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DID problems
  • Me, trying to get on with "adult" life: rapid switching, littles wanting to play at inappropriate times, noisy head, unable to concentrate on anything for long, alters fronting for days at a time etc.
  • Me, when the body is ill: silent head, little or no switching, feeling completely alone in dealing with illness.

People with DID and OSDD-1 may have trauma triggers and switching triggers that will disturb balance internally and can cause fronting alters to switch out. Please respect both kinds of triggers!

Switching triggers may not be related to trauma, but will regularly cause specific alters to front. These triggers might not make sense, and could be specific phrases, actions, media, objects, grounding items, etc. For example, an alter might be triggered out if they see a familiar toy from childhood. 

Please respect the switching triggers of your friends with DID/OSDD, and never use knowledge of these to control switches without your friend’s permission. 

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"Please make my thoughts stop screaming." (Magnus/Alec, don't care what rating)

It’s one of those nights again, those long hours before dawn when Magnus can’t sleep and Alec doesn’t want to, not when Magnus is deprived of his rest. Alec tries to give him space, tries to wait until Magnus comes to him, but it is painfully obvious that it’s just wishful thinking. The trauma of the body switch is too big and Magnus is lost in it, unable to move on.

“Magnus, please,” Alec says as he sits down next to Magnus on the living room couch, “tell me that there’s something that I can do.”

The warlock is quiet for a long moment, deep in thought, before he finally shifts, straddling Alec’s lap in one graceful move, still without saying a word. He kisses Alec, a slow and desperate kiss and Alec pulls back after a minute, his brows furrowing.

“This isn’t what you need, Magnus.”

“Yes, it is,” Magnus protests, chasing Alec’s lips with his own, only to have Alec move out of his reach once more. “I need my body to feel like my own again.”

“We still haven’t talked about it,” Alec points out. “Any of it.”

“And we will,” Magnus agrees and Alec can see something shift in his eyes, some kind of emotion he can’t decipher, but he knows it makes Magnus look vulnerable. Unsure and hesitant and lost, and that look on Magnus is wrong on so many levels.

“I promise, we will,” Magnus continues, his hands reaching up to cradle Alec’s face in between them, “but for now, I need your help, please. Please make my thoughts stop screaming.”

And this Alec knows. He knows how it feels like to have his own mind turning against him. How Magnus’ touch can mute the voices inside of his own head, engulfing him in the calm sea of nothingness. Alec doesn’t do this for Magnus very often, but it’s familiar enough.

His hands reach slowly to grasp Magnus’ wrists; his touch is firm, but not bruising. He shifts them both until Magnus’ hands are crossed behind his back, held there by Alec’s unrelenting grip. Magnus’ gaze is focused on Alec and he tries to move away and can’t. A slight shiver runs through the warlock’s frame as he gives up his control to Alec, secure in the knowledge that Alec will take care of him and drown out the thoughts that torment him, replacing them with something else entirely; something calm and quiet and peaceful.

“This is not the end of this conversation,” Alec says.

Magnus only nods.

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Im the anon about alters not wanting to do their job. I've had a feeling that these werent real alters, and I have a feeling that I subconsciously made them up in an attempt to feel valid. I've done this before, but I do have real alters that aren't fake. I am not receiving an OSDD diagnosis because my therapist says that I can't be aware of what's going on when another alter is fronting. Is this true?

Your therapist is wrong. What differentiates OSDD-1b from DID is precisely the lack of amnesia between alters. For this reason, OSDD-1b systems necessarily have shared awareness between alters, and alters can remain co-conscious with each other and watch each others’ activities. The only potential exception to this is that some systems might still experience black outs when extremely stressed (such as when a trauma-oriented EP switches out as part of a flashback). However, OSDD-1b systems have no amnesia for daily life.

If you can get a second opinion from a professional who’s better educated about dissociative disorders, that might be a good idea.

Good luck,

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I strongly believe that Dipper is trans. That would be why the Pines twins are identical. It also adds an extra layer of trauma when they switch bodies for an episode.

I love that headcanon. It would definitely explain a lot, including what you mentioned as well as bringing a whole new dynamic to the “Dipper vs. Manliness” episode. Thank you for the ask!
Coping While Black: A Season Of Traumatic News Takes A Psychological Toll
Research on the psychological effects of racism, especially on people of color, is still in the early stages. But psychologists warn that events like the Charleston shooting can cause serious stress.

“We hear in the news about African-Americans being shot in a church, and this brings up all sorts of other things and experiences,” says Monnica Williams, director of the Center for Mental Health Disparities at the University of Louisville. “Maybe that specific thing has never happened to us. But maybe we’ve had uncle or aunts who have experienced things like this, or we know people in our community [who have], and their stories have been passed down. So we have this whole cultural knowledge of these sorts of events happening, which then sort of primes us for this type of traumatization.”

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Im sorry, i know you get a lot of asks, and I wish to genuinely thank you mods for all that you do! Now, my question..I was wondering, if something related to trauma causes dissociation or switching, could it be considered a trauma trigger?

Thank you for your kind words!

And yes, it can be. Dissociation or switching between dissociative parts are both potential posttraumatic responses to reminders of trauma, and the things that cause them can be called triggers, trauma triggers, or some similar variation.

I hope that this helps,

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no really why is it so sad

Alright scoot up your chair let me tell you a thing.

Literally every single one of the frogs on the ARMPIT platoon has a tragic backstory, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. They ALL HAVE THEM. ALL OF THEM. Even if they’re painted in a hilarious light, they’re all really sad.

I’ll start from the green and go to the blue.

