there is a goddamn line between discussing gem culture and the good things it left behind re: the crystal gems and being severely critical of Gem society/hierarchical structure, and the Diamonds, and all that jazz, and su kind of as a whole slam dunked it in the trash can labelled “we can’t hurt them even though they’re going to kill us all and literally destroy our planet by any means necessary”

steven quartz universe you can’t true pacifist run yellow fucking diamond

if you’re one of those types of people who gets really into the whole “fandom trash” label to the point you start to casually sexualize/want to fuck any character you happen to like and are utterly incapable of shipping without it inevitably resulting in kink art or porn, you need to just flat out avoid getting into any franchise where the entire cast is children tbqfh

As much as I love the song itself and thought everyone in the video looked like 🔥, the video itself was tired 😴

Like you have 9 beautiful incredibly talented dancers making a video together, and you got them on opposites sides of a club just looking at each other like an awkward middle school dance.. really.. 😐

I’m like more aware than ever that despite filming in the same location, they clearly didn’t film together. I bet all the boys haven’t even met all the girls. And they’re all under the same trash label. What a flop 😓

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Not to sound old and crochety but either the social anxiety or entitlement in the next generation is astounding. We have a small metal trash can clearly labeled "Trash" right next to the donation box in front of our registers. Kid pays for meal, gets change and dumps it in the 'Trash'. Cheerily I corrected him and patted the donation box to solidify my point. He just stared at me, and when I actually dumped the coins on the counter and began putting them in the donation box he walked away.

I can see if black people were taking it upon themselves to support Tinashe’s music and giving her hype, but they don’t. The ones insulted that Tinashe allegedly believes black people don’t support her actually don’t support her. All they say to themselves is, “Oh, she’s the basic light skin girl with the songs. I won’t give her a chance.” So you can’t even use the, “Black people are the main ones who support you!” You don’t. Y’all don’t hype her up like you do with Kehlani and other underground light-skinned artists. You give Jorga Smith hype. You give Steflon Don hype. FKA Twigs. But not Tinashe, and she has more of a caliber than all of those women. She’s been in the industry for YEARS and has written songs for others. You’re not taking it upon yourselves to hype Tinashe up instead of her trash label like you do with other internet-famous artists. This is no shade, but the issue is you don’t like Tinashe because you think she’s mediocre based off her singles without giving her FIVE mixtapes a listen. 

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Demi lovato debuts at 78k sales on billboard and miley cyrus at 45 k sales omg 5h are selling really well if i compare them to all the other pop girls, they dint have a hit like wfh on this album trash label and all their promo started so late and no spotify sponsorships wow 6h dont get enough credit im proud of them

she is #1 on US iTunes and miley is #1 on WW charts i think (last time i checked she was), celebrities aren’t doing so well this year plus demi has sorry not sorry so that makes 90k probably

i hate banned book week

just smth that bothers me about the one week a year when it’s guaranteed the library’ll have a display full of lgbtq books being the week where the display theme is “books someone hated so much they challenged them”

and the friends of the library always does banned book week at my library, so we have no input in what stupid idea they want to do for displaying these books

last year, they literally piled them haphazardly in the display case with like newspapers and cobwebs and a big TRASH sign!!!! i had to walk by that every day and see all the lgbtq books literally labelled trash!!!!

thank god this year they just did a boring BANNED BOOK WEEK banner and the text of the first amendment, with the books standing up properly

they also always do a book giveaway, but ofc they never give away any of those frequently challenged lgbtq books, they give away, like, huck finn and uncle tom’s cabin

anyway i hate it

help i have fallen down the trash hole and that trash hole is labeled aurora/snow

here is what we canonically know about aurora:

  • she’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s miss united states
  • seriously, she’s probably the most cheerful girl alive
  • it’s pretty much impossible not to love her
  • she has a way protective fairy godmother
  • she’s optimistic about her life and the way things are going
  • she was never raised with any courtly expectations at all, unless the fairies instilled some of that in her

here’s what i think about aurora that is not canonical at all:

