travel 2009

i love this trend of time travelling in fics where 2009!dan ends up in the future and is screwing future phil within five minutes. like you would think 2017!phil would wonder how he got there or perhaps consider the idea of an impostor but nah to hell with that, of course his first thought is how much he wants to bone him


Sketching Sopocachi - timelapse of a drawing I made on a rooftop in La Paz, Bolivia.

[George] Harrison had a different talent, an extraordinary talent. Harrison never played a wrong note, and never played a note that wasn’t necessary. Every single note he ever played made the song better.
—  Mark Edwards, The Sunday Times, 21 June 2009

Could you imagine just time travelling back to 2009 and being like, “Yeah this is all great right now, BUT in 2017 this happens.” I would never believe this photo in a zillion years. I would believe a cyborg like Terminator future would happen before this.