Keroro’s story is actually pretty bad, regardless of how much he slacks around. He’s supposed to be the most competent soldier on the face of Keron, inherited from his father who was literally the most terrifying invader in the history of the Keronian Army, but when he got sent to Earth the dryness in the air basically turned him into a piece of shit. He’s been on the planet for like, 7 years without any actual invasions working, and has had multiple visits from his dad and other keronian military officials because he just can’t get this goddamned job done and he turned into this huge piece of shit failure that gets bossed around by a 14 year old girl with pink hair. His entire life is just a huge spiral downwards and after a while you kind of feel sorry for him.

Tamama’s story is shitty too. He’s the youngest member of the platoon and, in the beginning, was really only there to do gruntwork and carry around a heavy ass computer mainframe (That apparently has the same seiyuu as Angol Mois, Go figure). Once we meet him we see that he was basically adopted by literally the richest girl in the entire fucking country. Like this bitch is so rich she has her own privatized army. And after a while we learn that all he wants to do all day is sit around, eat tons of fucking candy, practice martial arts, and fall in love with Keroro. An actual unrequited love, that will be forever unrequited because Keroro’s fucking niece from another galaxy, who happens to be a FUCKING PLANET DESTROYER, is also in this weird state of being in love with her uncle Keroro, and Keroro just does not care abut Tamama’s feelings at all. he doesn’t even acknowledge that they’re there or exploit it. He just does not care. So you’ve got this worthless bipolar character who’s in love with his superior and constantly outmatched by this fucking woman, and you also tell lies to kids and say that you’re this hotshot badass, but in all reality you’re not and you get your ass whooped by those same kids later on because THEY GREW UP FASTER THAN YOU DID.So really your entire character is nullified into this shitty ass pretend cute mascot that OD’s on sugar and is really just a piece of shit all around.

Giroro’s backstory is awful. Just really awful. You’re the second son of one of the most combatically integrated families in the entire Keron army and you end up falling in love with a teenage girl and getting abused by a psychopath mad scientist all while FAILING TO INVADE THE PLANET YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING TO INVADE IN A FUCKING PRESS CONFERENCE. So like, there’s that right there. You’re also completely useless without your fancy schmancy family heirloom belt around your waist/shoulder which, surprise surprise, has a picture of the fucking teenage girl in it, like its some locket shit. So you’re the second best of your family and you hide the fact that you love this girl and that she will literally never love you back because A. she’s 15 and B. You’re trying to take over her planet and she won’t let you. So you sit outside her house in your tent making sweet potatoes over a fire, hoping and pining that she’ll come out and at least eat something with you, which is really pathetic. ON TOP OF THAT, your fucking brother comes down with his platoon and totally kicks your ass because you’re not doing a good job at your job. Not to mention, you grew up your entire life not even liking the military shit. You grew up liking space trains. TRAINS, for shits sake. So you go from this train liking little fucker and become the Keron Army number one/two (i don’t remember) sharpshooter, only to have your entire life ruined by this one girl and your incompetent platoon leader and brother. That’s some messed up shit.

Kururu’s story isn’t as bad as the others because it’s literally all his own fault, but hey i’m not stopping now. Kururu was actually originally blue! A very close blue to Dororo’s color! But he ended up getting stuck in a giant fucking plate of curry (Because of FUCKING KERORO) and it dyed his skin yellow. So you go from blue to yellow and he ends up growing up to be the biggest asshole/badass in the entire world. Like, this fucker got Demotedbecause he was so fucking hardcore. But the thing is, even though hes the highest ranking member of his platoon, he’s not in charge. Why? Absolutely nobody likes him. Not a single goddamn person in this show likes this guy except for two people, a mellow school-skipping delinquent DJ and Natsumi’s fucking mom. Of course it doesn’t help that he’s a huge fucking pervert and takes every opportunity to spy on Aki in the shower (You have enough tapes. Stop.) So he’s a legitimate creeper asshole who makes machines that torture his fellow platoonmates and lives in the lowest depths of the base because he wants to get away from everyone because they’re all stupid. Where’s the bad here? I already said it. Literally nobody likes him. And he tries to brush it off a lot of the time and make it no big deal, because he likes the fact that nobody likes him, but he’s a fucking liar. If it wasn’t for Saburo and Keroro putting up with his shit he’d be the most depressed person on this entire show. 

And lastly we get to my poor precious baby Dororo. God, words cannot describe how much I want Dororo to grow up and have a happy life just to get away from everything he’s been through.

Dororo grew up very sickly, and constantly had to wear a medical mask because it was really just that bad. Unfortunately, his family was also hella rich. Not as rich as that other chick but rich enough. Because he was sick and his family was rich, Keroro constantly used and abused him because he wanted to get his shit. He has traumatized this poor kid enough to the point where he has developed a literal trauma trigger switch that throws him into mass depression spells every time something is mentioned. So you grow up sick and frail and used by your friends while trying to train yourself for the army. You are a sick child you do not enter the army. But wait! You get to the army, and you join the assassin corps! And you become one of the most successful assassins in the entire corps! But get this, you’re so good at your job that your platonmates FORGET ABOUT YOU AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY. They forget about you so badly that you don’t make an appearance until the first season is already half over, and in that appearance they say that they literally forgot about you. This poor guy has gone into depression swings so bad that Kururu had to create a machine for the specific purpose of jumping into his memories to fix the damage that Keroro wrought. It is that bad. So Dororo’s had to deal with childhood trauma and overcoming everyone’s ability to not give a single shit about him, his entire life. Thank GOD for Koyuki or I’m afraid he’d end up committing suicide

So, there you have it.

Welcome to Sgt. Frog, leave your fucking feelings at the door and have a nice trip.