-Sonoda Umi (Love Live!)
-Sadness (Inside Out)
-Guy-Manuel (Daft Punk)
-Peridot (Steven Universe)
-Julian (Space Rocks!) (*cosplays characters from my own series because I’m trash*)
-Crydamoure (Label AU)
-Half Marco Bodt (Shingeki no Kyojin)

24th thought

I am not sure what to believe.
You make me weak at the knees.
With a few words you set me ablaze in happiness.
With one you drench my flame like rain.
You are one moment seeing me as everything.
In another you remind me of what I’ve run from.
My feelings to you get trashed and labelled as dumb.
I feel sometimes just a bit above chum.
The coincidences don’t match the display.
And I feel in the end my heart will be the one to pay.
I scared I no longer know this heart I called home.
Or this face that used to calm my rage.