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These travel booklets from throughout the UK were collected by Barbara Denison over the course of three decades, part of a larger collection consisting of dozens of volumes. Text-dense and diagram-heavy guides like these were meant to both give guidance while visiting and act as inexpensive momentos afterwards. Most of the booklets in the collection concern cathedrals, abbeys, and ruined castles that Denison visited over the course of her travels.

glassrain  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you would mind helping me with something; my mind has taken the liberty of creating this fantasy world. Which is all fine and well, except I have neither plot nor characters to put with it, and my head's beginning to feel rather crowded. Any ideas on how to create some, or spark my inspiration?


One thing you could do is just start writing about your world – introduce yourself and get to know it, not necessarily from any character’s POV, but more like a travel booklet, in which the purpose is to describe and explore. Incorporate all five senses, and don’t hold back – explore every corner of it. In places with people, describe the people: the fat man running the plant shop, the short woman roasting meat over a weak fire, and so forth (you may find an interesting character or two that way!). You don’t necessarily have to write it as a narrative – I always think of details better when I write them out in list form – but you can. Just explore your world, and enjoy it as you do so.

Once you feel you have enough to operate on – once you’re on first-name basis with your world – start listing things that could go wrong somehow. If your world includes magic, what would happen if magic somehow disappeared? If your world’s government fell apart, what would be the effect? Once you have some promising ideas, try to imagine how people would react: say you choose the disappearance of magic as your conflict. Would some people try to get it back? Would others learn to live without it? Would someone figure out a way to bring it back, then use their magic (which is now exclusive to them – no one else has it) to enslave/exploit others? If so, who would rise up to stop them? Just come up with scenarios until you find one you like, then create characters (namely an atagonist and a protagonist) based off of the various positions in that scenario.

Hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask! - @authors-haven


「それぞれの想いを胸に戦場に身を投じる」“With my hopes in my heart, I throw myself into the battlefield.”

Alm & Celica’s pages in Nintendo Dream’s「バレンシア見聞録」or “The Travels In Valentia” Booklet.

“The Destiny of Two People” and “A Promise Made at an Early Age”

These pages just give a little bit of Alm and Celica’s backstory for the most part. In case there’s anyone who doesn’t want to spoil anything for themselves until ENG release, I won’t say anything else for now ;)

(As always, if you find something wrong in my translations, please tell me)