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What do you think are the must haves for winter? And for this summer? Going on a shopping trip and wondering what to buy?? Xxx


  • COATS, KNEE LONG COATS. Check our Zara’s lookbook they make amazing coats. Leopard coats are also a heck yes. Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit is where i get my coat-spiration and she has amaaaaazing ones.
  • CHUNKY SWEATERS. Also check out Zara because they stock and do wonderful ones that are very very thick and suitable for winter. They have nice turtleneck ones as well where i would pair them with a coat and simple black skinnies and chelsea boots. 
  • BOOTS. I really like Chelsea boots for some reason… Not too sure why. I guess just the plain-ness and simplicity of how it looks is why i’m so attached to it. Also, they’re probably hella comfy and super versatile to pair with. You can match them with jeans/skirts or even wear them in autumn/summer/spring as well with shorts!
  • JEANS. My favourite jeans are black skinny jeans as they are so comfortable and you can wear them all year round. They’re the easiest thing to match with. Aka, denim jackets/leather jackets/kimono etc etc. You can pull over anything in your closet and pair it with black skinnies and they’d look fine. 
  • LAYER UP! Just pair every single sweater/shirt and layer the heck up if it’s super cold. 


  • Plain tees. Have some oversized as well but not TOO over-sized if you know what i’m saying. My colour palette is extremely boring and consists of many colours such as… White / Grey / Black. Only on special occasions and days where my clothes are still in the wash, my coloured clothes come out.
  • DENIM SHORTS. Hmmm not the trash denim undies kind of denim shorts but denim shorts that are high waisted and have a few rips in them? Alexa Chung has really nice pairs of high waisted ripped denim shorts, so you can look to her if you need to know what i’m talking about. 
  • BUTTONED DOWN TEES. For some reason, i really like buttoned tees with a collar (but not a big-ass LOOK-AT-ME-COLLAR kinda just a really laid back one?) I think printed buttoned down tees are cute like with polka dots. Alexa Chung has been spotted wearing a red polka dotted buttoned down blouse and paired it with denim shorts, pink sunnies and converse. I feel like i would wear that outfit on a daily basis, so i need to find a vintage-esque buttoned tee like that. 
  • SNEAKERS. I love converse, but each to their own yah?? I like low and high top converse in black and white (Hahah adventurous colour palette yet again) and they’re so easy to match with. 
  • CHUNKY SANDALS. Check out Windsor Smith or Jeffrey Campbell because they make hella amazing ones! Chunky sandals look so yum with everything and anything. Seriously, you can be wearing a bad dress but the sandals probably will make up for it.
  • LACE SLIP DRESSES. I don’t know if i’m the only one who likes this look or it gives you guys the idea that i enjoy looks that make people look like a prostitute. But whatever, Rumi Neely appreciates this look and so will I. You can find dresses like these on Asos or Zara. I think they’re very Rochas SS13 where Antonina Vasylchenko was wearing this loong silk slip dress. YUM.
  • PAIR OF FUNKY SUNGLASSES. Karen Walker makes the absolute best ones and i think i will continue to live off them for the rest of my life. They are pricey but the quality is amazing and definitely worth the investment. 
  • LEATHER SHORTS/STRAIGHT CUT SKIRTS. Does this really need to be explained? 
  • BIKINIS!!! I really like Tigerlily ones and TRIANGL! 

I hope this helps you out a little!!!