trashedandwroth  asked:

Ummmm, you know what scares me about living in florida? That the KKK still exists here. Regardless of the amount of blacks and hispanics that share the same space. I'm sitting in a nice house in st. Cloud wondering if the KKK are gonna show up cause my cousin and I walked a dog together while speaking spanglish. Granted, I hear they don't bother with the browns anymore, how is it OK or accepted to know that the neighborhood over is full of klansmen and klanswomen? That is just fucked up.

That shit is hella scary, and the reason I don’t think I could ever live below the “Mason-Dixon”.  

I think the reason the klan is still so prevalent is, honestly, because of white people that perpetuate white supremacy and racism while still patting themselves on the back for not being racist because “lol, dictionary”. They don’t work within their own communities to address the every day racisms that they have internalized thereby annulling them to larger and larger racisms like boiling a frog, until all but the most blatant (neo-nazis and klan members) are seen as nothing but “free speech” “personal opinion” or “not REALLY racist, just uneducated/unexposed to poc/innocent/etc”. And then they are faced with the fact that things like the klan are still alive and kickin’ and they say “Oh, well, that’s just a tiny amount of stupid people that cannot and will not ever change. They’re all from an older generation when that was okay and they’ll die soon”.
By making excuses for racism of all types, white people (and people of color that have internalized white supremacy, to a lesser degree) create a culture and space that isn’t just safe for the kkk, but is practically a breeding ground for it.

With people of color, and particularly queers and women of color making more strides and becoming more successful in this white heteropatriarchial society, white supremacists and racism becomes more and more aggressive. Without privilege aware, actively self-educating white anti-racist allies that collect their own trash and shut the fuck up when poc tell them to shit’s gonna stay fucked.

tl:dr: Gringos, man. Gringos gonna gring, and they stay fucking up.