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Pairing: Cormac McLaggen x Hermione Granger

Setting: Canon AU; no wizarding wars

Word Count: 1,828

Rating: light ‘M’ for brief, sexually explicit descriptions

Hermione Granger loses her virginity to Cormac McLaggen in a musty sixth floor broom closet when she’s seventeen years old.

It sort of…sets a precedent.

The strange thing is that she quite thoroughly loathes him.

He’s arrogant in a grating, bombastic way that makes her want to grit her teeth and stamp her feet and slap her hands over ears so she doesn’t have to listen to him drone on and on and on about the nineteen bedrooms in his family’s ancestral Highlands castle, or the time he’d gone fishing with his Uncle Angus and caught what they were both pretty sure was a at least one of Nessie’s second or maybe third cousins, I swear’, or how he’d been with ‘a lot of girls—like, a lot, y’know’ but he doesn’t think he’s ever seen a pair of breasts he likes quite so much as he likes hers and ‘yes, that’s as serious a declaration as it sounds, sweetheart, don’t you worry’

He’s horrible.

He’s wonderfully horrible.

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“join the church of stezzo” - Steph

“oh heck” - Zahra

Have a little about me because hey hey hey I’ve never done this and some things have changed so here we have this trash

the other day i was in a gorgeous white dress and black heels. we were walking down the street together and in front of us was some random in denim shorts. my bf goes “you should wear shorts like that, theyd look good on you”. of course, he meant no harm by saying it, but i got so cheezd. like bitch look at me. i am dressed to the 9s and youre telling me i should look casual like some thot in trashy american eagle shorts ???? lol like fuck. he didnt even compliment me on my dress that day. which wouldnt have mattered if he didnt blatantly check out some other girl and proceed to tell me i should look like that. idk im crazy. little things like that drive me nuts tbh. i love my boyfriends company but i still need to feel like the hottest thing with you. if clients make me feel more valued and attractive than my own bf, like whats the point, what do you bring to the table. certainly not an envelope with money.

I Know What You Did Last Summer [S.M]

requested// imagine where you go to the ikwydls music video shoot and Camilla gets mad so you leave saying you don’t wanna ruin their friendship

author’s note// god i’m p sick of camila


You held your cell phone to your ear with right hand as you pushed open your car door with your left hand. You heard the line ring one, two, three….

“Hey babe.” Shawn hums. You swung your legs over the side of the car, your black boots hitting the black concrete of the parking lot. 

“Hi, i’m in the parking lot.” You smiled into the receiver, standing up, trying to keep your balance on the slanted ground, which wasn’t all that easy since your shoes did have heels. 

“Perfect!” Shawn started, and you could tell he was pretty excited to have you at the video shoot. You were also pretty excited to be there. Especially since Shawn’s good friend Camila was in the video, and she also sang in it, and you were a big fan of her and Fifth Harmony. “Just come in and tell the security guard you are Y/n, I told them you would be coming in.” He was basically beaming now. He really loved it when you came to watch him do what he loves. 

“Okay, see you in a few.” You sang and then clicked the line off. You started to walk towards the studio, but then you saw a couples flashes going off.


They probably followed Shawn’s car over here, which has happened before, and it wasn’t like you weren’t well known by the paparazzi, since you are a teen pop star’s girlfriend. But those flashes still hurt your eyes, so you blocked them as you made your way into the studio. It seemed like forever before you finally made it to the glass double doors and walked in. You finally looked up, and you saw two rather large security guards rush over, looking panicked. 

“Jesus, Rob didn’t you lock the door?” One of them growled at the other as they ran over. 

“I didn’t think I would need to!” He shots back as they make their way over to you. “Miss you can’t be here.” He folds his gigantic arms. 

“I’m Y/n, Shawn’s girlfriend.” You smile. They look at one another and nod as you start to walk towards the set of the music video. There he was, standing next to Camila, chatting up a storm, her hand on his arm. You didn’t really care that Camila was hardcore hitting on him, you were just more than excited that you were getting to see Shawn. You picked up the pace and started speed walking towards Shawn. His back was facing you, so he didn’t know you had gotten there when Camila’s eyes widened with panic or hatred, one of the two, and your arms had wrapped around his torso. His big hands instantly when to your arms, pulling them off of him. A pang of sadness hit you right in the gut, but you knew it was just because of crazy fangirls and such. He spun around quickly, still keeping a strong grip on your wrist, his face worried. Well, that is until he saw it was you and his face relaxed into a blissful smile. He let go of your wrist and pulled you into a one of his huge bear hugs that often warmed your heart every single time. 

“Hello love.” He whispered into your hair, taking your scent in with a gigantic grin spread across his face. You could feel it in your hair. 

“Hi.” You pulled away a bit, and as you stood in front of him, your hands placed carefully on shoulders and his hands pressed firmly on your waist, his eyes showed nothing but pure love. 

“Shawn, we should get going.” You heard a snap coming from over Shawn’s shoulder. Camila had her thin arms folded over her chest with a death glare plastered across her face. 

“Oh… I’m sorry should I go?” You asked, hoping for the best answer. Shawn shook his head instantly, but Camila just shrugged. 

“I think so. You’re distracting Shawn.” She scoffed, looking away. You pulled your hands away from Shawn, giving him a fake smile. 

