Coping While Black: A Season Of Traumatic News Takes A Psychological Toll
Research on the psychological effects of racism, especially on people of color, is still in the early stages. But psychologists warn that events like the Charleston shooting can cause serious stress.

“We hear in the news about African-Americans being shot in a church, and this brings up all sorts of other things and experiences,” says Monnica Williams, director of the Center for Mental Health Disparities at the University of Louisville. “Maybe that specific thing has never happened to us. But maybe we’ve had uncle or aunts who have experienced things like this, or we know people in our community [who have], and their stories have been passed down. So we have this whole cultural knowledge of these sorts of events happening, which then sort of primes us for this type of traumatization.”

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hi, I go to a private school that's 99.999991% white. I saw your post about moving to the suburbs and having kids going to majority white schools and I have to say, the most traumatizing part is starting to lose yourself. you look up one day and catch yourself thinking "I wish I had tan legs like that" or "I wish my hair was that long." you start to forget who you are and how beautiful your skin and hair are and you begin wishing you didn't stand out so much. that's the most traumatizing part.


ICE settles lawsuit for deporting 4 year old US citizen child to Guatemala

After more than two years of litigation, the U.S. government has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by Leonel Ruiz on behalf of his minor daughter, alleging that in 2011, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detained and deported his then 4-year-old U.S. citizen daughter.

The lawsuit alleges that when the child arrived at Dulles Airport in Virginia she was detained and deprived of any contact with her parents—held for twenty hours in CBP custody with her grandfather and given nothing to eat other than a cookie and soda and nowhere to nap other than the cold floor—and then deported back to Guatemala as her parents awaited her arrival in New York.

After her deportation, the child’s father hired a local attorney to fly to Guatemala to retrieve her. Once home, three weeks later, she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder by a child psychologist, who concluded that this was a result of her detention and her separation from her parents. The lawsuit, filed under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), sought damages for the harm she suffered as a result of this ordeal. In June, the government agreed to pay her family $32,500 in order to settle the case.

In the course of the proceedings, the government moved to dismiss the case, arguing that, among other things, the actions of the CBP officers fell within the “discretionary function exception” to the FTCA—in other words, the government argued that CBP officers had discretion to detain, barely feed and place a 4-year-old in a bedless cell for 20 hours. The court subsequently rejected this argument, finding that, taking the allegations in the complaint as true, there were no public policy considerations that would justify the CBP officers’ behavior. The court also found that CBP’s alleged treatment of the child violated the settlement agreement in Flores v. Reno regarding the detention of minors, as well as CBP’s internal policies developed to comply with the Flores agreement.

This is the latest indictment of an agency that treats the individuals they encounter with little regard, humanity or decency. This small measure of justice is a victory, but much more has to be done to hold CBP accountable for the way it treats individuals in its custody.

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whats ur opinion on rape? i find it like dumb how ppl freak abt it

(TW rape)
oh really? u find it dumb how people “freak out” about rape? rape is fucking disgusting? it traumatizes victims for the rest of their lives. it’s sexual assault? strangers do it. close friends or partners do it. imagine u just walked down the street and someone attacked u and ripped ur clothes off and violated you and forcefully raped you. some end in death. they get beaten after being raped. or after that u have to go home and tell ur family, friends, or the police. tell that story over and over. do u know how devastating that probably is? is that something “dumb to freak out about”? I cannot even form words to explain this cause there is so much I could say. but really, how does a person honestly fucking think that rape is just something trivial and not a big deal. fuck you.

“mako is so bland” damn sorry his entrance isn’t a slow motion hair flip with loads of feminine qualities and money next time when they introduce a character they should wipe out the whole “i watched my parents DIE and joined a STREET GANG to take care of my SIX YEAR OLD BROTHER and this experience was severely TRAUMATIZING and shaped my ENTIRE EXISTENCE as i had to TEACH MYSELF EVERYTHING I KNOW to SURVIVE” i mean who tf cares right when there’s a skinny pretty pale girl with MONEY.

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How soon can you take a pregnancy test and get accurate results?

