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Lol why wouldn't you recommend a non-Japanese person to live in Japan?

mmm maybe in the future it’ll be better but the racism against non-japanese people is pretty :// like even for me i’m a japanese person but i don’t look it so i get stopped by the police randomly a lot, i get spit on, i’ve gotten slapped and shit on the train and told to go back to my own country, plus like all the microaggressions get pretty tiring

on top of that finding an apartment is hell because of how few people are willing to rent to you and oh man the people that help you find apartments and shit i forget what they’re called but they kept bringing up apartments that are foreigners friendly even tho i’m not and then when i showed them my passport for my id they thought i stole it lmao also a lot of apartments want foreigners to pay double the deposit money because they think foreigners are more likely to idfk trash the place or smt idk

  • Overwatch relationships: The Shimada brothers used to be the best of friends until Hanzo attempted to kill Genji but Genji didn't really die so later Genji-
  • TF2 relationships: So the Soldier used to be roommates with with a 6,000 year old wizard, but the wizard kicked him out because he's totally brain dead. When the wizard was at a wizard convention soldier broke into his castle and lived there, thereby completely trashing the place so badly he had to bury the refrigerator as to seal it's contents. Enraged, the wizard took on a ghostly form to seek revenge upon the soldier and his team so that's why you can fight him as a boss every halloween.

Because my brain won’t let me stop thinking about 7x10, I keep coming up with super fluffy scenarios that won’t ever happen and what if during this “pretty sweet” goodbye hug, Daryl kisses Carol on the forehead and she’s in shock for about 0.05 seconds before a sassy look comes over her face and she teases him “you missed” which gets Daryl all flustered and he tells her “stahp” which just makes Carol smile more because cute, flustered Daryl is her favorite Daryl (isn’t it everyone’s favorite Daryl?) and then we all die from cuteness but what a way to go

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(Here’s a quick colored doodle of Yuri because he’s literally my spirit animal don’t ask)