  • she’s fairly self sufficient, due to the fact that her guardian fairies are pretty inept
  • she’s probably kind of a chatterbox, and can and will make friends with literally everyone if she’s given the chance to
  • she takes very well to the throne, and she’s a breath of fresh air in the kingdom considering how shit of a king her father was
  • she’s wonderful with dignitaries and balls and negotiations and has maleficent to deal with any battles needed
  • Her mother is still alive, and they get on beautifully.
  • she likes parties and fancy dresses and visiting with her people.
  • when she isn’t required to be elsewhere, she rides her horse out to the moors for some time to herself among the fairies and magic.

here is what we canonically know about snow white:

  • she’s spent like ten years completely isolated from people
  • she’s a little bit awkward and not great with words but she’ll still start conversations despite being blunt
  • she has a “defiant spirit”
  • she spent seven years learning how to be a lady
  • she likes animals a lot
  • she’s fundamentally very kind, if a bit shy

here’s what i think about snow white that is not canonical at all:

  • she’s probably grown very comfortable with being dirty at this point in her life, to the point where william has to remind her to bathe when important dignitaries visit, much to her dislike
  • she, william, and eric have no real idea how courts are supposed to work. william has the benefit of his father’s teachings, and so is the authority there, but he has his hands full trying to convince snow and eric that they should follow the proper ways of doing things.
  • she likes animals better than people, for sure.
  • she’s good at warrioring, comfortable in armor and trousers, but shit at treaties and negotiating and fine speeches in front of her people. william helps write speeches
  • she may be uncomfortable with talking but when she’s comfortable enough to do so, she has a sharp tongue and a complete inability to know when she should stop.

here is why i think aurora and snow should be girlfriends and make out a lot:

  • snow is kind of shy and aurora is so bubbly and outgoing they would temper each other’s extremes
  • snow would be so worried about trying to get courtly rules right and be as polite as she’s expected to for everyone and aurora would just show up and take her on queenly picnics barefoot and basically have like zero boundaries when it comes to etiquette
  • they both feel way more comfortable in the moors/sanctuary with the fairies than they do in the human world
  • awkward dancing at balls
  • technically elle fanning is taller than kristen stewart but just imagine tiny aurora in her court dress standing on her tiptoes to kiss snow in her own court attire (tunic and leggings, most likely)
  • you just know snow rides super wildly and aurora squeals and hangs on tight but loves the speed
  • i need you to imagine eric and diaval hanging out snarking and probably drinking a lot. also phillip and william hanging out, being pretty and kind of clueless
  • i want this so much guys
  • do i have to write it myself?
  • yeah
  • i probably do 
  • Cis bandom: *writes literally thousands of really creepy homosexual fanfic pairing irl people together without their permission to jack off too*
  • Cis bandom: ....
  • Trans bandom: omg this person we look up too is probably trans!!!!that's really inspiring!!!!!!
“Nice Drawing”

Uni AU where Sas compliments on Nar’s doodle during a lecture

“Nice drawing.”

Naruto’s hand stilled from shading his doodle’s hair. Even with music pulsing through his right ear, he could hear the velvety voice from the guy beside him clear as day. Oh fuck, someone noticed! He could feel heat rise up his neck to stain his cheeks crimson.Turning his head slowly, Naruto already feared the worst. Weeabo. Nerd. Trash. Those labels circled his mind but he was met with dark eyes that looked at his drawing with genuine interest. “Erm…thanks?” he rubbed the back of his neck, unsure on how to take the compliment. Was it even a compliment?

The dark haired student adjusted his glasses that had slipped down the elegant nose bridge from hovering over Naruto and he straightened himself. “That’s Taiyou and Tsuki from that ninja series, right?” he asked politely.

Naruto perked up a little. “Yeah! You watch it?” This was incredible! He never thought he’d met someone in this class that’d have the same interest as him. This guy certainly didn’t look the part judging from the snazzy jumper he wore and the loafers. Fuck Naruto, stop it, he’s going to think you’re checking him out or something!

But the guy didn’t seem to have noticed because his lips just curled up slightly and huffed smugly, “I’ve watched and read the manga.”


So Stefi @maneki-n-e-k-o and I have made another collaboration! \o/ Because obvs I have zero talent to draw such a masterpiece lol. We’ve decided do a sort of series where we post an artwork (drawn by Stefi) and a little snippet (written by me) of this cute AU. We hope you like this new project of ours (it was kind of spontaneous heh) and we hope you look forward to what happens next!  ♥ ♥ ♥ See you in part 2!

