trashing the place

Uma: June 22

Part 1/infinity in “Is that island kid really evil, Disney?” Infinite as in I could write one of these for everybody. Because it’s my personal opinion that none of the island kids are evil. Try me – I’ll back up that claim. And not like “they can choose to be good.” Like. They’re not evil. Yet. They’re not “rotten to the core.” Their parents are certified evil, sure. But the kids are actually good to the core. Who do bad things. But evil? A hugeee stretch. 


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  • Overwatch relationships: The Shimada brothers used to be the best of friends until Hanzo attempted to kill Genji but Genji didn't really die so later Genji-
  • TF2 relationships: So the Soldier used to be roommates with with a 6,000 year old wizard, but the wizard kicked him out because he's totally brain dead. When the wizard was at a wizard convention soldier broke into his castle and lived there, thereby completely trashing the place so badly he had to bury the refrigerator as to seal it's contents. Enraged, the wizard took on a ghostly form to seek revenge upon the soldier and his team so that's why you can fight him as a boss every halloween.

before i forget this is the reference I made for the Takubun I did 

(this is embarrassing)


Super stressed out about the situation on Exuma right now. For starters these people are not on some uninhabited land this is my home!!! For these self entitled rich people to just go there and trash the place there is no doubt someone who’s gonna have to clean it and it’s probably gonna be some underpaid islanders. Also theres a national family island regatta festival going on right now and Bahamians are being driven away by hostility by disgruntled tourist. It’s not our fault!!! I’m seriously disgusted with the situation going on not only there but online with people acting like these people are trapped on some savage land when the worst thing happening is them being there.


ladies meme ☆ (5/5) lady romances - willow rosenberg and tara maclay

even when i’m at my worst you always make me feel special. how do you do that? magic.

Dance With Me - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 2722

Warnings: Pure Filth, NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Orgasm Denial, More Filth

Notes: #SorryNotSorry

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It took me a while to post this because I had to edit the text…that’s always what holds me up. Full story under the read more

Here we have the presidents son out walking his dog with his 2 guards in tow
Umbra’s after making things awkward with a total stranger who whips around ‘oh em gee your dog got further than any date ive ever had’ and of course Noct is mortified D:
Ignis and Gladio are just like 'Dog?!?! what’s wrong with you??’

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You know what I love abt this fandom?? The fact that if these situations were irl, yall would be advocating for the exact opposite of what you’re saying about Civil War.

Because do you really think people in positions of power should just… decide they don’t want to be held accountable?? Decide that they think they’re above 117 countries and should just keep Doing Their Own Thing despite all these people saying they want change?? Would you still support them if this was, say, your Police Department??

Would you find it acceptable if you, as a civilian, we’re just travelling down the highway one day, when suddenly a ‘police officer’ smashed your car window, then threw you out of the car into the middle of a busy highway in order to chase after his friend? Would you think it was cool then??

Would you stick by them as they all met up together in an airport that only one of the police officers (coughtonycough) had been wise enough to evacuate, and then trash the whole place whilst making the richest police officer who had been trying to stop them pay for their damages when they ran away??)

Would you be okay with one of the Police Officers actually throwing and beating up civilians on a stairwell so that he could get his pal out to safety??

And I just laugh because you know you wouldn’t. If the police force decided hey didn’t want to follow the wishes of 117 countries, and then all just ran away and continued to do their own thing when you tried to argue with them, you’d be up in arms!!!! You’d be so fucking furious that your rights as a civilian had just been removed like that!!! And I’m screaming because that is exactly what cap did!!!!!!!!

He decided that he was above everyone else. He decided that the team didn’t need to follow rules and that, as long as they were ‘good people’, they could continue to do whatever the fuck they wanted. He was the one who took Wanda out of a bad situation, only to make it and her offenses even worse, all the while insisting to Tony that ‘she’s just a kid!’

Yall insist that the police officers are held responsible when they kill someone, call it neglect or misconduct or whatever- and yet refuse to think about all the damage the avengers have done??? Hilarious.