Summary: "No matter how much I hate myself for feeling this way about her, I can’t make myself stop.“  Nightwing and Kaldur both know the bitterness of one-sided affection.

Pairings: Traught, with some Kaldur/Tula

Word Count: Slightly under 1000

AN: What’s this, I actually finished something, in time for a deadline, and I’m actualy satisfied with it? Today is just chocked full of plot twists.

Written for the Traught Takeover prompt "Nice View.”  Hopefully I didn’t stretch the prompt too much.

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Day Seven. September 2. Someday

She laughed again and leaned on his shoulder, thinking he was surely joking. She couldn’t see the blush forming on his face at her proximity, he didn’t understand why she could make him so flustered, yet he loved spending time with her. She was still giggling but he had meant what he’d said earlier.

Someday I’m going to marry you.

Up in Smoke

Fic for Traught Takeover Week

Title: Up in Smoke

Characters: Artemis Crock; Dick Grayson

Pairing: Traught

Prompt: Burn/Frozen

Word Count: 1, 657

Summary: Artemis’ apartment building catches on fire, tearing down her old life in a vibrant spectacle. Dick comforts her as her home goes up in smoke.

A/N: I imagine the following events to have happened in the time-skip, one year before Invasion begins.


Artemis couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t tear her eyes away, no matter how much pain the sight was causing her.

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YJ Fanfic - Someday

Title - Someday

Characters - Artemis Crock, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Bette Kane, Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne, and the Team

Pairing - Traught, mentioned Spitfire

Summary - She tells him that maybe someday. It may not be right now or the next day, but it will be someday and that’s good enough for Dick.

Word Count - 7000+

A/N - Jesus. I’ve been writing this fic for two months trying to get it perfect and it’s still crap. Two months I’ve been thinking about this. Two months. This is a huge expansion on Zee’s headcanon she did a while back.


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How random that you’re in Gotham City, instead of Star City…

But while you’re here, I gotta question for you. Y’see, we’re gonna host Traught Week: Redux very s o o n, and while we’re dusting off our hero gear, we’d like give you a little preview.

Obviously, Dick and Artemis have a certain kind of chemistry, and add that to their history, it makes for some very interesting extracurriculars. 

Sorry for all the school talk, I know how it irks you. Oh? You’re saying you’re back at school on the first week of September? No way, me too. How coincidental.

Hopefully I’ll see you around, because what can I say? I’ve been peckish for a little action.

Never Let This Go

Pairing: Artemis/Robin
 Artemis didn’t know what she had done to deserve this kind of harsh treatment from him. Did she ruin her friendship with the only guy she trusts with her life?
Notes: For Traught-Takeover: Someday & for suchadramaqueen16 based on her prompt: Ruined (May seem a little crack-ish at the end and the title has nothing to do with the story because I can’t make up a good one)

And there he was off again, avoiding her yet again for the fourth day in the row. She heaved an irritated sigh as she watched the retreating back of her best friend, Dick Grayson. Just what the heck is his deal?

She wanted to ask him if he wanted to go to the cave together, but now it seemed like he wasn’t planning on even standing near her to talk. 

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