The Belted Tartan, or feilidh-mhor is the historical antecedant of the modern kilt, and was popularly worn in the Highlands from about 1600-1800, although it was probably worn before and after those dates - nobody knows for sure. The feilidh-mhor is made from a piece tartan about five feet wide and twelve feet long. Before modern looms it was constructed from two pieces, 28 inches wide by four yards long, sewn together lengthwise. It is first pleated in the middle over a belt (upper left), then wrapped around the waist with the remainder brought up and pinned at the left shoulder as shown (lower left), leaving the sword arm free. The last two pictures show it pulled up around the neck as a rain cloak. This form of Highland dress dates back to the 16th century, and is often incorrectly interpreted by re-enactors today.

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A Transgender Latina Shares Her Story: “I Love the Way I Am, Because This Is Who I Am”

*Elia Chino has opened several HIV couneling and screening offices in Houston. She’s also a mentor and coundelor on geneder trasition. VL

By Alanna Nuñez,Cosmopolitan

Caitlyn Jenner’s highly anticipated new reality show, I Am Cait, premiered Sunday, and while the show was a celebration of Caitlyn’s life, it was also a sobering reminder that for many in the transgender community, being honest about who they are doesn’t come with glamorous perks or publicity. Now, one such Latina shares her story with NBC Latino.

Elia Chino is the founder and executive director of a Houston-based nonprofit which provides HIV counseling and screening services.

Elia Chino, formerly known as Elías Chino, grew up in Mexico, and is the founder and executive director of Houston-based nonprofit organization Fundación Latinoamericana de Acción Social (FLAS), which provides HIV counseling and screening services. She says she always knew she was different, but it wasn’t until she saw an interview of herself with a local news station more than10 years ago that the idea of transitioning “materialized” in her mind. “I told myself, ‘That’s not me,‘” she said. “That’s when I decided to change.”

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Feeling out of place in your own ‘home’ really sucks. I don’t want to leave my room because atleast it’s my space. The feeling is why people move out of home. The uneasy trasition from authoriatrian adult and submissive child to equal adults. In their eyes we will always be their childeren and that gets in the way of our growth.

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i support the right to trasition at a young age but i dont think the body autonomy argument works here? otherwise kids under 18 could consent to sex and stuff like that, right?

No. Why is this so difficult to understand? Your ability to offer or express consent is independent of your bodily autonomy.