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Where to go in Canada? Whistler, BC

I was born and raised in Ontario but after living in Asia and Europe I decided to move out to the west coast of Canada and resided there for 2 years and all I can say is that British Columbia is full of natural beauty and wonder!

My home country is absolutely amazing and anyone who decides to go to Canada should visit both the East and the West, for they are completely different.

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В начале весны в Китае проходит замечательный праздник красных фонариков. Я честно пытался на него попасть, но его почему-то отменили из-за дождя в тот день. Тогда я просто отправился в туристический квартал, где красные фонари висят всегда.

There is beautiful holiday in China in the beginning of spring - it is called Lantern Festival. My friends and me we decided to see the show with those red lanterns but for some reason, maybe because of the rain, the show was cancelled so we went to the classical tourist neighbourhood to walk around.


I had a very nice and romantic flat in Rome. In the morning I woke up from the enchanting smell of the fresh croissants from the nearest cafe. After my running routine I went there and started my day with warm cappucсino and fresh chocolate biscuits or croissants. And I felt myself so Italian :)

Un meraviglioso inizio del giorno nuovo a Roma! :)