check please fancast

so further to the events of this post, which firmly established that I am total trash for @omgcheckplease, I present to you my Official Foz Fancast. BEHOLD:

- Troye Sivan as Eric ‘Bitty’ Bittle

- Matthew Daddario as Jack Zimmermann

- Tyler Hoechlin as Shitty Knight

- Michael B. Jordan as Justin ‘Ransom’ Oluransi

- Jack Abel as Adam ‘Holster’ Birkholtz 

- Lana Condor as Larissa ‘Lardo’ Duan

- Colton Haynes as Kent ‘Parse’ Parson

- Ryan Potter as Chris ‘Chowder’ Chow

- Cameron Monaghan as William ‘Dex’ Poindexter

- Zayn Malik as Derek ‘Nursey’ Nurse

now if anyone needs me I’ll be reading fanfic on my phone until the battery dies *climbs into dumpster, burrows into cozy trashnest*