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Hey Audric, how do you feel about the gaiden arc in general? In my opinion it was pretty well done.Also, I have seen a lot of people complaining about the family portrait saying stuff like " SP messing with canon material again" what do you think about this? In my opinion they are taking SP hate too far. PD: I hope you have a nice day c:

Overall I expected a worse adaptation, so I’m generally alright with it. Regarding the family portrait, I too was disappointed with it’s exclusion, but what they did with the ending kinda served as a consolation prize:

It obviously wasn’t quite the same, but it still worked regardless ^_^

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Can i ask for a HC with an MC that has acne? And she is very self conscious about it but the RFA + Saeran and V help her out and make her feel pretty 🌻🌻 Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Also I really love your blog ❤ greetings from Colombia 💛💙❤

Aww, thanks so much! Here is your request:) 


  • He came on an impromptu visit to your apartment
  • When you opened the door and saw him, you screamed
  • You didn’t even make it to your bedroom, retreating to your kitchen instead
  • He follows after you finding you covering your face with an oven mitt
  • He thinks it’s a game and you’re being playful
  • So he’s chasing you around while you’re squealing “No, don’t look at me!”
  • He eventually tears the oven mitt away and you start rambling on how you’re so embarrassed that he’s seeing you without make up
  • He asks why you’re so insecure about it since you’re cute
  • And you’re just like, “Have you seen my face?”
  • Then he nods and points out your different features and tells you how cute they are
  • But in all seriousness, you ask for some tips since he has perfect skin
  • This starts a little tradition for you two, doing face masks and other beauty and relaxation tips on Friday nights together
  • You actually see some improvement in your skin after a few weeks


  • He comes behind you the couch and tries to squish his cheek against yours
  • You kind of jump away and start saying how you’re scared your makeup is going to come off, especially since you two are going out soon
  • He’s a little confused as to why you’re scared a little make up is going to come off
  • You tell him shyly about your acne and how you’re insecure about it
  • Surprisingly, he’s really understanding about it
  • He had a bad bout of acne a few years back from stress and hormones and all that jazz
  • He gives you some tips that helped him, but not without showering you with compliments about how it doesn’t affect your beautiful face


  • You noticed that Jaehee’s skin was practically perfect despite the stress and her…sometimes not the greatest eating and sleeping habits
  • She started sharing her skin routine, but then asked why you had a sudden interest
  • You explained that you were getting more and more insecure about your acne
  • When you ask, she admits that she did notice it, but she also says she thought it was getting better
  • That comment really made your day
  • You two actually started doing the face routines together every morning and night
  • And no matter whether you had break out days or not, Jaehee always made you feel good about yourself some way or another


  • It actually came up the first time while you were still in the penthouse those first few days
  • He noticed that you put makeup on literally right after you brushed your teeth–before you even ate breakfast
  • He thought he made you uncomfortable and that you felt you had to live up to a certain standard
  • He just wanted you to relax
  • It was a little after into your relationship that you explained your behavior that day
  • He was confused because he did notice, but he didn’t think it detracted from your features or beautiful personality
  • Acne was a normal thing that some people experienced, and it wasn’t exactly like you weren’t trying to clear it up
  • But if you felt that insecure, he would take you to the best dermatologist and get whatever you felt would help your skin
  • Also constant reminders that your beauty is more than your skin


  • With a diet of greasy chips, lots of soda, and barely any sleep…he did not have the most perfect skin
  • He was getting a lot of breakouts himself, and wondering how he could get rid of them
  • You noticed his researching, so you gave him a bunch of tips
  • He was surprised by your knowledge and asked how you knew so much about acne treatment
  • You give him a blank stare and point at your face
  • He’s literally confused until you tell him that you have acne yourself
  • He sees it, obviously, but he doesn’t really think too much about it and barely notices it most days
  • When you start going on about how insecure about it and how you feel about it, he shuts you down right then and there
  • Prepare for a barrage of compliments and affection until your bigger concern is peeling him off of you


  • You two had gotten caught in a rainstorm
  • Your makeup was waterproof, so that wasn’t the real issue
  • But once you get inside your house, you have to pat the water off…and off comes your make-up
  • So you rush away to the bathroom and quickly put it back on
  • Saeran notices this and is confused….since you’re literally going to bed in an hour or so
  • It’s at this point you reluctantly explain your acne and insecurities about them
  • He’s confused again…because it’s just you two
  • But you explain that you don’t want him to think of you weird
  • And he just waves his hand saying you hardly have to worry about what he thinks since he doesn’t care about those sorts of things
  • He may have also slipped up during his rant and made a few comments about how beautiful he thinks you are inside and out, but he won’t admit it