“That’s okay! I’ll um… I just wanted to um.. stop by and say hey! I would hate to distract either of you.” You smiled, of course you were extremely disappointed. Shawn’s smile fell, shaking his head. 

“No, babe. Don’t go, you aren-” He was cut off my Camila, who grabbed his bicep squeezing. You started to grow suspicious.  

“Shawn, yes she is. You will be paying attention to Y/n and not work. That isn’t okay.” Camila was tapping her foot, eyeing you up and down, as if she was disapproving of you. She probably was. 

“Yeah, Shawn she’s right,” She wasn’t right. You just knew that Shawn really liked Camila and you didn’t want to get into a fight with her, especially today. “I don’t wanna get in the way. I’ll see you around my love.” You placed your hands on his shoulders, pushing your self up to your tip toes pressing your lips against his. He tried to linger, but you pulled away too quickly. 

“Okay, I love you.” He said with a soft smile. You gave him one last hug and started to walk away, turning on your heels. 

And you got a couple weird looks from those two security guards. 

author’s note// shawn was on the cover log in thing of tumblr and i almost had a seizure + sorry i haven’t posted in seventy years + this is short and trashy sorry + why am i like this? i actually hate this imagine so much

cyanblur  asked:

Kamui/Marx "things you said when you thought i was asleep"

Thank you based bf. I don’t know where the hell this would be set maybe sometime after the battle we see in the trailer. And of course this is entirely speculation and based only off what we know thus far. (F!Kamui)

At night she often wanders, bare feet carrying her over soil, grass, rocks. Rest has no desire for her, so with whirling thoughts and a still face she sets herself to any tasks that will keep her mind and hands busy. It doesn’t escape her notice, however. The heavy fog of unrest that has settled over her family, and she breathes it in whenever in their presence. At times Kamui feels as though she’s choking on it.

When she is alone she can breathe but there is longing in each breath. For peace of mind, for things to be as they were. Camilla frets over her, her sister is restless, and Marx greets her with rigid silence. The others are just as unsettled and it shakes Kamui as well, leaving an unpleasant weight upon her body. Her chest has never felt quite so tight.

Home and family are words that are held caged on everyone’s tongues.

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*having an idea from your favorite class subject fills you with determination to draw*

A skele-Gal: Arithmetic or Ahri *for short* ( Female UT!AU )

Trashy-Cherry: she’s actually short as a bug! Even though she got heels… (actual me in reality)… she’s a nerd & stuffs… 😆

Mathematicaltale: Arithmetic! Sans (female)

anonymous asked:

So I was telling my mom that i never had crushes growing up, and she said, "Yeah, me neither. My mom didn't either nor my grandmothers." And she went on with how attraction is trashy, but long story short I come from a long line of asexuals?

that’s amazing

- Alex

angel of mine / a LUKE one-shot

requests / masterlist 

note: this is kinda short and trashy?? idk lol,, i decided to post it bc it has been eons since i posted smth here oops i’m sorry
picture credit

boy: luke 
word-count: 460+


He usually woke up first. All of the early morning starts from his days on the gently rocking tour bus seemed to have permanently altered his sleeping schedule.
 There are often times that Luke wishes he could sleep in until someone had to scream at him to wake, or had to wave bacon in his nose in an attempt to rouse him, but it was moments like these when he doesn’t mind being the first with open eyes in the flat.

 Eight forty-three am.

 Luke finds his eyelids gradually growing less and less heavy. He can hear the soft pitter-patter of raindrops gently hitting the window, and he can feel his cotton sheets scratching at the hair on his legs.
 Groggily lifting his eyelids as if they’re curtains shielding the insides from sunlight, he forgets that he’s not in the tour-bus, frowning when he can’t feel the gentle rocking motion of the bus. Once his eyes regain clarity from sleep and register the white ceiling above him, he can’t help but smile lazily, remembering whose sheets he was tangled up in.
 Blinking, Luke shifted his head to see a pair of closed eyes peeking out from under the white cotton sheets that draped his shoulders gently. Smiling softly, Luke pulled the sheets away with his fingers carefully, revealing a nose he loved to kiss, and lips so soft and supple they looked as if they would melt away under his gaze. As he pulled the sheets down further, his eyes found a small hickey painted on the soft skin of where a neck met collarbones.
 Luke smirked softly, boyishly proud to have been the owner of the lips that placed a mark on such a masterpiece.
 His hand came up to to gently tuck a stray lock of hair back and away from a sleeping face. His fingers then ran against a cheekbone, nose, jaw-line, then lips, unable to resist tracing the curves of a beautiful face.
 His callused palms then ran down the expanse of soft skin, letting his fingers softly ghost across a pair of sloping shoulders, giggling quietly when a tiny snore escaped the soft lips he had kissed endlessly the night before.

 He leaned forward to press a kiss against soft tendrils of hair.
 His arms snaked around a warm torso, and he smirked as he kissed the hickey he so artfully created just hours before, and he snuggled deeper into the warm body he missed so very much.

 He slowly found his eyelids growing heavy again, the scent of fresh laundry and a sense of home finally drifting into his bones.
 As he slowly floated back into sleep, his last thoughts were of how much love he harbored for the person he was holding.