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I know you'll have an opinion. but I was kinda angry at Phil for denying the board games during livestreams so quickly? I get that they could probably be a pain but they have denied them playing monopoly before I just want to know why they feel so strongly about not doing them??

They haven’t ever really given a definitive answer when it comes to them playing board games on the gaming channel. Numbers show that when they have longer videos they don’t get that much recognition (despite the usual 400k views they get within the first week), but I don’t think everything they do on the gaming channel is strictly for views. I think they have a real personal connection with their love for board games that they like to keep for themselves. Plus following a board game with different angles and shots could be hard to edit while trying to get their own reactions. It just doesn’t flow well with their editing equation. 

But, I do have two words that could solve all our problems:
Monopoly. App. 

Travel back to 2011 and back when playing games on iPads were cool, they could easily capture the screen and play a back and forth game of monopoly while live streaming. I’m surprised no one has suggested that yet. 

I’m on the ship! I WANT THEM TO PLAY BOARD GAMES SO BAD! I hope they give the apps a good look through because that would be AWESOME!