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The other day I was eating a dessert with cherry topping, and Beatrix decided that hopping directly on top of the dessert would be a good way to evade Spencer.  She then immediately reconsidered this decision and flew up to my head, covering both of us in cherry topping.  -_-  She got a bath and then had to take a nap after her Terrible Ordeal.

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*your youtube inspired me* what kind of youtube channel would the boys (SMT and Kino) have?


Shu - He probably went viral after somebody filmed him playing the violin and he kind of kept doing it.

Reiji - Lifehacks and podcasts. Mainly him talking about certain subjects on an intellectual level, it’s so well put together that his fans are very patient when he takes a while to get one up.

Ayato - Let’s plays and dare videos mostly. He’s known for screaming and crying during extreme horror games and for that fantastic ego~

Kanato - Doll making. It’s weird, it’s creepy, it’s cute, it’s traumatizing to people with autonomophobia but it has Kanato written all over it. Plus his fans love seeing his face because not only does he look like a doll as well he is also super adorable… to them.

Laito - Sims, his channel is basically the sims (I believe he is an avid player of it) and probably just talk videos where he elaborates on subjects he finds interesting.

Subaru - Let’s plays and dares that he gets dragged into by Ayato. He’s known for extreme raging and breaking the wall beside his computer, his fans make many gifs of him punching the poor wall and it’s so funny.


Ruki - He does book reviews and cooking tutorials… he also has a book club

Kou - Daily vlogging mostly and he’s not afraid to whip out the camera in public and start talking to it either.. All Kou all the time… daily.

Yuma - Gardening tip mainly, he’s helped so many people with his tutorials that he’s sponsored and has his own gardening tool line.

Azusa - ASMR, he’s quiet enough and he liked the tingly feeling so much that he picked it up and he’s damn good at it.


Carla - Speedpaints mostly, maybe talking videos but not often because the comments are always thirsty and telling him how sexy his voice is… not saying he doesn’t like it tho.

Shin - A DIY channel but like sick shit, not your cute shit either he’s going Threadbanger on this shit. He also does dare videos.


Kino - Another gamer, he’s more known for Minecraft videos and management games like The Guild 2 or Civilization. Streams often.

Yui - DIYs and daily vlogs but like the boys gotta try and take her spotlight but it doesn’t work. “Good morning guys! I hope you all had a nice night, Ayato bit me while I was asleep… again.”

Christine Canigula Headcanons

- she isn’t the best artist but that doesn’t stop her from drawing all her friends constantly. She gives them little sticky notes with doodles all the time

-knows every Disney song by heart. Every. Disney. Song.

- that friend who bursts out into song randomly and doesn’t stop until you either harmonise with her or she finishes the song.

-when she laughs too hard she snorts

- she carries every thing in her purse. Bandaids, fidget spinners, candies, tampons, extra chargers, hairbands and headphones: all for her friends

- she likes parties and she also likes to be there in case she needs to be the designated driver for someone

- she has!! So many cute dresses for different occasions!! Her favorite is this one covered in puppies and she never knows when to wear it

-vegetarian :3

- that kid who released the frogs for dissection

- she also kissed a frog once as a kid

-an amazing dancer! When do her talents end!!

-if needed though she will slap some sense into you, she sits there and takes a lot of bs in but the second she feels a line is crossed she will take no shit

- she can be pretty damn blunt

-expresses emotions with wild hand motions and random nosies

-knows sign language! She’s very proud of herself for it too

- she does this thing where when she’s nervous she taps her feet together and just watches it, usually while rambling

- she and Jeremy went on movie dates a lot, but on like Wednesday’s at 4 to see movies so they are the only ones in the theater

-they watched boss baby together like that and were screaming the ENTIRE time

-“RANDOM TRUST FALL!” “Christine wait-!!!”

-smart bab! Tons of honors classes! She also loves reading and sits in a hammock to read a lot at home

- Jeremy is afraid of spiders and thought Christine would be too but then Christine killed a spider with her bare hand and it traumatized him

-loves bees!! Cute fat honey bees are her favorite kind!!

-really likes tap dancing, she loves the feeling of the clicking

-“I will fight you” “oh please we know you’re too nice to fight” “that’s what you think”

- greets with hug tackles

-jake worried that Chrisitine wouldn’t like him anymore but she asked if they could hang out. Then because of his experience with women he thought she’d try to win him back and was preparing a “I can’t do that to Jeremy” speech, but she just wanted an excuse to go back to sbarro.

- she has mood drops every now and then and tries really hard to cope well with them, but It can be really hard? Sometimes she just lays on someone’s shoulder and that’s all she’ll need for support

-was the last to find out about Jake and rich dating, “I knew someone in this group had to be gay besides Michael”

-tangle fidgets are her favorite!

- she has these really cute ice cream cone earrings that she adored and she wears them on board walks and makes jokes about seagulls stealing them

- she actually makes a lot of dirty jokes when you get to know her well and GOD she’s so funny

- “wow christine you handled that really well” “oh no. Inside I think I’m dying. BUT the perks of being an actress!”

-goes to a performing arts school at some point and does amazing, she gives friends tickets to shows.

