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Starving - HS Smut

In which Harry’s finally home from LA and he’s absolutely starving and Y/N squirts for the first time. Featuring some pillow talk.

Warnings: Smut!!! 

My requests are OPEN! Pls send me some requests smut or fluff :)

“Baby?” He called setting his suitcase beside the door. You came running the second you’d heard the door unlock now you were jumping into his open arms tears already welling in your eyes. You held him tight as he spun the two of you in the entry way.  

“Missed you,” you whispered into his neck pressing kisses there after you spoke. Your hands running through his hair and over his broad back. He kisses you hard, tongue tangling with yours before he pulls back and kisses you again this time sweet and soft. 

“Missed you so much angel,” he spoke into your hair. Setting you down he pushed you so he was holding you at arms length, he looked you up and down pulling his lip between his teeth dirty thought already filling his head.

“How was the flight?” You asked blushing as he gazed at you. He looked up now, green eyes meeting your own a smirk overtaking his features.

“Was fine, long. I’m absolutely starvin’ though.” He mumbles. You start listing off things you could make him before he chuckles and steps closer to you, large hands running down your back and over your ass squeezing lightly making you gasp a little. It’d been a month since he’d been home, you’d missed him in many ways, there was only so much your fingers could do. 

“Was thinking of something sweeter,” he whispers nibbling on your ear.  

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This was totally unplanned but inspired by a rather interesting and steamy conversation with @intoyoump3 and @yeshaddy so you can thank them for the motivation lolol. Hope you enjoy! - M xx.

You didn’t hear the door open when Harry got home.

Instead, you heard his footsteps up the stairs and the aroma of his cologne stroll right through the bedroom. You knew it was him without looking up from your book, one that you’ve been reading all day since Harry left for work. “Hey baby,” you say, reading so carefully on the page as you heard him take off his boots.

“Hi,” he mumbled before he tosses his jacket on the empty chair next to your bed. Your eyes wonder back to your book as you cross your legs; you hear the bed creak a little once Harry sits at the edge of it looking at you. There was a short silence as he crawled closer to you, his hands finding your bare legs as he started to rub at them slowly.

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Where Do You Think You’re Going? (smut)

Request: @alone-in-madness

I just wanted to request one where Shawn is SO FUCKING needy like really really and all he wants is for you to suck him and you do, so GOOD, so pleasurable he still can’t believe it

Lightly edited, so please excuse any mistakes(:


On the ride home from dinner Shawn shifted uncomfortably in his seat, constantly squirming around. It wasn’t until he brought his hand down to adjust the crotch of his pants that you caught on to what was happening.

“Shawn?” you asked, trying not to laugh as you raised your eyebrows, glancing from his bulge up to his eyes. 

His cheeks were flushed as he quickly looked over at you then back at the road, licking his lips and leaving them parted for a brief moment. Unable to come up with an explanation, he laughed as an embarrassed smile grew on his face.

“You just look really hot right now, okay?” 

You giggled and shook your head at him, looking back out the windshield in front of you. You let your hand travel over the center console and rest on his inner thigh, slowly stroking up and down. 

A shaky sigh left his lips as he looked over at you briefly, but you kept your eyes looking in front of you. Your finger tips ghosted over the fabric of his jeans, slowly inching closer to where he needed you most but never high enough to satisfy his needs. 

“Please don’t tease me,” he begged, his knuckles growing white as he gripped the steering wheel tighter. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you replied, a sly smirk on your lips.

He accidentally drove over a bump in the road, causing your hand to brush against his large erection. “Oh, fuck,” he mumbled in response to your accidental touch. “I need you so bad darling.”

“How bad?” you teased, turning your head to look at him as he pulled into the driveway.

“So fucking bad.”

He immediately put the Jeep in park and turned the key, taking it out of the ignition. He placed his hand on the small handle to open the door, clearly in a rush to get out. You quickly reached over and placed your hand on top of his, causing him to stop his actions. He turned his head to look at you, your faces only inches apart.

“Where do you think you’re going?” you toyed, sliding your hand up his thigh and pressing your palm against his bulge. 

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