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I was tagged by @fluffilyangsty​ 

  • Nicknames - Kit-Kat (please do not call me this strangers), Min, Minnie, [insert my last name], VitaMINs and MINerals (jk that’s not actually one) 
  • Gender- Female
  • Star sign - Scorpio
  • Height - 5′3″ (i grew :’D)/160 cm
  • Sexuality - Straight
  • Hogwarts house - Slytherin
  • Favorite animal - …i don’t think i have a favorite. Dragons.
  • Average hours spent sleeping - 6-8???? 5-8? The eight is rare tho but I take many naps 
  • Dogs or cats - Both 
  • Number of blankets I sleep with - All the blankets (as long as it’s not too hot)
  • Dream trip - Um. I don’t really like travelling. Any part of Eastern Asia maybe…I guess…………
  • Dream job - It’s a dream, right? Then…hm……….an actress? I chose the job i won’t be able to accomplish. BUT realistically probably a lawyer or a writer (or both) 
  • When did I make this account - August 2015….wow…okay but what was i doing making this account when school just started.
  • Why did I make this account - To practice writing
  • # of followers - 3,577 

Dunhuang, China