Alright, the blog dedicated to people talking about their trauma is done!

You can submit your story via submission, or if you wish to do it anonymously, via ask. 

I wrote the first story, so if you ever wondered what happened to me, you can read a bit about it on there. I think it’s okay to reblog it or comment or anything if you want, I’m okay with having discussions there. 

Go use the site! I’m looking forward to reading your stories.

an-old-telephone  asked:

How do I know if I am going through abuse ? Because my parents are not violent, but they say things or do things that hurt me emotionally - but then the next moment they say that they love me and they care about me most in the world ?

yeah that is a certain sign that you are going through abuse, what you just described is a classic abuse cycle, first they hurt you, then they quickly act nice and shower you in supposed affection to make you confused so you wouldn’t be able to catch on on their abusive side, and to keep you attached to them. go through this checklist and see how many of these your parents did:

also @ people who want to ask me something or talk to me, please go over at, that’s the blog i made for talking about trauma and questions! this one is supposed to be more of a personal one. 

i’m not sure if people are sending asks to this blog or the other but i don’t get to choose where i publish them, i can only click post, and they mostly end up here?? are you guys sending them here or at discussion is supposed to be there but i can’t tell if this is tumblr fucking up or people just sending me asks here

life is so out of my control rn