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Hi guys! So I just hit 1,000 followers and I wanted to show a little appreciation for all the amazing people I follow! I can’t believe I’ve only had this blog for 10 months, and I’m so grateful for all of you that have been so awesome and welcoming. And I’d like to say a very special thank you to my mutuals who support rival teams and haven’t unfollowed me despite all my trash talk and temper tantrums. Thank you all so much <3

(PS: if we’re mutuals and I forgot to include you PLEASE let me know!)

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runnerriley  asked:

Once again, you are me and I am you. Rafa is amazing. Welcome.

I already hate this man so much and it’s only been like a day so you know he must be a good one

also @alexanderhamllton is giving me all the important rafa things because she’s an incredible and beautiful human 

numbhope  asked:

can we talk for a second about how I sobbed over Kaz's backstory...

Girl, same. Although I won’t be calling him a boy who just needs a hug (because he’s done some not so great things and I won’t hesitate to hold him responsible for them, because he isn’t a child), he’s been through a horrible experience that’s left him with eternal trauma. Honestly, Pekka Rollins can go choke. 

anonymous asked:

ew... I actually might cringe to death. Why would Jadis even ask that? Like wtf I get that she's pretty weird, but it's only been like 3 years, WHY would she drop all normalcy and think that that's okay to ask someone 🤦🏽‍♀️

That’s one thing I really don’t get about these junkyard people. It hasn’t been long enough for y’all to have dropped pronouns from your speech. Not even a whole two years into the apocalypse and y’all are living out of trash cans and talking like robots for what? Just for the sake of being weird? Even the fucking cannibals had enough sense to pretend they were normal on the surface. It’s so extra. And I’d really like to know what compelled Scott (or whichever writer it was) to include this interaction with Rick and Michonne. 🤷🏾‍♀️