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What are things that annoy the allies? (Pet peeves)


People who disrespect or abuse women are his number one set off. Not many people like it either but for him its on a whole other level. He thinks they’d be seriously shallow and cowardly to hit out or put women down, one of the worst things you could do on his account as he’s got quite the ‘all american dream hero’ attitude towards things and hates any form of violation or injustice.

Casual Peeve: really hates mosquito’s and injections/anything to do with a doctor or going to one

England/Arthur Kirkland

People who judge the book by the cover, both literally and as a metaphor for what people think of him. He’s labelled as ‘grumpy, a buzz kill, negative’ as they don’t take the time to get to know him and observe him properly. Underneath the huffy exterior he can be one of the kindest, funniest people one could ever meet. 

Casual Peeve: Messy bookshelves or someone who scrapes their teaspoon off the top of the cup

France/Francis Bonnefoy 

People who abuse love in general like rapists, cheaters, one night standers. Due to contrary belief he falls underneath none of the above categories. He thinks that love is a precious thing, one of the most important things one can give to another. To see it being tossed around like a rag doll, breaking people in half makes him so sad there is no word to describe it.

Casual Peeve: Split ends, hang nails and problems with technology (( he will literally throw his phone against a wall if he’s having issues with it, same goes with his laptop ))

Russia/Ivan Braginski 

Rich people, anybody with too much money and not enough brains to know what to do with it. It reminds him of all the poverty he had witnessed in his country throughout the centuries. He’d seen the lengths people had gone to just to feed their children and themselves so seeing the way people of a higher power and income these days act and spend their money makes him sick. 

Casual Peeve: When he gets an itch while he’s in that big long coat of his or even having to go to the toilet while wearing it. He wears lots of layers beneath it and it takes at least five minutes to strip down to normal layers, it drives him mad

China/Yao Wang

Oh gosh he hates people who can’t put their phones down for two minutes and engage in conversation. He remembers the times when none of these fancy gadgets were around and talk was one of the only ways of communication. He feels like there’s no real interaction any more and even if he is sitting talking to someone who’s on their phone its like he’s alone completely. He’s afraid conversation will die out along with human interaction

Casual Peeve: Loud trashy pulsing music, new trends which are plain dumb like the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, it makes him lose his faith in human

Canada/Matthew Williams

Destruction of wildlife and nature. He will die a little inside when he hears about things like climate change or a forest being torn down just to host more ugly buildings. He really loves nature, he feels like as a nation he’s meant to take care of it as technically he’s part of the actual earth itself. Animals being driven out of their homes and oil being dumped in the ocean really grinds his gears.

Casual Peeve: Despite being bright eyed and bushy tailed during the rest of the day he’s really not a morning person, he hates mornings. He’s also not a fan of flavoured coffee, it doesn’t taste natural to him (( he’s an closeted coffee critic ))

I’m so so so here for this new trend of using canon to smack down the dudebros and remind everyone that Han Solo is not in fact a dumb macho male power fantasy but rather a caring, compassionate feminist character who respects the hell out of women, is incredibly loyal to his friends, is literally the least suave human to exist (barring maybe Anakin “I don’t like sand” Skywalker), is fiercely against racism/xenophobia and slavery of any kind, is actually amazingly perceptive for a non force-sensitive, is mostly just a loser who really likes his spaceship, and finally, is a great father who loves his family and tries his hardest to validate his children’s interests (when necessary) despite not always fully understanding them because he’s determined to make sure that his kids don’t feel put down or embarrassed by the things they love like WHAT AN AMAZING CHARACTER 

SO y’all doing great guys KEEP ON ROCKIN I’M PROUD OF U

Hello, yes, I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to two cuties.

This is Phichit Chulanont, from Thailand. He’s 20 years old and spent some time in Detroit training with Coach Celestino. He was Yuuri’s roommate. They are pretty much best friends for life and taught each other some Thai and Japanese. He went back home to Bangkok because Detroit wasn’t fun without Yuuri, but they’ve kept each other’s contact information.

He has probably experienced second-hand thirst for Viktor Nikiforov thanks to Yuuri.

He is obsessed with SNS, probably has every social media platform available, and likes to upload vids and pics of him skating. He’s probably also that person who takes a picture of food before eating it. While eating it. And after eating it. Every single time. 

During last year’s season, he placed third in the Four Continents Figure Skating Championship. This is big news because usually 4CC is dominated by a handful of countries, and Thailand has never, in real life, been one of them.

He’s also friends with Guang-Hong Ji

He’s 17 and from China. His dream is to be a Hollywood celebrity. For a summer training camp, he went to Canada and came back with mountains of clothes. This boy has his priorities straight.

Apparently he wanted to be best friends for eternity with Phichit and so he started getting into SNS too. He probably Instagrammed his way onto Phichit’s radar and they’re most likely internet/skating mutuals now.

He comes off as shy but has a heavy thirst for whatever’s popular in the world. Trending hashtags, trashy magazine headliners? He is on it.

Thanks for reading about these two. Please support them next episode!