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‘Timeless : The Red Scare’ Review


Here we are at the season finale for Timeless, and rather wisely, they attempt to tie up as many strings as possible.  The show has been somewhat on the bubble for some weeks now and the ratings don’t seem to be improving.  Better to make a clean an exit as possible than to plan for a second season that might not happen.  

Let’s start with the sudden changing of sides that goes on in this episode on the thinnest of premises.  That Connor Mason has always had a soft spot for Rufus isn’t really questioned, but he’s been so terrified of what Rittenhouse could do to him that he’s sacrificed that friendship to keep himself safe.  I don’t really thinking having enough information to get Rittenhouse arrested would make me change my mind if I was that afraid.  When you are up against an agency that can change time to meet it’s goals, would you really think that having some evidence would really stop them?

Now for the biggest change of heart in the episode - Garcia Flynn.  For the better part of the season he’s been an ill defined character.  We know what his motivations are.  In the end he’s not that different than Lucy or Wyatt, wanting to restore loved ones who have been removed one way or another.  The problem with his change though is that generally this kind of change needs to be a gradual thing.  In a way I guess you could say that it was - Flynn did say in the very first episode that eventually Lucy was going to work with him.  It would have been nice to at least every so often see Flynn questioning what he was doing or show any side of not being a bad guy.  That he isn’t is inferred by the plot, but it would have been nice to paint some of that into the character.  His last minute betrayal leaves room for a second season, but the problem with it is that it leaves his character in essentially the same place, only with Lucy as the enemy instead of Rittenhouse.

Oh for the cliffhangers at the end though.  I had been kind of wondering why the show introduced Emma Whitmore.  She brooded around the background of the few episodes she was in, but we never really knew much about her.  A cliffhanger like that can be juicy, except like I mentioned earlier, it’s looking somewhat doubtful that the show will be back in the fall, so it would have been nice to at least have a hint of this earlier.   The same could be said for Lucy’s mother.  A character that basically served no purpose until the last minutes of the season.  At least Lucy’s unexpected fiance was sorted away without a major reveal.

And so Timeless season one is complete.  All in all it wasn’t a bad show, mostly driven by it’s cast over it’s plot.  There is a lot of potential in the plot, but the show was wildly erratic over the course of 16 episode.  When it really started to gel, the show went on hiatus for a bit and sadly the audience didn’t really come back.  It’ll be interesting to see if it can manage to get renewed.  It is an expensive show to produce compounded by a lawsuit that seems to be moving forward.  Hopefully the reviews will continue in the fall of 2017.