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just some things from my trb reread i’d like to share with the class (not in any particular order, including linear bc time is fake). this is long and obnoxious but i forgot how much i loved this book so, who cares

  • gansey and ronan order half sausage and half avocado pizza all the time and it might be the only thing they eat
  • ronan and adam fight a lot but they make up within the day
    • adam and gansey on the other hand have had at least one fight that lasted two weeks (i think) and they barely spoke. it ended when ronan said something offensive
  • i’m only gonna say this once but ashley was playing declan and smarter than she looked and got zero respect from any of the boys, including gansey and adam, and i hope she’s in the dreamer trilogy and spits in their eyes
  • adam’s pov is so dramatic and funny. examples:
    • ronan walked out of his room and “a cloud like there would never be sun again crossed declan’s face.” (direct quote)
    • refers to ronan’s “lizard smile”
    • “adam was, all at once, fatigued with ronan and his uselessness”

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Notable quotes concerning Blue Sargent part 1

-If Blue was to kiss her true love, he would die. (page 2, TRB)

-The top edges of her fingerless gloves were fraying; she’d done a bad job knitting them last year, but they had a certain trashy chic to them. (page 6, TRB)

-Blue didn’t reply. She wasn’t interested in telling other people’s futures. She was interested in going out and finding her own. (page 9, TRB)

-Blue took over the bathroom uncontested, where she gave most of her attention to her hair. Her dark hair was cut in a bob long enough to plausibly pull back but short enough that it required an assembly of clips to do so successfully. The end result was a spiky, uneven ponytail populated by escaped chunks and mismatched clips; it looked eccentric and unkept. Blue had worked hard to get it that way. (page 30, TRB)

-Blue wouldn’t really describe herself as a waitress. After all, she also taught penmanship to third graders, made wreaths for the society for Ladies of Perpetual Health, walked dogs that belonged to inhabitants of Henrietta’s poshest condo complex, and replaced bedding plants for the elderly ladies of their neighborhood. Really, being a waitress at Nino’s was the least of things she did. But the hours were flexible, it was the most legitimate-looking entry in her already bizarre resume, and it certainly paid the best. (page 57, TRB)

-The only thing was, she didn’t really want to see the future. what she wanted was to see something no one else could see or would see, and maybe that was asking for more magic than was in the world. (page 79, TRB)

- She wore heavy boots she’d found at the Goodwill (she’d attacked them with embroidery thread and a very sturdy needle) and a dress she’d made a few months earlier, constructed from several different layers of green fabric. (page 190, TRB)

- “No”, replied Blue. “But I can take a message.” This, she felt, had been her role in life so far. (page 356, TRB)

-After a few moments of fretting through Blue’s books, Maura rested her hands in her lap and looked around at Blue’s tiny room. It was lit to a dim green by the lamp on the nightstand. On the wall opposite the bed, Blue had pasted canvas trees decorated with collaged and found-paper leaves, and she’d glued dried flowers over the entirety of her closet door. Most of them still looked pretty good, but some of them were a little long in the tooth. Her ceiling fan was hung with colored feathers and lace. Blue had lived her the entire sixteen years of her life, and it looked like it. (page 376, TRB)

The New Girl: Episode 6

Heartbroken Emma Swan needs a place to live - fast. Killian, Robin and Dave had a spare room. Surely nothing could go wrong here? Surely ladies man Killian Jones can resist her charms? And surely there is no chance of straight talking Emma Swan falling for the hot English guy across the hallway? New Girl AU.

Also on FF.NET and AO3

Killian woke up with a start when it was still dark outside. The beer had given him a slight headache and his mouth felt dry and-


He grabbed the pillow beside him and pressed it over his face, groaning into it as he berated himself.

He kissed her. He’d gone and bloody well kissed her.

And then he’d gone and pissed off into his room like some arrogant wanker. God, she probably hated him now - probably thought he was some kind of sleazeball; that he lived up to his first impression.

Shit, shit, shit!


Her lips still stung. Wait - that was impossible.

Had she slept? She wasn’t sure. Damn, she needed a glass of water. She’d drank too much-

But he’d kissed her. He’d gone and kissed her…

Just like that? And then left her in the hallway feeling like it was some kind of crazy dream?

(And she’d liked it - really, really liked it-)

Throwing back the covers, she took a deep breath.

She needed to clear her head and lying in a bed across the hallway from him was not going to do that. Right now she needed to talk to the one person in her life who was straight talking when it came to men: Ruby.


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