-“Christine COOL-nigula!!” “Please stop”

私の彼のおかしなヒミツ (Watashi no kare no okashina himitsu)

Milky Chain has announced their newest series! While three volumes have been planned for this series, only one seiyuu has been determined, and only information for the first character of the series has been released. *I will likely update this post when more information on the second and third volumes of this series is published.

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

From appearances alone, you two seem like a normal couple…

…but your boyfriend has a bit of a secret…

You are the only one aware of his secret, and while it isn’t a normal thing, it has become somewhat “normal” in your eyes. Unless, perhaps… the reason for that is because you’ve become abnormal as well…!?

The first character (pictured below) is 一色晴基 (Isshiki Haruki), who is 28 years old and a businessman who works at a cosmetics company. He is your superior at work, and is strict towards himself and others, constantly striving for perfection. During his childhood, while he was staying at his grandparents’ house, he once played a game of hide-and-seek with his male cousin that led to him being locked in a shed overnight. That incident became a traumatic event for him, and is the source of his nyctophobia (phobia of the dark).

CV: 茶介 (Katou Masayuki)

Release Date: July 27th, 2016.


Can you do another Jerome and y/n is harley Quinn


can you do a jerome valeska one where you and one of your friends were on the school bus where the maniax held hostage (but the both of you aren’t cheerleaders) and when your friend starts having a panic attack you tried your best to calm her down and keep her quiet but she ended up getting shot and you being traumatized. but cute ending? thankieee

Warnings: blood



Y/N was sitting at the back of the school bus when her friend nudged her arm.

“I’m not going to be able to stand being on this much longer.” Pam says through gritted teeth, Y/N laughs looking at the blonde hair of a cheerleader. A lot of people mistake Y/N and Sam for cheerleaders since they travel with them but they are only the people who make sure everything is going perfect. Y/N and Sam actually don’t like them at all, they only care about the football players and idiotic chants, which they are doing right now.

“Why are they always chanting ‘We are number one, we are number whatever.’” Sam mocks.

“It’s because they are too incompetent to actually remember something useful.” Y/N says jokingly with a hint of seriousness.

“Excuse me!” A cheerleader turns to face them anger written acrossed her face.

“I am not incompletent!” The cheerleader chides.

“Incompetent.” Sam coughs, the cheerleader soon takes one of Y/N’s pigtails in her fist.

“Listen here bubblegum.” The cheerleader says referencing to Y/N’s pink tipped hair.

“I am better than yo-” She was thrown back when the bus came to a sudden stop. A man with fiery red hair stepped onto the bus holding a gun, Y/N could hear Sam’s breathing speed up.  The man started talking but Y/N was too focused on trying to calm Sam down as she was having a panic attack.

“It’s okay, shh breath in and out.” Y/N repeated as the man started putting handcuffs on everyone.

“Excuse me, yeah sorry to interrupt but ah I need your hands.” He says. Y/N looks up at him, her pink and blue pigtails falling away from her face.

“Well aren’t you a looker.” The man says with a wicked smile, Y/N looked back at Sam as tears were still running down her friends face.

“You know if you don’t give me your hands I’m gonna have to make you.” He threatens, Y/N grabs Sam’s hands trying to push them towards the man but she refused.

“Sam give him your hands it’s the only way we’ll survive.” Y/N said sternly but Sam still refused.

“Sam, hands. Now” Y/N demanded.

“No no no we’re gonna die!” Sam sobbed.

“Correction you’re gonna die.” The man said.

“NO!” Y/N screamed but she was too late, her best friend’s blood splattered acrossed her face and hair. The man started laughing then grabbed Y/N’s arm.

“I like you, you’re… dramatic, I like it so, you’re coming with me.” He says pulling her up. Y/N was in to much of a daze to realize she was already outside and about to witness at least a dozen murders, but it doesn’t happen and the GCPD showed up. The man grabbed her pulling her behind him. Wait is he trying to protect me? Y/N asked herself, before she was thrown over the maniacs shoulder and set in a gas truck.

“Sorry 'bout your friend sweetcheeks but it’ll get better trust me.” He sits down next to her.

“Can you at least tell me your name?” Y/N asks.

“It’s Jerome.” He answers kissing her nose before he tells a man with curly hair to step on it.

By your side // Monty Green

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For anon

Request: Could u write an imagine with monty supporting his gf who is going through a traumatic event? Sad, angsty, cute…

Warning: Sad, Angst, fluff

A/N: Shame on me for only writing short stuff, I can write long imagine but idk why I can’t right now smh

Yesterday you had witnessed the most horrific event that could happen to you. Because of A.L.I.E you had to see your dear mother died, in a slow and painful way. She tried to reassure you, telling you that everything was alright but it made things even worse. You couldn’t do anything to help your mother. She was the only family you still had and now she was taken away from you, you couldn’t handle the pain from the loss of your mother. It was haunting you and it will haunt you forever. You only had your boyfriend now, Monty.

