(NEWS TRANS) 150511 Rap Monster disappeared the day before BTS comeback...
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The day before BTS comeback, leader Rap Monster was abandoned(?).

It is a common belief that if bad things happen during the preparations in the music industry, the new songs will be daebak. In BTS, Rap Monster is considered the one carrying the misfortunes.

The day before their comeback and in between the trasition of their schedule, Rap Monster was left behind. After a scheduled event at a certain place, the seven members split into two cars for their next schedule. Everyone thought Rap Monster would be in the other car. Rap Monster said, “It took about 20 seconds before I came out of the bathroom and at that time, both cars drove away.

The problem was his phone was also left in the car so there was no way to contact Rap Monster. The members said, "When Rap Monster is in the car, he would always hold on to his phone. But it felt bit strange that Rap Monster wasn’t there and just his phone was sitting there. But we didn’t think that he didn’t even get on either car.”

At that moment, Rap Monster became a “strange person” as he was asking around to borrow a phone. Rap Monster said, “These days we’re no use without our phones. I was strolling around the streets in the early morning trying to ask strangers to let me borrow their phones while some just gave me strange looks. People were staring and it just felt like my face turned hot.”

He was able to ask the building security ahjusshi to borrow a phone and contacted his manager. Rap Monster laughed and said, “The security ahjusshi wanted an autograph. After I wrote ‘Rap Monster,’ he requested to write down my name so I wrote my real name 'Kim Namjoon’.

BTS’ comeback title song 'I Need U’ won #1 on cable channel Mnet M Countdown on the 7th. On the 8th, they won their first public broadcast #1 on KBS Music Bank.

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The Belted Tartan, or feilidh-mhor is the historical antecedant of the modern kilt, and was popularly worn in the Highlands from about 1600-1800, although it was probably worn before and after those dates - nobody knows for sure. The feilidh-mhor is made from a piece tartan about five feet wide and twelve feet long. Before modern looms it was constructed from two pieces, 28 inches wide by four yards long, sewn together lengthwise. It is first pleated in the middle over a belt (upper left), then wrapped around the waist with the remainder brought up and pinned at the left shoulder as shown (lower left), leaving the sword arm free. The last two pictures show it pulled up around the neck as a rain cloak. This form of Highland dress dates back to the 16th century, and is often incorrectly interpreted by re-enactors today.

Below is a great link for more info on Kilts and Tartans

Random dragon shifter headcanons.

^ that.

-Dragons that are just learning how to shift are the ones who go from 100% dragon to 90%-100% human. They’re encouraged to learn how to make all parts of the trasition smooth and at once. After that they can break it down however they like.

-Some dragons refuse to shift down because it makes them feel ‘small’. Depending on the personality this can lead to teasing that is along the lines of ‘that masculinity so fragile’.

-Dragons who shift partially often keep their favorite features, or something they find personally defining- like horns/skin/markings/features. eg- a dragon proud of their wings would keep their wings in human form. a dragon proud of their tail would keep their tail. a dragon proud of their feet/claws would keep those in human form.

-There aren’t many clans with dragons who stay shifted down, and those who stay shifted up. It’s more of a practical sort of thing. Human hands have trouble with Guardian-sized cupboards. In clans where there IS a fair mixture, there are often separate quarters.

-Guardian shifters are often compelled to take larger human forms in order to better protect their charges. … Beware the confidence of physically-small guardians.

-There are several types of shifting- arguably individual to each flight. Yes. Plague is the grossest.

-Some dragons store residual energy as magic in specially-made talismans to ensure their ability to shift (in either direction) at a moment’s notice. Especially in/as an emergency.

-Shadow dragons are infamous for stealing the human forms of other dragons, and they get quite a bad rap for it. The truth is that they copy their friends and clanmates just as frequently as other flights’ dragons. (The term ‘same face’ means something waaay different there.)

Transition Timeline

Ohhh my god. This was  winter, 2014. My scene phase was going strong.

Baby cut his hair! This was June 4th, 2014.

Dyed it black, I still didn’t have a binder but I’m so flat no one could tell. (July, 2014)

(October, 2014)

(January, 2015. I got my binder as a gift to myself for Christmas)

(I bleached my hair for the first time; I was trying and still to get the black out of my hair)

(Second round of bleach)


(4th round)

(Toner and blue dye)

(The blue dye started to wash out.)

I’d just have to say, that it is over a year since I came out and now I feel more confident about my body. Its been a crazy ride.

I’m still pre-t and all that shit.

like ive heard of this “theres nothing wrong with being misgendered” bullshit before and it actually came from a trans guy like he said he doesnt mind cause when his voice start to deepen people will naturally switch and call him by the right pronouns but like…. do u realize that theres ppl who dont want to transition. do u realize theres ppl who CANT trasition. trans ppl need to be respected regardless of their self expression and what changes they choose to go through with their bodies. would u call a cis man with a high pitched voice a she then? it doesnt make sense. stop letting cis ppl be comfortable about things that make YOU uncomfortable


I thought I might dislike book!Peeta, but I actually like him… a lot. He’s a genuine character. I feel the connection between him and Katniss. I feel his struggle to survive. 

Also! (A linguist, I must) People make fun of his name but… you realize that like… Panem culture is skewed from what we have now? You realize that like… his dad’s a baker? You realize that, as it happens, they might have picked a name that has to do in connection to a thing that they can longer have access to? Bread is food. Food is sacred. And when food is lost through cultural trasition, especially rebellion and war, that’s hard. It becomes an item, not just something you see at the supermarket. So his name is cool. It’s literally an apocalyptic remnant, made into a nostalgic item, made into something MORE than the name of an item you eat.

It’s COOL.