This appears to be the most accurate scale guide I’ve ever found.

The top image of Starscream standing next to MECH agents is the basis for these measurements. Assuming that Silas is 180cm (about 6ft) it extrapolates that Starscream is between 720cm (about 24ft) and 760cm (about 25ft.) For the sake of simplicity they seem to have gone with 750cm.


So, I was browsing through my Transformers (Ongoing) issues, and I found #11 “International Incident Part 3: ‘Hawk Among the Sparrows’” and not only did I love that title and became sad I didn’t pay attention to it before, I realized I had forgotten the Thundercracker/Bumblebee exchange.

I’d see just little bits from it, that I forgot how good it was all together. XD Like forgetting right after Thundercracker saying the friendship wasn’t working, Bumblebee turns off his TV (shown above). I snorted. It was funny again. <3

And the bottom frame is included just because I laughed. “You two are hopeless.”

Okay, if any of you are curious as to what prompted that rant, it was partly because of the ongoing kerfuffle over the #YesAllWomen hashtag, but moistly because I had just learned that Jin Saotome, a famous customizer in the Transformers fandom, is in fact a complete asshole who deserves none of the attention he gets. 

He deleted the offending tweets, and I only thought to screencap his horrid replies to women using the tag, but his inital tweet was along the lines of 

“#ThoughtYouWereCuteUntil you started using the #YesAllWomen hashtag. #feminismisawful" 

Here are the replies he made to just random people who did absolutely nothing except recount their experiences. 

I’m posting this to do what the kids call a "signal boost” about the fact that Jin Saotome is an asshole and you should reevaluate weather or not you want to support him.