As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been very bad at tumblr lately. Opps, sorry, I’ve been too busy being fabulous and out of the country. I just finished up the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (SCOTLANDSCOTLANDSCOTLAND!!!!!!!!!) This post is being brought to you by my friend’s couch in London (LONDONLONDONLONDON) where I will be for the next few days before heading back to the states. SPEAKING OF LONDON, therealstrangely and I are doing a show in a perfume shop here so if any of you lovely followers are around, let me know and I’ll let you know what’s going on. Come see us it will be lovely! Want to get coffee? We can probably do that too. Drinks? Maybe. 

I miss interacting with all my followers on here but this social media platform is fitting my needs less and less and time ticks forward. It would be so lovely if I could have as supportive of an audience as I do here on my other sites as well! Maybe you want to get on this train and follow me elsewhere? 
Really though, I made you a fancy click through link and everything. I post all the time on this page! Where I am, where I’m going, often where therealstrangely is going, pictures of me in places with stuff and things. SO.MUCH.FUN. 

Speaking of therealstrangely, he’s here with me too! We have a busking project together. THE TWO OF US ALSO HAVE A FAN PAGE (CLICK HERE) 
Our musical collaborations keep growing into new and better things. We anticipate much more traveling together in the near future! Lots of posts about, where we are, what we’re doing, when we’re doing it….etc.. Woo! Follow us! 

Facebook isn’t for you? I also do twitter! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER YAY! Now you can have all those fancy live tweets that you’ve probably never thought you wanted. Again, more updates about where you might be able to see me and/or my bearded partner in crime doing a performance. 

You’re wonderful and I hope to see you other places on the internet, 
- Faith Grossnicklaus 

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Where to go in SE Asia? Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), Vietnam

I am huge on architecture so clearly living in the heart of Madrid was a visual orgasm, and I know this does not compare to Madrid but it’s beautiful in its own way! You have no idea what lays around every corner. These buildings hold unreal hidden treasures, full of cool artsy cafes and funky clothing shops. Wouldn’t have guessed that eh?!

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