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Can you do another Jerome and y/n is harley Quinn


can you do a jerome valeska one where you and one of your friends were on the school bus where the maniax held hostage (but the both of you aren’t cheerleaders) and when your friend starts having a panic attack you tried your best to calm her down and keep her quiet but she ended up getting shot and you being traumatized. but cute ending? thankieee

Warnings: blood



Y/N was sitting at the back of the school bus when her friend nudged her arm.

“I’m not going to be able to stand being on this much longer.” Pam says through gritted teeth, Y/N laughs looking at the blonde hair of a cheerleader. A lot of people mistake Y/N and Sam for cheerleaders since they travel with them but they are only the people who make sure everything is going perfect. Y/N and Sam actually don’t like them at all, they only care about the football players and idiotic chants, which they are doing right now.

“Why are they always chanting ‘We are number one, we are number whatever.’” Sam mocks.

“It’s because they are too incompetent to actually remember something useful.” Y/N says jokingly with a hint of seriousness.

“Excuse me!” A cheerleader turns to face them anger written acrossed her face.

“I am not incompletent!” The cheerleader chides.

“Incompetent.” Sam coughs, the cheerleader soon takes one of Y/N’s pigtails in her fist.

“Listen here bubblegum.” The cheerleader says referencing to Y/N’s pink tipped hair.

“I am better than yo-” She was thrown back when the bus came to a sudden stop. A man with fiery red hair stepped onto the bus holding a gun, Y/N could hear Sam’s breathing speed up.  The man started talking but Y/N was too focused on trying to calm Sam down as she was having a panic attack.

“It’s okay, shh breath in and out.” Y/N repeated as the man started putting handcuffs on everyone.

“Excuse me, yeah sorry to interrupt but ah I need your hands.” He says. Y/N looks up at him, her pink and blue pigtails falling away from her face.

“Well aren’t you a looker.” The man says with a wicked smile, Y/N looked back at Sam as tears were still running down her friends face.

“You know if you don’t give me your hands I’m gonna have to make you.” He threatens, Y/N grabs Sam’s hands trying to push them towards the man but she refused.

“Sam give him your hands it’s the only way we’ll survive.” Y/N said sternly but Sam still refused.

“Sam, hands. Now” Y/N demanded.

“No no no we’re gonna die!” Sam sobbed.

“Correction you’re gonna die.” The man said.

“NO!” Y/N screamed but she was too late, her best friend’s blood splattered acrossed her face and hair. The man started laughing then grabbed Y/N’s arm.

“I like you, you’re… dramatic, I like it so, you’re coming with me.” He says pulling her up. Y/N was in to much of a daze to realize she was already outside and about to witness at least a dozen murders, but it doesn’t happen and the GCPD showed up. The man grabbed her pulling her behind him. Wait is he trying to protect me? Y/N asked herself, before she was thrown over the maniacs shoulder and set in a gas truck.

“Sorry 'bout your friend sweetcheeks but it’ll get better trust me.” He sits down next to her.

“Can you at least tell me your name?” Y/N asks.

“It’s Jerome.” He answers kissing her nose before he tells a man with curly hair to step on it.

私の彼のおかしなヒミツ (Watashi no kare no okashina himitsu)

Milky Chain has announced their newest series! While three volumes have been planned for this series, only one seiyuu has been determined, and only information for the first character of the series has been released. *I will likely update this post when more information on the second and third volumes of this series is published.

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

From appearances alone, you two seem like a normal couple…

…but your boyfriend has a bit of a secret…

You are the only one aware of his secret, and while it isn’t a normal thing, it has become somewhat “normal” in your eyes. Unless, perhaps… the reason for that is because you’ve become abnormal as well…!?

The first character (pictured below) is 一色晴基 (Isshiki Haruki), who is 28 years old and a businessman who works at a cosmetics company. He is your superior at work, and is strict towards himself and others, constantly striving for perfection. During his childhood, while he was staying at his grandparents’ house, he once played a game of hide-and-seek with his male cousin that led to him being locked in a shed overnight. That incident became a traumatic event for him, and is the source of his nyctophobia (phobia of the dark).

CV: 茶介 (Katou Masayuki)

Release Date: July 27th, 2016.

Onion Gang

Was too busy to post this last night.

Man, that was pretty cute. Onion’s friends were adorable and they had fun. Steven being able to communicate with Onion without him talking and empathising with the little cuteball is great. Also showing that Steven is still pretty lonely on his own when his friends are all busy (it WAS a bit weird that he’s at home alone and not on missions, but I guess he needs downtime and Connie and the others are busy sometimes).

The Frisk reference with Soup was too on point for September 15th, the release date of Undertale, to be coincidence.

It almost makes me forgive that this whole episode’s bittersweet and hopeful ending seems to be an indicator of the end of our summer of SU episodes and a new hiatus. :3

Also, I love how they traumatized Steven by making him think Garbanzo was dead, and recalling all the others he’s had to hurt or watch corrupt in front of him over the last few months. :3

As much as the idea of Hobo and Glunkus would be great,

I don’t think it should happen. At least in Neko Atsume, because theres probably a lot of children who play this game as well and I’d hate to get a kid traumatized because of this cute cat game. Please don’t petition to put these cats in Neko Atsume, but possibly another version? The game is very similar but has monster cats instead. Please remember that Neko Atsume is for all ages, and not just us. Thank you.