travel banjo

Let's Take the Banjo Road (the one less traveled)

The banjo in hand
snakes rising from their baskets
they’re reverse charming
mesmerizing the crowd

And the snake, er, banjo laughs
Did you know snakes could laugh?
Wicked sense of humor them
falling, snorting out deer bits
at the way we dance
they think we’re joking
when we wiggle on these legs

All of us, sorry,
if you thought you could dance,
genetically engineered,
a fucking GMO, hon?
quit buying the lies

Listen to banjos next time
it squirms up the air causing
elliptical disruptions
in the transmission of
brainwashing media
political scissors meant
to cut us, neat little lines

It’s working, isn’t it?

You say, a banjo?
You must be kidding
Banjos are such dorks


After the memory wipe
  • Kyoko: I'm sorry but what's my talent? Where am I?
  • Mukuro: oooh might have overdone that one
  • Junko: you're the ultimate toot-toot mcbumbersnazzle you're a traveling banjo minstrel with a song in your heart and weird purple hair
  • Kyoko: yes I am the ultimate toot-toot mcbumbersnazzle cheers! (Walks off playing the banjo)

Taylor Doolittle - Soldier’s Joy & Arkansas Traveller