traumatizing children one book at a time

SJM Book Event @ Schuler Books

  • It was my first time to one and I was a little late so I had to rush to get my signed copy of Tower of Dawn and stamp my EOS and ACOMAF,
  • But it was really cool. Sarah was funny, making lewd jokes and cursing. She highly recommended the movie IT “if you have a phobia of clowns or are not a fan of traumatic things happening to children, then don’t watch it. But I loved it.” It was grand!
  • She told us her grandmother’s touching story and that Yrene was sorta based off of her, just a little.
  • A power she would love to have was shape shifting so she could “turn in a velociraptor and scare little children”
  • She didn’t know she wanted Lysandra to be a shape shifter until she heard the song “Smack My Bitch Up” by The Prodigy. There was a part in the middle of it where she pictured Lysandra running at a man, shifting and tackling him to the ground and ripping out his throat in slo-mo!
  • She said maybe “never say never” to having a coloring book made of just the smutty scenes, an xxx adult coloring book. She said she wasn’t sure Charlie Bowater would draw them for her this time if that was the case. And two older ladies were whopping and hollering beside me. I hope to be them one day. Lmfao!
  • She told us that she wrote the first 20,000 words of TOD while on healing steroids. Novellas are usually 30,000 words long. And she was only on chapter three and that she was just getting started!
  • She does not have something against wedding scenes. Jane Austen never write a wedding scene and she said “okay, I will too.” She did write a wedding scene between Rhys and Feyre [insert awwww] but it was just to sweet and cheesy that she decided against. She might however put it in an extra in one of the upcoming novels “we’ll see how nice I’m feeling.”

I loved it all and will definitely go to more events like this in the future!!


20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge, Day 04: Fan Theory or Headcanon

I must confess that I don’t follow fan theories (they just confuse me/are often too elaborated or far-fetched for me) but I have zillions of headcanons, so here are some of them (with stupid captions, naturally!):

1. Grunkle Stan was super nervous before the twins came to spend their summer at his place. I believe they hadn’t really met before the summer (at least they kind of act like that in the first episode?). Also, Dipper and Mabel are twins and that probably made Stan feel worried too, considering his past and everything. But he accepted to babysit them because he’s a lonely old man plus needed free child labor. I’m pretty sure all the other relatives had some other plans and Grunkle Stan was the last resort for Mabel and Dipper’s parents. He’s one of those more unconventional relatives and I believe the twins’ parents are probably an opposite of Stan…

2. I’m super sure that at one point they had to call an ambulance for Grunkle Stan as Mabel had put her horrible toy juice into Stan’s coffee. Stan spent the whole day in the hospital having a stomach lavage…

3. When Stan is doing the household chores alone, he practices dancing (he doesn’t want to get rusty, you can never know when there is some surprise dance party or when someone asks him for a dance), often wearing a suit. Nobody, not even Soos, knows that he is a super good dancer.

4. Before Stan had met the kids he bought the notorious “Why am I sweaty?” book so he could traumatize the children. Just in case!  Maybe it’s some sick tradition in Pines’ family?

5. One time Old McGucket got lost in the forest and met the gnomes and hung out for weeks with them (probably taught them happy jigs and told them about his giant robots, giving Jeff an idea to form one huge super gnome!) but the gnomes probably got bored of him eventually as McGucket kept calling them with the seven dwarfs’ names. They couldn’t recognize McGucket as he looked so different when he was sane and young.

anonymous asked:

what are your thoughts on jk rowling saying she made a mistake putting ron and hermione together? why do you think ron and hermione would work better than harry and hermione?

Are you talking about the interview that was released years ago? The one that was blown totally out of proportion by both tumblr and the media?

Honestly, I don’t trust JKR with the characters as much as I used to. I think the movies really made her lose sight of Ron in particular. Also, I think I recall her saying that Hermione is most like her, Ron was modeled someone she knows in RL, and she calls her husband real life Harry. With that in mind, her biases have changed. I think the things that she said in interviews while the books were coming out are probably the most accurate because she was in the heads of the characters more and she thought about them more and she was actively spending time with Ron instead of the person the movies created as comedic relief so that Harry and Hermione could be boosted up.

As for why Ron and Hermione work together better than Harry and Hermione, I honestly think the seventh book explains that better than I as an individual could. Harry frequently describes Ron as the glue that holds them together. He says that they don’t talk on a lot of nights that Ron isn’t there. Without him, Harry and Hermione don’t have as much fun together or as much in common. They need each other, but they really really need Ron to. He lightens them up, keeps them a little more detached than they would be without him, and he is the thing that connects the two of them together.

He’s so much more than comedic relief. His presence represents safety to both of them in so many ways.

Harry and Hermione have a wonderful friendship but there’s clearly no spark, no chemistry. Harry has never been shown to be sexually or romantically attracted to Hermione, whereas Ron has frequently. Harry is the freaking narrator. We’d know if he was attracted to Hermione. And Hermione has been more of a mom to him than a wife. I almost feel like that would be creepy. In a lot of ways, she raised him. She and Molly Weasley. (Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Hermione sat Harry down one day in third year and very frankly gave him the sex talk.)

Basically, JK Rowling wrote seven books where she very purposefully, happily laid out Romione. And then she watched the movies and lost her characters a little bit, and by the time she gave that interview, her vision wasn’t super clear anymore.

Oh, and her saying that they’d need therapy. Uh, yeah. Probably. EVERYBODY needs therapy. There’s nothing wrong with two people who have been through a traumatic war experience needing to go to therapy. There’s nothing wrong with two people who are married and raising children together having to go to therapy.

That doesn’t mean they’re broken. It means they’re trying.