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Spotlight troll 157

Hi and thank you for all the entries, and getting us over the minimum! Also, just a reminder that there is only a little bit over a week left of September, so if you want to participate in our event be sure to get art of old spotlight trolls out before the month ends.

The next troll is…

Ambyst Metoma!

Owner url: the-trashy-trolls
Additional Information: profile
Preferences: No NSFW please but light gore is okay.
Special Request:
She could be doing fashion things, such as reading magazines, doing makeup, trying on new outfits, etc. You could also draw her interacting with your trolls, or any of my other trolls.

You have until next Sunday, September 24th to enter!

This will be the tag for the raffle entry art this week.

Our about page is over here, in case you’re confused about this or want more information! Reblog this post to spread the word!

- Mod Pep

We’re like rivals! You know - Ezor and Acxa! Neck and neck!

So little fun headcanon - Ezor and Acxa lived on the same colony\station and were sorta one sided rivals until that one time they both saved Lotor out of some trouble he got himself into and were offered the positions as his generals.

Just a lil doodles of Mai senapis uwu)

1. @trashy-artzy-me
I was so lucky that u notice me from Mai old drawing- u even want to RP as mai duckie dada ;w;) aim happy and I hope your problem on from this cruel world can end and you can happy with yo live o w o)

2. @blogthegreatrouge
Hnghnggb I copied on how u draw eyes sorry- I love all your artwork and I heard you’ve been sick lately, I hope you can feel better soon! I luv your humor too! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

3. @pinkybakah
YOU AND YOUR ART STYLE IS JUST SO MMmmMMMMmmMMMm– ; w ;) i just found you lately and I already fall in luv with ur blog I hope you alright and keep doing yo best oka! owo)


Reluctant Royalty AU

Character A is a prince/princess who is running away, leaving their duties and their betrothed, Character B, behind in favor of exploring the world. Character A ends up falling in with a group of pirates, whose leader happens to be Character B, who left their throne for the same reason as Character A.