you don’t have to like Kent but please stop making kids with bpd and other mental illnesses feel like shit for being able to relate to him and enjoying his character like???? you’re entitled to your own opinions and feelings but it’s not your place to attack people for having different feelings and opinions damn

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That's the napkin dispenser, not a trash can. It's labeled. That's the straw bin. It's two inches deep and has wrapped straws in it. It's not the trash can either. Stop shoving your open mustard packets in them. You just watched me clean it out. Jerk

  • Cis bandom: *writes literally thousands of really creepy homosexual fanfic pairing irl people together without their permission to jack off too*
  • Cis bandom: ....
  • Trans bandom: omg this person we look up too is probably trans!!!!that's really inspiring!!!!!!
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Hello to all of of awesome followers! I just wanted to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day no matter where you are in the world you are beautiful, you are valued and you matter. Always keep fighting.

*also you know all of you that tagged me in stuff? I will answer that tomorrow I am so sorry these past weeks have been REALLY hectic for me but I will answer them I promise! (Many apologies!!!)

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  • cis LG: literally have been pushing for the exclusion of trans people since the beginning
  • cis LG: push politics that sacrifice us trans people and concerns for things like gay marriage, because us dying isn't considered important enough or marketable enough to the straights
  • cis LG: have caused more persecution over my non-mono identity (as well as with many others,) than even the straights have, created more bi exclusive insults, and tried to have us banned over and over from the event (Pride) that a bi woman created.
  • cis LG: protest the use of alternate, more accepting community labels that make us feel more comfortable and safe
  • cis LG: mock neurodivergent labels, trash PoC identities, and speak over intersex people
  • us: use the word queer to identify ourselves and our politics that oppose all this
  • cis LG: idk it just seems super homophobic, like you're trying to split the community against us and make gay people seem evil or something, like homophobes would do. very suspicious that you would start this all of sudden, if you weren't just homophobic. stop creating a homophobic divide by identifying as a slur, okay?
so I met up with some friends at the edge of the night

For @hansolosbutt - remember we were talking about Jake having panic attacks? Yeeeeeh I finally wrote the fic. I have a midterm tomorrow and this is an excellent way of spending my time! hastily written and unproofread and idk how i feel about it but ANYWAY

It’s never happened before.

Of all the explanations Amy can come up with – of all the reasons for her own immobility, for her own shock and hesitation – the fact that she has never actually seen him like this before is what she thinks is the reason for her irrational surge of fear.

It’s not like Amy’s never seen someone have a panic attack before.

Amy knows panic attacks. She is intimately familiar with panic attacks. She has had them before, herself, coached herself through them and been coached through them by others, felt the iron clamp over her chest and heard the disjointed muddle of her own thoughts, known the dizziness and the all-consuming paralyzing anxiety, freezing her limbs into place.

For God’s sake, Jake has calmed her down from a panic attack before.

But she’s her. Amy is Amy, too high-strung for her own good, battling with anxiety ever since her teenage years, bordering on neurotically organized and tightly wound. Panicking is familiar to her. Panicking is, if she’s honest, normal, for her.

They’re at a crime scene with the Sarge, investigating a homicide case like they’ve done thousands of times before. The dead man’s laying on the ground where he was left four hours before, the bullet through his head leaking a small stain of blood onto the carpet under his face. The spatter of blood around the crown of his face looks like a constellation, stains dark and browning against the threadbare fuzz that Amy is sure must have, once upon a time, been white. And Amy looks around to ask her partner (her partner, who she’s seen face down mean twice his size brandishing guns and laugh off bags of dismembered fingers like it’s no big deal) if he has any ideas about the suspect, when she feels her eyebrows lower automatically on her brow and a thrill of surprise rush through her midriff.

It takes her a minute to realize.

The thing is, when Amy has panic attacks, she starts hyperventilating. Her breath starts coming in short gasps and her whole body starts trembling and she looks and sounds a mess, gulping in air to compensate for the sudden lack in her bloodstream.

When Jake has panic attacks, it seems, he stops breathing altogether.

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I’ve always been confused by the tern Noragami Trash some ppl label themselves as ?

Why are you trash, what is there to be trash about? It’s a good story, so where’s the trash in it? (besides fujisaki that’s not the point) If you like it, then you like it. If anything, I think Adachitoka would be a bit upset by that term bc you’re calling yourself trash (which they’d be REALLY upset over) and semi implying that their work is too.

Can there be a new term for yourselves like Noragami Lovers? bc I’m sure Adachitoka would love to see that instead.

“Nice Drawing”

Uni AU where Sas compliments on Nar’s doodle during a lecture

“Nice drawing.”

Naruto’s hand stilled from shading his doodle’s hair. Even with music pulsing through his right ear, he could hear the velvety voice from the guy beside him clear as day. Oh fuck, someone noticed! He could feel heat rise up his neck to stain his cheeks crimson.Turning his head slowly, Naruto already feared the worst. Weeabo. Nerd. Trash. Those labels circled his mind but he was met with dark eyes that looked at his drawing with genuine interest. “Erm…thanks?” he rubbed the back of his neck, unsure on how to take the compliment. Was it even a compliment?