Thank you so much Stefi for wanting to work with me again and for letting me post your beautiful artwork! I don’t own the drawing and I have permission to post this lol (Reminder to never repost drawings and/or post them without permission!) The story and idea is mine but the inspiration was from Stefi ♥

~Disappears back into the black hole that is research work~

*when ichihime becomes canon and every bleach forum is a huge lagging mess because certain fans dont understand that the word platonic exists and all the scenes between two certain characters were never meant to be thought of as romantic so all theyre left to do is to write ridiculously long essays debunking the entire manga, overanalyze every colorspread/poem(for probably the millionth time fnjgndfklmao), bring up ichihime “arguments” that have been resolved in the manga by kubo himself and mostly likely just completely trash-talk bleach labeling it the worst manga ever and how kubo ruined it by making the wrong pairing canon*


  • cis LG: literally have been pushing for the exclusion of trans people since the beginning
  • cis LG: push politics that sacrifice us trans people and concerns for things like gay marriage, because us dying isn't considered important enough or marketable enough to the straights
  • cis LG: have caused more persecution over my non-mono identity (as well as with many others,) than even the straights have, created more bi exclusive insults, and tried to have us banned over and over from the event (Pride) that a bi woman created.
  • cis LG: protest the use of alternate, more accepting community labels that make us feel more comfortable and safe
  • cis LG: mock neurodivergent labels, trash PoC identities, and speak over intersex people
  • us: use the word queer to identify ourselves and our politics that oppose all this
  • cis LG: idk it just seems super homophobic, like you're trying to split the community against us and make gay people seem evil or something, like homophobes would do. very suspicious that you would start this all of sudden, if you weren't just homophobic. stop creating a homophobic divide by identifying as a slur, okay?
on that problematic artists call out post

that fucking thing. It basically ruined the latter half of my day, because a friend was upset b/c of being on it - not JUST for being on it, but because somebody INSTANTLY thought my friend was trash and started spreading rumors because of it!! and due to that i have spent WAY more mental effort than i should have on the post and situations around it, and here we go.

that post is beyond fucking worthless first of all. It has people who are CONVICTED sex criminals next to people who were like… maybe rude to somebody on their blog?? what the FUCK was the person thinking who put that together? Do they see those as all the same thing?

and then i realized. yes. Yes they do. Because that is what has happened on this website. All ‘crimes’ are the same. ‘crimes’. look over people you claim to fucking love with a fine tooth comb and find a crime they have done and toss them out. Its bad enough when its fictional characters (hello Su fandom) but REAL PEOPLE? 

thats not to say i think everybody on that list is being called out falsey. Far from it, some of those people are even worse than what is on that list. Others are people who  have screwed up in various ways and in some cases apologized -but is that on the list? of course not. .. and yet others are nice people just being fucking SMEARED. Can you tell the differences? No. I know them, I know this fucking scene, so i actually KNOW things - and don't’ relay on just one post trying to go viral to inform me. And that post is worthless for the people I do not know because… I do not know them! If some of the information is fucking faulty how do I know any of it is reliable? 

and thats the source of my fucking anger over this, that people are seeing that HUGE list and not even expending one iota of critical thinking to wonder why the hell are SEX CRIMINALS on a list with people who are RUDE? and even more you have people who go down the list to go OH OH I KNOW THAT ONE… and even though they know the person? do they contact them? do they contact mutual friends? no. they start smearing that person in public, by name, spreading the information even more. when they have NO IDEA if its true or not. 

because that is what this place is now, its a fucking contest to call out people as fast as possible. who cares if shit is true or not. who cares if you can personally talk to that person to clear it up! Its just time to toss another person into the trash can of ‘problematic’ a label that now means just as little as anything else. 

I’ve always been confused by the tern Noragami Trash some ppl label themselves as ?

Why are you trash, what is there to be trash about? It’s a good story, so where’s the trash in it? (besides fujisaki that’s not the point) If you like it, then you like it. If anything, I think Adachitoka would be a bit upset by that term bc you’re calling yourself trash (which they’d be REALLY upset over) and semi implying that their work is too.

Can there be a new term for yourselves like Noragami Lovers? bc I’m sure Adachitoka would love to see that instead.