traumatizing childhood stories

The most traumatic thing that ever happened to me as a child was when I found out that Lindsay Lohan played both girls in The Parent Trap


Part 4 of a series in which I redraw characters from MASK, the superheroine league I created in middle school. Complete series here.


Jack! The primary supervillainess! Time-traveller. Psychopath. Half-sister to one of Mask’s core members (Psyalyd). Mask’s own lost protegee. For as important as Jack is to the story, you think I’d remember more about what her general deal is. Suffice to say there was a traumatic childhood story thrown in there; a whole period where she declared war on the Fates and jumped to the next level of human evolution; and the founding of her own villainous league of misfits, malcontents, and malevolent cyborgs. Jack would stop at almost nothing to terrorize Mask. Why can’t I remember what her powers are? Probably because they changed so often. 

I had a big crush on Jack. I even tried to copy her haircut for several years running in middle school, before eventually conceding to the reality that mine is a head of hair made for the pixie cut. She was a very fun villain to play in roleplaying sessions; sinister and cool and totally nuts. 

The first in a long line of blonde villains. I’d had some exposure to the X-Men character Emma Frost (aka the White Queen), who has a similar blonde ice-queen vibe, but Jack was definitely not the sort to walk around in a bustier. Just a practical bodysuit for her, thanks!

For this revamp, I got rid of the weird blue face make-up, mostly because I couldn’t make it work; and I simplified the blue/white spaces on the outfit. I absolutely love that you can see the erased pencil versions of the many poses I tried out on the original drawing.

I’m not quite sure what she’s supposed to be doing, but I just tweaked her left arm to a little bit of a creepy salute, and gave her a little power bloom behind her head. Whenever Jack does something weird, it’s a good time to dive behind the nearest obstacle and cover your head.

Up next: PSYALYD! (for real this time)