The dark haired student adjusted his glasses that had slipped down the elegant nose bridge from hovering over Naruto and he straightened himself. “That’s Taiyou and Tsuki from that ninja series, right?” he asked politely.

Naruto perked up a little. “Yeah! You watch it?” This was incredible! He never thought he’d met someone in this class that’d have the same interest as him. This guy certainly didn’t look the part judging from the snazzy jumper he wore and the loafers. Fuck Naruto, stop it, he’s going to think you’re checking him out or something!

But the guy didn’t seem to have noticed because his lips just curled up slightly and huffed smugly, “I’ve watched and read the manga.”


So Stefi @maneki-n-e-k-o and I have made another collaboration! \o/ Because obvs I have zero talent to draw such a masterpiece lol. We’ve decided do a sort of series where we post an artwork (drawn by Stefi) and a little snippet (written by me) of this cute AU. We hope you like this new project of ours (it was kind of spontaneous heh) and we hope you look forward to what happens next!  ♥ ♥ ♥ See you in part 2!

Thank you so much Stefi for wanting to work with me again and for letting me post your beautiful artwork! I don’t own the drawing and I have permission to post this lol (Reminder to never repost drawings and/or post them without permission!) The story and idea is mine but the inspiration was from Stefi ♥

~Disappears back into the black hole that is research work~

You don’t get to spend 2 seasons ranting, belittling and down right ridiculing Carol Peletier and her fan base AND then nonchalantly expect to be welcomed by the very people you personally trashed, labeled and mocked… because now suddenly the object of your malice has become a person of interest and your “hate” is becoming is harder and harder to sell.

You don’t get to spend 2 seasons using your personal blog as a platform for Carol related HATE, through which you consistently and almost fanatically tried to downplay and dismiss her characters “role” and “importance” to the TWD story….only to “change your mind” because now even to you it’s become more than a little obvious that your effort to lower Carol’s relevance in TWD is harder and harder to sell.

You don’t get to spend 2 seasons “speculating”, claiming insider TWD knowledge and more or less taunting the Carol fan base with redemption death scenarios and the repetitive “your favorite will die too” rhettoric…only to “change your mind” because now Carol’s character has reached a higher status in TWD cast and the “gushing” sessions focused on the objects of your affection (Rick and Daryl) without including Carol’s influence are getting harder and harder to sell.

You don’t get to spend 2 seasons posting and spreading your “perceptions” and negative “assumptions” as if they were actual FACTS, and claiming that you KNOW Carol’s state of mind, motivations and personal feelings about herself and her arc…only to “change your mind” because now that we are getting CANON FACTS on screen, your manipulations and self assuredness are likely getting harder and harder to sell.

You don’t get to spend 2 seasons “scoffing”, ridiculing and attacking anyone who dared to praise Carol’s leadership skilled potential or even suggest that she very well could be trusted and seen as equal to Rick mighty Grimes…only to “change your mind” because now the scenes we are seeing on screen and TPTB interviews back up exactly THAT very thing. You know the “thing” you didn’t want!?

With quotes like this;

“Leadership is about making very, very difficult calls and then taking responsibility for the outcome of those calls. And I think that’s what Carol did.” - Scott Gimple

"Out of everybody, Carol probably got there (realizing how dangerous survivors are) before Rick but Rick has certainly caught up. Those two seem to be the linchpins of the group waiting for the others to catch up with them” - Andrew Lincoln

Your “Carol is not important enough and not worthy enough to have Ricks trust” line, is not just harder and harder to sell but maybe even impossible.

You don’t get to spend 2 seasons of labelling Carol with terms such as cold, stupid, remorseless, self-righteous, ruthless, dark, unfeeling, without humanity, villain-like…only to “change your mind” because now Carol’s return, reintegration and emotional reveal has literally proven YOU completely WRONG.

You don’t get to spend 2 seasons doing everything to downplay, minimize and brush off the significance of Carol and Daryl’s bond, accusing Carylers of being deluded and obsessed with ambiguous statements only to break your own rule and do the very same in your “anyone but Carol” shipping…only to “change your mind” because now it’s obvious that CARYL still has a chance to exist and contrary to your own prediction - Daryl DID NOT shun or turn Carol away after their reunion.
Your CARYL “opinion” has always been a tough sell around here but I am betting Season 5 has made that “sale” impossible!

Last but not least - you can’t possibly expect a warm and fuzzy welcome from shippers you spent all this time mocking, ridiculing, bashing, threatening and dismissing as Delusional, Old, Insecure, Obsessive and “bat-shit” crazy!

You might be developing amnesia but most Carol and CARYL fans are not and if you have already forgotten the HATE you posted, we have all kinds of screenshots to jog your memory.