trashing the tags with my trashy drawing

Crop top yuuri but every time Pierce draws it, it becomes more trashy

Like wtf even is that arm ??? That’s not how anatomy works ??? Rhtjmtktog kms

Once again, I was told to tag @zephyrine-gale my frien @slightlystalesushirolls

(Also last note: he probably bought the top at Forever 21)

answering asks!

SOME GOOD QUESTIONS UNDER THE CUT!!! idk how many ppl read these but u def should if wanna kno more abt my goofy ocs >:^)

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IT’S THE TRASH(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Have some more Skeleton Squatters and the Landlady by @tyranttortoise and this time for some reason one of my fave scenes from CH 22, as I recall it made me schreech so loud because ffs Rus ya fucking creep that is filthy! xD also decided to draw just this scene as back when I sketched this I was, and still is, in a need to draw that damn tongue of his because look at it it’s ridiculous

This didn’t turn out all that shabby tho, only wish his mouth could had turned out better as he isn’t looking smug and all smirky enough for me, and also could had done a better job on the fluff, but meh, maybe I should had put some saliva on the tongue too… but meh again, it is done now yay

G uess who’s tired and is busting out a trash drawing for @bleusarcelle for her lafluff tag at the expense of poor Keith choking on his space caprisun. This was for the hc that Lance slaps/pats people when he talks and hunk is used to it but Keith isn’t so I always pictured Lance like patting Keith really excited on the back but Keith is unprepared™ and ends up choking.