kagua321  asked:

What kind of games do the snk characters play?

Mikasa: Story games
Reiner: Ego-shooters/ war games
Bertholdt: Nintendogs trash
Annie: Romance games/ Dating sim
Eren: Fighting games like Tekken
Jean: Overwatch or Portal, that kinda stuff
Marco: Simulation games 
Sasha: MMORPGs with medieval/fantasy setting
Connie: Old school games
Historia: Final Fantasy stuff. Picky though
Ymir: Porn flash games
Armin: Logic games
Levi: There’s this one game where you have to clean up after a killing spree and I’m not saying Levi would play it but he would
Hanji: Loves body games like DDR
Erwin: Strategy games/ War games
Nanaba: Sims