I’ve been getting a bunch of repeat questions, so here’s a round up and links to the originals!  Don’t forget to read through the FAQ & search key words relating to your questions before you ask them, they’ve probably been asked before.  Either way, here we go:

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Remember, healthcare providers are exactly that - people who are providing you with a service.  You have the right to ask them for what you need.  

What happens during a pelvic exam?

How do I make a pelvic exam more comfortable?

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Making exams non-triggering after a traumatic experience

Unfortunately I don’t provide any GYN services where I work right now, which means I’m only seeing pregnant and postpartum patients.  However, here are some suggestions for finding an awesome provider!

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One time, while late night blogging, Iceland stumbled across sixpenceee's blog (if you don't know of that blog, check it now now. They're amazing!) and had to sleep with Denmark and Norway for a week because it traumatized him.

Denmark tries to soothe him by going on the blog to prove its not scary, but it just ends up with Norway having to comfort TWO terrified nerds that night.

A part of the Empire interview with Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy and Bryan Fuller

Interviewer: Jokes aside, do you see Hannibal as a love story about these two guys?

Fuller: Absolutely. One of the reasons I wanted to do this show was to explore a heterosexual friendship between two men and all the layers of brotherhood and camaraderie and togetherness. Male bonding is such a fascinating thing. Hannibal has had a traumatic break-up with another person who he felt understood him in a way that no-one else could, yet betrayed him to his very core. Who can’t relate to that?
Dancy: When Season 3 picks up, we’re both pining for each other. What I’ve found is that when people start talking about he show on set, trying to work out a scene, pretty soon everyone starts talking about the worst relationship they were ever in. (Laughs) It is a love story, but obviously not a very functional one.
Mikkelsen: I recently watched the whole second season back to back, and I was really impressed by how what is basically 
a horror show becomes a romance. Yes, it’s platonic, but the further we’ve gone, the more graphic and symbolic it’s become. He broke my heart. So I stabbed him with a knife in his stomach!

Read the full interview here:

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Do you believe that prettier people get treated better and are more accepted? I am in my mid twenties, 25, and have always wondered why people put so much emphasis on looks not mattering because I find that they do, just to a minuscule degree. Within these twenty five years I've also never had a boyfriend, and had a horribly traumatizing experience with someone who did not find me "beautiful" at all.. I can't help but to think at times if i were different, it would not be this way. Thoughts?

I won’t seat here and tell you that looks don’t matter. They do. Not in the context of European beauty standards either, but they do. But who you are, your personality, the type of person you try to be, kind, giving, funny, loving, ect,  can often time add beauty to your exterior appeal. I don’t think you not having ha a boyfriend should be your determining factor of you being ‘ugly’  and I’m sorry if a person has ever found you less than. TBH i don’t know if it would be different. But if you arre feeling that way, and there are things you can do to change how you feel about yourself. You should take steps to do them

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I like to watch the gag reels and pick out things that will prob traumatize j2m's kids if they watch them when they get older. JJ will definitely be traumatized by Daddy saying "because I was gonna nail you," to Uncle Jared :)

Or Jensen saying “fuck me” to the camera. Or Jensen rubbing around his dick. Or Misha pulling Jensen’s face into his crotch and mounting his face.

So many. Sooo many.
PTSD and Mental Health Disorders in Black People Linked to Trauma From Racism and Violence - Atlanta Blackstar
In this season of racial violence, the public finds itself exposed to real-life scenes of police brutality and gun violence, church burnings, white supremacist massacres and funerals of massacre victims through viral media and the 24-hour news cycle. Moreover, daily exposure to this racism takes a psychological toll on those who are exposed to it, …
The Long Silence Ends

Hey everyone. I’m happy to say that I’ll be starting up The Talk of Shame again in the next few weeks. For everyone who has stuck around, everyone who has emailed me asking about it and everyone who angrily yelled at me in person, thank you for waiting.

There might be some slight changes to the show in terms of format but the meat of it will still be embarrassing stories told by embarrassed people. That much is sacred.

As a reminder, send your traumatizing tales to or

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