trashy creatures


Considering the semi-disaster that was the masking fluid pen here (WHYYYY!) this one finished alright. I might go ahead and say this Aequis custom might be up there in the top 3 for design challenges I’ve done so far.

I mean, at least they look striking, right? Based on a rufous legged owl, but with a touch of my own flair. Watercolors, Caran d'Ache Supracolor pencils, and touches of gouache and gel pen on 140 lb hot press Arches. (With a smidge of suffering in the form of masking fluid failure!)


Afterlife: Robert Bridge in Every Episode

↳ 1x01- More Than Meets the Eye

Racists on Tumblr are 5 things:

- Disgusting
- Hateful
- Extremely insecure which is made painfully obvious by their need to hate others for nothing other than how dark or light their skin is.
- Trashy, nasty creatures who somehow think others are better or worse for their skin color.
- Cowards who run away as fast as possible when they don’t actually have any way out