He knew how broken and traumatized you were, he hated to see you like this. He loved you so much and seeing his loved one being in so much pain was actually really hard for him. Your mother had always been so nice to him, she told you that you fell in love with the right guy and only a few days before her death, she made Monty promise that he would do anything for you, and Monty was going to honor his promise by comforting you.

When Monty woke up, you weren’t in the bed anymore, well there was no sign of you in the room. Your boyfriend instantly became worried, he was afraid you would do something you would regret. Quickly, he grabbed some clothes and put them on and tried to find you as quickly as he could. You weren’t anywhere. Monty was afraid to loose you. He couldn’t loose the love of his life, not you. So he ran, looking in every room he could find. Still no sign of you. He went outside, still looking for you. He started to think you left him. When he heard sobs. He knew it was you so he walked to where the sobs were coming from. That’s when he saw you. Curled in a ball against a wall, crying. The view broke his heart. You didn’t deserve what you were going through.

Your boyfriend quietly walked to you and sat right next to you, you didn’t have to lift your head to know it was Monty. You let him stay with you. He knew that only the time would make the pain fade away but it could try to make you feel better, at least a little. He puts his arms around you, he told you reassuring words like “ I won’t go anywhere ““ I know you need time and I understand but I’m right here “ and “ I love you “. Slowly, you tears stopped, you still sobbed sightly but not as much as before. You knew how lucky you were to have Monty with you. You needed time to feel better but you knew that with Monty’s help, you would go through all of this pain.

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How would the boys react if you're dating but haven't been intimate yet and they accidentally touch your breast?

ohhoho ~ I couldn’t wait to answer this one ;)

Jin - oh boy. Jin is kind of shy when it comes to girls, so even though you are his girlfriend, if you two haven’t been intimate yet, then he would be blushing more than a bride. If you don’t notice the accidental touch, then he is going to thank his lucky stars, but will still be responsible one and maybe readjust his hands to a safer location. If you did notice, then he would be even more flustered. You would be blushing and looking at him quizzically, and he wouldn’t be able to stop saying sorry. Instead of just moving his hands, I think he would actually move his whole body away from you a little and safely keep his hands to himself. 

Suga - Now, he is not necessarily one to make a big deal out of things, but he can still get shy just like anyone else. If you fail to notice his little slip-up, then he is going to keep still and try and not alert you that anything is wrong. He would thank the lord that he got off easy, and try to prevent it from happening again. If you did notice, he would simply say sorry and move his hands away. He wouldn’t really give you much more space than that, but if you were to take a closer look, you would probably notice a slight blush on his cheeks. 

J-Hope - He is such a reaction king, I don’t think he would be able to get out of this accident without you knowing. He would accidentally brush against you and then give out a horrifying gasp. If you didn’t notice in the first place, you would give him a strange look, asking him what was wrong. I don’t think he would be able to give you a straight answer, mumbling and blushing Hobi nonsense, and you would just have to stay in the dark and leave the incident alone. If you did notice, then the reaction would be even more dramatic. You would gasp and blush, but he would fall away from you, hooting and hollering about his devilish hand while trying to strangle before apologizing a thousand times. Now, it can get kinda weird when there’s a boob brush, but I think you are going to have to calm him down in this situation.

Rap Monster - Now, even though he can be very serious, I think he is a mixture for this situation. When he accidentally touched your boob, but you don’t notice, he is gonna pull a Suga, and just stay silent and still about the whole thing. There is no reason to alert you of his mistake and make you feel as flustered as he probably is inside. However, if you did notice, then he would go on making a fool of himself, apologizing a thousand times, and you are gonna have to calm the poor guy down. 

Jimin - Now this kid, though shy, is also very rambunctious. If you didn’t feel it, he would clench his hand and bite his lip, trying to contain not just embarrassment, but also his feels. You are his girlfriend after all, he thinks you sexy gul. However, if you did notice, then he would say he’s sorry, blushing and laughing like mad, but he would also be so amazed at the feat that is your boob. Not only would he be cherishing that hand for the rest of his life, but he will probably be thinking about you and yours for the rest of the day. 

V - That’s a boob? Okay, okay, just kidding. In reality V seems pretty comfortable around the people he really cares about, but he is young and there is no intimacy in this ship yet. If you don’t notice, I think he would still fidget a little, maybe pull his hands away from you unless you were holding onto them in some way. He would try and remain as nonchalant as possible. If you did notice, then this kid would be melting into a puddle on the floor. He kinda freaks when these things happen, and gets this cute little traumatized look on his face. You would be hiding your blushing cheeks, and he would be a mess on the floor, repeating ‘sorry’  in a pitiful voice. Poor thing. 

Jungkook - Oh man, talk about the end of the world. Now, I don’t think he would overreact like some of the others, be he would be so embarrassed he wouldn’t be able to look at you. That blush would be seen from space. If you didn’t notice, he would still freeze before slowly pulling away and trying his best to hide that atomic blush. If you did notice, then he would be rushing a million miles away while chanting that he’s sorry. His face would be so red, you might have to make him sit down and take deep breaths in order to get his normal color back. I also think he wouldn’t feel very comfortable getting too close to you again soon because he would want to do everything in his power to try and prevent this from happening again. 

~ Admin C