traught playlist


I made playlists on 8tracks for all my favorite ships in Young Justice! Give them a listen! (You can bet there’s a Taylor Swift song in every playlist!)

Wait For Me to Come Home || A Spitfire Fanmix [Listen]

Glitter and Dust || A SuperMartian Fanmix [Listen

You Can Hear It in the Silence || A Traught Fanmix [Listen]

Take Me to the Finish Line || A Bluepulse Fanmix [Listen]

All This Time
All This Time

We got all these words,
Can’t waste them on another.
So I’m straight in a straight line,
Running back to you.

I don’t know what day it is,
I had to check the paper.
I don’t know the city,
But it isn’t home.

But you say I’m lucky,
To love something that loves me.
But I’m torn as I could be,
Wherever I roam, hear me say:

All this time,
We were waiting for each other.
All this time,
I was waiting for you

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