trashing the place

you know that scene in stranger things 2 at the end of episode 8 and the beginning of 9 when el comes back? everyone’s all talking about the heartwarming mileven or the heartbreaking hopper/mike fight, but i’m over here wondering what the hell steve was thinking.

steve had never met eleven and had probably never even heard of her. so he’s already in this weird-ass situation where he is babysitting his ex-girlfriend’s little brother and his friends. he is at his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s house with the new boyfriend’s mom, his comatose possessed little brother, the kids he’s in charge of, and the freaking chief of police. (wow, that’s a family reunion if i ever saw one)

also, they just escaped from the top-secret lab where a bunch of inter-dimensional monsters are trashing the place and now they are preparing in case they come to the house.

and then this little girl comes in! and she’s got this whole punk-rock look going on! and everyone lowers their guard and mike immediately starts crying and hugs the girl, and then apparently hopper knew who this was, and then mike and hopper have a fight in the other room with screaming and hitting and crying, and meanwhile everyone’s embracing this girl like an old friend and she goes and sees will and uses freaking telekinetic powers and makes everything right again!

i mean, everyone else knew about her! even max had some idea who she was, enough for this whole scene to make sense. 

but just imagine steve, poor steve, with his nail bat all ready to pulverize this girl. you know, i bet that later on, nobody is ever going to explain eleven to steve, and just leave him to figure shit out.

i would so pay to hear steve’s idea of who eleven is and why everyone freaked out when they saw her.

  • Overwatch relationships: The Shimada brothers used to be the best of friends until Hanzo attempted to kill Genji but Genji didn't really die so later Genji-
  • TF2 relationships: So the Soldier used to be roommates with with a 6,000 year old wizard, but the wizard kicked him out because he's totally brain dead. When the wizard was at a wizard convention soldier broke into his castle and lived there, thereby completely trashing the place so badly he had to bury the refrigerator as to seal it's contents. Enraged, the wizard took on a ghostly form to seek revenge upon the soldier and his team so that's why you can fight him as a boss every halloween.

before i forget this is the reference I made for the Takubun I did 

(this is embarrassing)


ladies meme ☆ (5/5) lady romances - willow rosenberg and tara maclay

even when i’m at my worst you always make me feel special. how do you do that? magic.


Super stressed out about the situation on Exuma right now. For starters these people are not on some uninhabited land this is my home!!! For these self entitled rich people to just go there and trash the place there is no doubt someone who’s gonna have to clean it and it’s probably gonna be some underpaid islanders. Also theres a national family island regatta festival going on right now and Bahamians are being driven away by hostility by disgruntled tourist. It’s not our fault!!! I’m seriously disgusted with the situation going on not only there but online with people acting like these people are trapped on some savage land when the worst thing happening is them being there.

i can’t believe absolutely everything about kylo ren, from his hair to his clothes to his size to his voice to his self-sabotaging to his heightened emotions to his snark to his inherent skywalker extra-ness to his fight moves to his force powers to his expert piloting, was made to appeal to me, specifically