travel at your own risk

The NAACP is sending a strong message to people of color traveling through Missouri: Go at your own risk.

The organization is circulating a travel advisory after the state passed a law that Missouri’s NAACP conference says allows for legal discrimination. The warning cites several discriminatory incidents in Missouri, included as examples of “looming danger” in the state.

#201 - Superman

Harry: The man kept pushing himself further onto you, his large sweaty palm clamped over your mouth. The wall was cold against your back. You had tried desperately to scream and fight the drunken man off. You thought your efforts were going to be absolutely useless as the tears streamed down your face. The weight on top of you did not last long however, as seconds after your final plea, the man’s body was thrown off of you. You listened to the struggle, and as quickly as it started, it was over. Slowly, you opened your eyes, meeting your gaze with the emerald eyes of the man who had helped you. “Goodness love, are you alright?” he asked, panting softly. “Y-yeah…” you stuttered out. “Thank you…” “Harry,” he finished, finally showing you a small smile. “I’m (Y/N),” you coughed out slightly, wrapping your arms around yourself. “I guess I’ll see you around…” you mumbled, slowly shuffling away from him. “Wait,” he stopped you, gently taking a hold of your arm. “Let me walk you home.”

Liam: The last thing you remembered was your car sliding off the icy road and flipping into the ditch. When your eyes opened, all you could see was flashing red and blue lights. Your hands were above your head, resting on the ceiling of your car and you could feel a warm liquid dripping towards your hairline. You could hear men’s voices yelling and shouting, and metal twisting and turning. You assumed it was the people trying to pull the car into a better position. Letting out a small whine, your eyes slowly travelled to the driver’s side window where a kind face appeared. “Guys! The drivers awake!” he called before turning his attention back to you. “Love what hurts?” he asked calmly, but you whimpered when you realized you couldn’t move your legs. “L-legs…” you squeaked, hoping he heard. “Alright love, they’re gonna get you free, but I’m gonna hang onto you so you don’t fall okay?” he assured. A shrill scream left your mouth as they started to pull away the metal. “It’s okay…” the man said, supporting your upper body. “I got you.”

Niall: “Don’t fucking touch me,” you hissed, slapping your boyfriends hurtful grip from your arm. It was bad enough that he did this at home, it was even worse that you couldn’t catch a break in public. “You don’t tell me what to do,” he growled deeply, grabbing both of your wrists and getting dangerously close to your face. You tried to stand your ground, but as his fingers dug into your skin deeper, you kept feeling smaller. “Mate, let go of her,” a voice spoke up, causing your to tear your eyes away from his evil ones and meet a pair of deep blue ones. “You don’t even know her, keep out of it,” your boyfriend spat, making the stranger raise an eyebrow. “I may not know her, but what I do know is no boyfriend grips onto his girlfriend like this out of love.” You couldn’t tear your eyes away from the blonde man who was standing up for you. It was something you honestly weren’t used to. “What do you think you’re gonna do about it?” your boyfriend questioned. “Well, she won’t be leaving here with you, I’ll make sure of it.”

Zayn: It was supposed to be a nice family vacation, but with the inescapable disaster heading your way, your life was about to change for the worse. In the back of your mind, you knew travelling to Thailand held its own risks, but with the ‘it’ll never happen to me’ attitude, you were so unprepared. The whole town was in a panic as you stood in the lobby of your hotel, frantically searching for your parents. The wave was barreling towards the shore; no one knew how much time there was. “Mum! Dad!” you yelled over the chaos. Out of nowhere, a hand grabbed yours and immediately started pulling you up the stairs to get off of low ground. “What? No! Let go of me!” you screamed at the brown-eyed stranger. “I have to find my parents!” “Unless you want to die, you’ll come with me!” he shouted back, just as the deafening shatter of glass and rushing water echoed out from where you had been not five minutes earlier. You looked back at the stranger who still had your hand in his and nodded, changing your mind to go with him. You would just have to have faith that your parents would be okay.

Louis: You could barely get a breath in as the smoke filled your lungs. The unbearable heat from the other side of the bedroom door crossed it off the list of possible escape routes. The only other way was the window, which involved a steep drop from the second story. The wood structure of the house creaked, the flames beginning to lick under the door as smoked flooded in at an intense rate. Your body gave out as oxygen ran low, collapsing onto the hardwood floor. You were seconds away from passing out, hearing the bedroom door slam open just before your eyes closed. You weren’t sure how long you had been passed out for. The dense black smoke had replaced most of the oxygen in your lungs. You could hear a young man yelling for an ambulance as he carried you in his arms. A mask was placed over your mouth and nose, but you were too weak to fight it off. “Talk to me,” the same voice exclaimed, directed at you. His blue eyes pierced into your dull ones. “Don’t you give up on me.”