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Everybody else is off graduating college, getting married, and having kids and posting exciting actual life events as their status updates and I’m over here like...
taking a bath with Grayson would include...

requested: yes

anon: Hey there! can you do taking a shower with Grayson would include? I love the one you had about Ethan xxx

(i decided to do a bath bc grayson’s more of a bath type of dude)

➝him gently taking off your clothes

➝him making the water way too hot and bubbly for you

➝"Babe, that’s too hot!“

➝him helping you into the bath

➝him sitting across from you in the tub but eventually end up with his head lying on your chest

➝deep conversations and talking about all the places you’d like to travel to someday

➝him constantly placing kisses your shoulder and neck

➝you playing with hair and kissing his forehead

➝having a bubble fight

➝him forgetting towels so he has to waddle out of the bathroom naked

➝you catcalling him when he gets out

➝him wrapping you in a towel

a/n – omg i love this so much! hope you guys liked it.

whiter-than-a-snowflake  asked:

I'm also from the middle of nowhere and have never seen the ocean or true mountains in my 20 years. Could you please do a bangtan reaction to them finding that out that you have never seen the ocean or mountains?

Hi, I kind of felt sad about you not having seen the sea or mountains, I hope that you will get to travel someday in the meantime here’s your request I hope it’s what you wanted :) 


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He would feel a bit sorry that you haven’t had the opportunity to see the seaside or mountains. He would describe you what sand feels lke under your feet and how the wind blows trhough your hair at the top of a mountain in hopes to make you travel at least a little through his words.


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Jin would show you plenty of photos he took when he went to those places himself, and being a gentleman would organise a date in a restaurant by the sea.

just pretend jungkook isn’t there


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He thought it was a shame that you hadn’t seen much of the world, and would comfort you by taking you out somewhere out of the ordinary so at least you would have seen something that not many people had.


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He would shower you with aegyo and would tell you that since he was your hope he would take you to the mountains one day so you two could both play in the snow in winter while watching the world from above.


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When he found out, he wanted to take you there straight away but he didn’t have the time to do such a travel because of the preparation of the comeback. Instead he would organise a date at the top of a skyscraper so that you could see the furthest possible and maybe even see the shore.

imagine him coming to get you like this i mean just aaaahhhh i can’t 


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Taetae wouldn’t waste any time chitchatting he would start preparing a road trip straight away and would take you to the closest beach possible.

that’s him when you both arrive 


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He would feel sorry that you had never seen mountains or the sea so he would try thinking about a good oppurtunity to take you on a vacation and would already think about all the fun you both will have. 

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Do you know.?

I lay down at night
And I think about you
I dream of seeing you,
and holding you close,
Of seeing your smile,
Of just being near
Then when I wake,
I am faced with the fear
That the day may not come,
and you will never be here.
It breaks my heart knowing,
That it doesn’t break yours,
I don’t cross your mind,
You don’t dream of me,
And through all of the silence
I still can’t deny
I wake every morning
With hope in my heart
The day will be here
When you finally see
That I’ve loved you for years,
And you’ll finally love me.

Thank you to the lovely @tothepit for tagging me, here I go with my biography lol. I am sorry in advance for the length of this post seeing as I am a leo and we like to talk about ourselves a lot. Any chance we can get actually lol.

How old are you?

Oh geeze.. well I was born in 1981 so you can do the math haha

Current Job/Dream Job?

Currently I am a shift manager at a coffee shop. What my dream job would be I guess would be an artist of any kind. I am currently learning how to play Guitar so I’d love to get to the point where I don’t embarrass myself by saying that lol. I would love to be in an all female rock band and kick some major ass 

What are you talented at?

Welp.. ever since I can remember I have always been artsy in some regard. I wrote a lot, I drew and painted a lot. I sang as loud as I could. I’ve always expressed myself creatively. I love showing the world little glimpses of how I see it. Pain, heartache, joy, grief, transitions all things that can be beautiful when glimpsed through a certain eye.

What is a big goal that you are working towards?

At this point in my life, I have reached a point where I have decided to live for me. To make decisions and choices based on what I deem correct for myself. I plan on having no regrets when its time to punch my card. So basically that alternative path that I chose? Well, that might not be right for everyone but thats ok. It’s right for me. Here’s the deal, I’ll travel the world, I’ll cover my body in tattoos, I’ll go against the grain,  I’ll live a nomadic lifestyle.. and I will not regret any of it.

What is your aesthetic?

I am an eclectic mix of bohemian hippy and gothic chick. Sage, lotus blossom, music that makes my soul thrive, the smell of books, vinyl records, musicians, sunlight on my face, the calming hush of silence in nature, the feeling of bass thriving inside me, the buzz and incitement of a tattoo shop, possibility

Do you collect anything?

Why yes.. yes I do. Post cards, books, book marks, Vinyl Records, scarves

What is a topic your always up to talk about?

Books, Vinyl, Ghost…I mean seriously though I’m down to have any intellectual or nonsensical conversation you wan’t to have lol. 

What’s a Pet Peeve of Yours?

Pretentious People. I mean really.

Good Advice to give?

You can’t please everyone. Learn to live for those moments that you find joy in. You are all you have in this world and if you are not good to yourself and love yourself how can you expect someone else to? You have one life, don’t spend it looking in all the wrong places for happiness. 

Recommend three songs (I am doing five as well)

1. Genesis by Ghost

2. New Orleans by Stevie Nicks

3. Life on Mars by David Bowie

4. Perfect Day by Lou Reed

5. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper by The Blue Oyster Cult

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Random fact about Iceland: Iceland were the first nation in history to abolish slavery. They abolished it in 1117.