An Artemis By Any Other Name

For Traught Week

Prompt: Wordplay

Summary: Dick decides to come up with a nickname for Artemis. Artemis is not happy about this.

Warning: Idea conceived at 3 AM while taking a shower. May contain crack and shameless Artemis Crock (and some Dick) puns.

Note: All of the dialogue takes place over radio communication. You know, the walkie-talkie style ear pieces the Team uses when they’re too far apart for M'gann’s mind link or when M'gann isn’t with them on a mission.

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Attention smut-loving Traught shippers! Sept. 22 is "Sexy Saturday!"

Chip recently realized we haven’t reblogged most of the good Traught smut fics to Traught Takeover!

To capitalize on her absentmindedness, we’re declaring September 22 to be “Sexy Saturday” for our Traught blog, celebrating our sexy non-metas by posting all the smut, provocative fanart, GIFs, and graphics we can find.

Since the world could always use more sexy Traught action, feel free to post some of your own work (fanfiction, fanart, whatever you please) with the tag “Sexy Traught Saturday”or “Traught Smut” and we’ll post it to our blog! Or send us a message recommending Traught smut that you’d like us to post!

In commemoration of this event… Chip might even write some of her own (first) smut. MIGHT. If certain people can persuade her to stop being insecure about her inability to write/create sexy things *cough* Zoe *cough* Rush *cough* all you Traught butts.

Extra bonus points if you write some genderbent Traught or Tigress/Nightwing action or find a sexy fic/graphic/fanart that we haven’t seen yet.

Now go our fellow shipmates! Go and make some beautiful Traught love!

Love lots,

Chip, Rush, and Zoe

We hereby announce that Traught Week is officially a go! The prompt of the first day will be posted after this.

If you’re confused about something, here are the guidelines (be sure to tag your entry with #traught takeover) and you can always come to us if you need to ask something.

Just remember to GET TRAUGHT AND HAVE FUN! ;D

graphic by zoetekohana

anonymous asked:

Any Traught smut you can recommend? >:3

Just Say My Name and I’ll Unravel by Chalantness
Everyone Looks Better In The Dark by Chalantness
(though this ends in Spitfire and Chalant, it contains lots of sexy Traught)
XTC by Alfhild
Just Let Go Little Bird by shadowinthedark13
Curious by Occult Medicine
Spectating by and that’s all she wrote
(a MuseumHeist one)

Operation: Get Traught and Save DC Nation

Hey all you Traughtastic people!

The admins of this blog (Zoe, Rush, and Chip) have decided to begin reblogging posts related to the issue most of y'all already know about, the fact that Cartoon Network does not plan to continue GLTAS and YJ after their current seasons.

This problem is bigger than us, bigger than our ships, bigger than this blog.

Don’t worry, we will continue to reblog fabulous Traught material along with Save YJ/GLTAS information, but let’s be honest…

If we save DC Nation, we’ll also save Traught.

If we want more Dick and Artemis interaction, canon OTP feelings, and hot Afriend action, we need to get ourselves another season.

So who’s with us?


Summary: "No matter how much I hate myself for feeling this way about her, I can’t make myself stop.“  Nightwing and Kaldur both know the bitterness of one-sided affection.

Pairings: Traught, with some Kaldur/Tula

Word Count: Slightly under 1000

AN: What’s this, I actually finished something, in time for a deadline, and I’m actualy satisfied with it? Today is just chocked full of plot twists.

Written for the Traught Takeover prompt "Nice View.”  Hopefully I didn’t stretch the prompt too much.

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