • Having a lot of fun together doing the most random of things
  • Being the first person he met after the Time war and showing him a lot of kindness which is why he asks you to come and travel with him in the Tardis
  • Him very slowly talking to you about what the time war is and what happened and you being very nice and patient with him through it all, comforting him
  • Noticing the little things about him, when he’s comfortable, when he’s angry but trying hard to repress it, when he’s sad but trying to look happy and things alike which is why in those moments you always try to comfort him
  • Being extremely sad when he had to regenerate

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  • Being a bit hesitant at first with him having changed his face but realizing he’s still somewhat the same man
  • This Doctor was less open about his emotions, always playing off happy but whenever he was truly angry he would really show it, you slowly started to find ways to comfort him
  • Noticing how he went from just being sad over the time war to feeling guilty about what had happened and you try to help him deal with this guilty because you can see it’s crushing him
  • Helping the Doctor deal with all the companions who leave him through choice or force and telling him you’ll never leave which both you know is impossible but neither of you really talk about that as it’s a good way to comfort him and you will travel with him as long as humanly possible.
  • Being there with him every second of the way

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  • Learning to deal with his different behaviour in the way that he is more childish.
  • Generally a lot more laughing and happy moments as he was in general more happy but you quickly noticed at least a quarter of the time he was hiding his real emotions.
  • Helping him accept those sad emotions and telling him that no one will think less of him for that and that he shouldn’t forget because it’s good to remember as it helps you progress as a being.
  • A lot of bad jokes when the two of you are alone, playing pranks on each other during travels in the Tardis and just having a lot of fun by doing     really weird or stupid things.
  • Remembering to always watch the Doctor because despite being the oncoming storm and sometimes him being properly angry he is literally the most clumsy person in the universe in this body.
  • Always being there for him whenever he needs anyone because this incarnation is even worse when it comes to not asking for help.

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  • Not giving a shit about the age thing at all which makes the Doctor both relieved and a bit surprised because Clara had quite a shock but the     Doctor knows you’ve been with him since after the time war.
  • Either really liking this more sarcastic version of the Doctor or disliking it more, either way twelve still really enjoys your company as no matter     which incarnation you always seem to get him.
  • Helping him deal with his issues just like you did with the other doctors
  • Realizing this Doctor was more protective than the ones before and continuously saying he ‘has a duty of care’
  • Laughing at how oblivious and wrong this doctor could sometimes be and how he was not shocked by the weirdest things you thought off or found in the Tardis.
  • Staying with the Doctor after he lost the memories of Clara and not telling him anything about her because you know it’s for the better. Also, keeping in contact with Clara so she knows if the Doctor is all right.
so i just started doctor who and episode 2

“What are you gonna do? Moisturize me?” I CAN’T DOCTOR WHO IS JUST AWESOME I also i feel like i’m gonna suffer but i watch supernatural so i don’t have a heart anymore anyway


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Dating the 11th Doctor would involve…

  • Falling in love with his eccentricity 
  • Travelling all of time and space in the TARDIS with him
  • Quick kisses on the cheek wherever and whenever
  • Joining him on adventures and fighting evil aliens and monsters and saving the world
  • Becoming close friends with Amy- who loved you from the moment she met you and totally shipped you and the Doctor together from the start
  • Visiting all of your favourite people from history (and possibly going back in time to punch Hitler)
  • Hiding his bowtie
  • Surprisingly incredible sex
  • Becoming close friends with Rory- who always appreciated how you helped bring him back every time he died
  • Going on the most amazing dates to other planets

The spin-off we all need. 

But I guess it’s our story to tell… 

This is a project @enigmaticwho and I are working on at the moment. We aim to produce an anthology inspired by the format of the show; a series of stories following Clara (and Me) post-Hell Bent, and all of the adventures and challenges that await!

We’ve got a lot of exciting ideas, and will keep you up to date on our progress. So watch this space! And feel free to like and share, if you’re interested :)