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Every year at this time, we take a moment to reflect as the NASA family on the very broad shoulders on which we stand: the shoulders of those women and men of NASA who gave their lives so that you and I could continue to reach for new heights for the benefit of all humankind.

There’s not much more we can add to this (from NASA’s Day of Remembrance site), but both Emily and I would not be doing what we are today without the work and sacrifice of these amazing space pioneers. (See our childhood space dream TBTs for proof: Emily, Summer.) 

We highly recommend taking the time to watch the remembrance videos for each of these missions: Apollo 1, Challenger (STS-51-L), and Columbia (STS-107). They are all a constant reminder that space is hard, we are all lucky that so many talented people are willing to dedicate their lives to exploring.

Ad astra per aspera.

- Summer & Emily