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Appeals court blocks Trump travel ban

A federal appeals court Thursday refused to let President Trump reinstitute a temporary ban on travelers from seven majority-Muslim nations, ruling that the president’s order violates the due process rights of people affected by the ban.

The quick decision from a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit could lead to a showdown at the Supreme Court, unless the administration agrees to dial back the travel ban or try its case before a federal judge in Seattle who ordered it stopped last week.

“Although courts owe considerable deference to the President’s policy determinations with respect to immigration and national security, it is beyond question that the federal judiciary retains the authority to adjudicate constitutional challenges to executive action,” the judge wrote in their opinion.

The ban, announced Jan. 27, temporarily barred citizens of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen for 90 days, all refugees for 120 days, and Syrian citizens indefinitely. It led to chaos at U.S. and international airports as tens of thousands of visa holders were blocked from entering the country or detained after arriving in the U.S.

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Two quick and important pieces of advice from a lawyer friend for Muslim Green card holders traveling to U.S.:
- If you are able, change your flight to fly to land at Boston Logan International Airport. The Massachusetts order from the judge is stronger and requires entry.
- You may be pressured to sign a form I-407. Signing this form means you are voluntarily abandoning your lawful permanent resident status. *Do not sign this form.*
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—  This was recently shared with me

Miraculous Reveal Fic

  • Mari = Ladybug, Adrien = Chat, Chloe = Bee, Alya = Fox, Nino = Turtle, Nath = Peacock,  Juleka = Butterfly 
  • Their team is created slowly by Master Fu and they have a final battle against Hawkmoth (after which Juleka joins their team) 
  • They manage to keep their identity a secret, for the whole time - even from each other.
  • In their last year of school, Marinette confesses she’s in love with Adrien, who rejects her because he’s in love with Ladybug. 
  • Before Chat Noir can confess to Ladybug, (Because there is never a right time) they graduate. Marinette decides to have a gap year before going to Uni. Knowing that Paris would be safe with her companions - she goes travelling. 
  • The other miraculous holders stay close to Paris, they go to uni and apprenticeships and jobs and things, but they want to be around to protect their home in the long term. 
  • Ladybug On Tour™
  • Marinette can’t help but transform into Ladybug in different places she’s visited. Seeing as she keeps sending postcards to Alya and her other friends, it doesn’t take long for them to figure out that she’s Ladybug and slowly their other identities are revealed to each other. 
  • Marinette comes home a year later, pretending (but not really) to be over Adrien. Adrien is pretending to be over Marinette/Ladybug, but that disappears within 5 minutes. 
  • Adrien and Co know that she’s Ladybug, and she doesn’t know that they know. They want to tell her that they know and keep devising plans for her to find out, but also a lot of resentment and getting to know Marinette/Ladybug again after her year away.
  • Marinette trying to fit back into a friendship group in her real life with her ex-crush, ex-enemy and distant friends. 
  • Adrien and Co’s plans for Marinette to find out become so blatantly obvious that the entirety of paris almost find out. 
  • Marinette, however, stays oblivious the entire time until Adrien is literally demasking in front of her.  

I’d watch a spin-off where Master Fu was the protagonist just sayin. From his time as a holder to giving other people the miraculouses.

Holiday Travel Essentials

The best luggage, travel sets and more for him

Do you have travel plans this Christmas? Whether you’re heading back to your hometown or planning a family vacation, having quality travel gear is crucial. When looking for new jetsetter essentials, you want pieces that are cool but also ones that last a long time. From durable suitcases and functional totes to handy passport holders and travel size bathroom kits, shop the best travel necessities from our favorite shops and brands.


Black Denim Convertible Backpack

PAUL SMITH tote bag

Field Cordura Small Brick Tote


MISMO rectangular luggage

HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO. ‘Sutton Mid-Volume’ holdall

Transatlantic Travel Carryon in Leather

Wheeled Luggage

Wheeled luggage

Wheeled luggage

TUMI suitcase

Passport Holders

ASOS Leather Passport Cover

Panama leather passport cover

Leather Passport Holder

Travel Kits

Power TripTM Travel Set

Baxter of California Travel Kit & DOPP Bag Boxed Set

Jet Set Kit

Warm Socks

Chup Bergen Sock

Folk Waffle Sock

Navy/Burgundy 2 Pack socks

#BestGiftEver: Under $25

20 Affordable little gifts for him and her

Gift giving isn’t about how much you spend, it’s the thought that counts! And just because you’re not dipping into your savings this holiday season, doesn’t mean you can’t wrap up something unique and special. As your trusty editors, we found 30 awesome affordable gifts for everyone on your list. From a cozy cardigan and the perfect red lipstick for her to a card holder and travel shave kit for him, shop our best gifts ever below, before it’s too late!

Gifts Under $25 for Her

Bling Ring Knuckle Ring Set

Beaded Repeater Ring

Limited Edition Open Triangle Double Cuff Bracelets

Two Tone Infinity Scarf (Juniors)

Nude Faux Fur Sequin Ear Muffs

Pieces Metina Animal Print Skinny Belt

Fresh Life Oval Soap

Pizza Made Me PJ Set

Wool Hat

Gifts Under $25 for Him

Jack & Jones Kelo Knit Beanie

The Men’s Medium Leather Keychain - Olive

The North Face Runners 1 Etip Glove

‘Salty Dog’ Beanie

Levi’s ‘120 Series’ Cotton Blend Socks (Assorted 3-Pack)

The iPad Case - Reverse Denim

'Charlie’ Card Holder

Speckled Bow Tie

Clima Ultimate Long Sleeve Tee

Rosehip Seed Lip Cream

New licensees for BBC Worldwide’s Sherlock


Following the success of BBC drama Sherlock, BBC Worldwide has announced a series of deals with key licensees in the UK across a range of new product.

Underground Toys, producer of the new Doctor Who plush,home and gifting ranges will now create Sherlock action, mini and plush figures, Mr Potato Head and bobble heads. The collection continues with badges, bookmarks, door hangers, lanyards, stickers, ties, tote bags, travel mugs, wallets, travel pass holders, wrist bands, bottle opener, cuff links, heat reveal mugs, figural mugs, ice cube trays, doormats, bookends, glassware, cookie jar, tea towel, key rings, money box, tin signs, mobile devise cases and messenger bags. A series of adult and mystery 1000-piece puzzles by Paul Lamond Games has been confirmed, and Dreamtex will introduce bedding including duvet covers, cushions, towels and fleece blankets to the range.

Winning Moves will turn its winning hands to Sherlock Top Trumps and Playing Cards (both as single skus and as a tin gift set) and will renew Cluedo. BBC Worldwide announced last month other key licensing partnerships including posters from GB Posters, calendars from Danilo, Cluedo from Winning Moves, T-shirts from cult TV t-shirt designer Dark Bunny Tees and fan gifting lines from Titan – all contributing to the universal appeal of the Sherlock brand.