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Adventures of Piper Dude | Brantford, Ontario

January 18, 2017

He’s smiling because he thinks it was funny that he kept running away. This is Piper my buddy Mason’s dog. He likes to hangout with us no matter what we’re doing. Even when we’re out dirt biking, hiking, or partying at his Gazebo

I knew that coming to South Africa to hike up a mountain was going to be tough. I knew it was going to be this radical and hard thing to do. But I like a challenge so I thought, “OK, let’s do this.”

I’ve never actually done a hike like this before. In Brazil we have lots of mountains you can climb but it’s not something I have ever done. When I arrived in Cape Town I started to feel really excited but it was also really different to what I was expecting. The geography is so different to Brazil and to be honest the scale of the mountain I had to climb was bigger than what I was expecting! I’d imagined this short, easy climb up to the top of a hill with a nice view at the top. It wasn’t like that at all. This was hard. We were high up in the clouds. But it was really wonderful and I would do it again and again.