  • It came up when he tried to take close up candid pictures of you
  • You got super flustered and embarrassed when you caught him
  • He would’ve dismissed it as shyness but he could tell it was something else
  • When you told him you were self conscious about the acne you could see in the pictures, he understood
  • This makes everything click into place and also explains why you never have photos of yourself
  • So he respects your wishes and doesn’t take close-ups, but he does catch you at a decent distance
  • He shows you pictures that he took and you’re surprised at how flattering they are
  • “You actually made me look nice,” you comment as you scroll through them
  • “But this is how I always see you, sweetheart,” he responds and you’re practically melted

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Because making these is so fun, have some more.
Gangsta. icons made using Kohske’s twitter art
Credits to me aren’t necessary!

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7. routine kisses where the other person presents their cheek/forehead for the hello/goodbye kiss without even looking up from what they’re doing (bellarke??)

Thanks for the prompt, nonny! I tweaked it a little bit and is it a drabble? Of course not because i can’t just STOP writing. this all came out in one hour long sitting. i hope you like it.

want a drabble? Send me a prompt from this list.


Clarke prides herself on being one hell of a friend. She’s done her fair share of good deeds over the years and has rightfully earned the nickname ‘mom’ (though Jasper is the only one who calls her that to her face). She’s constantly the one answering three am phone calls to pick up whoever it is that decides to drink a little too much or the one to call after a particularly nasty heartbreak. In fact, she’s even left a shift at the hospital early when Raven had gotten letter from fucking NASA and was scared to open it alone (she was accepted, of course).When it comes to them, the ones she loves, she’ll do anything.

It is this well-known fact that leads her to this moment, exactly how she ends up coming to a screeching halt in the parking lot of her best friend’s apartment complex and running inside with her med kit. The door is unlocked so she pushes her way in frantically and  finds Bellamy sprawled out on the couch holding a bloody towel to his arm. She rushes over to him and he gives her a weak smile.

“Jesus, Bellamy,” she breathes as she pulls the injured arm towards her, “I thought you said it was a small cut?”

He winces as she peels the towel away, “It’s not that bad.”

By his definition, it isn’t. It’s not like he lost an entire limb, that is. It’s about three inches long and deep. Definitely needing stitches but also not life or death. Either way, seeing him bleeding out on his couch makes her heart rate increase a little more than normal.

“You need stitches,” she decides and begins digging into her kit for the proper tools.

“That’s why I called you,” he replies with a smirk and she fights the urge not to poke him with her needle. Leave it to him to cut himself open and act like it isn’t a big deal.

“They have emergency rooms for a reason,” she threads the needle carefully, and clips  off the excess thread at the end.

“Yeah, but I have my own personal emergency nurse.”

She rolls her eyes and pulls on her rubber gloves, “And if I wouldn’t have answered?”

He winces again when she removes the towel completely and replaces it with gauze, putting more pressure than he believes necessary to make a point.

“I guess I would just bleed out on my couch and you’d have to feel guilty for ignoring me,” he smiles at her innocently enough, but this time she does apply a little extra pressure to his wound.

“Ow!” he jumps and she gives him a pointed look, “I’m sorry, okay. I just…I have a student-teacher conference in an hour and it’s important.”

She’ll take it as an excuse. He takes his teaching job so seriously, which is admirable, but sometimes he definitely over does himself. She spreads the numbing gel over the cut, hoping to be as gentle as possible. He remains still for the most part, talking idly about how he managed to cut himself accidentally while trying to cut into a pan of brownies. She has to stop for a moment to laugh, because imagining the well-composed and cocky Bellamy Blake cutting himself on a pan of brownies is too hysterical.

By the end of it, there are seven sutures and a blood covered arm, but the wound is closed and he’s alive.

“You’re the best!” he exclaims happily after examining her work. To her surprise he plants a quick kiss on her cheek and moves to get ready for his conference. She freezes for a moment, touching her cheek where there seems to be a lingering sensation.

“I owe you!” he calls and she can’t help but think he already paid.


She and Bellamy have had a friendship based on exchanged favors and assistance. They met in college while she worked at the writing center and he needed help writing a paper. He got an A on said paper (she’s a genius, but so is he, she learned) and felt he owed her one. Thus began their friendship. He’s become one of her best friends, especially since most of her of her other friends had dispersed around the country. By the time college ended, she and Bellamy were the only ones remaining in Chicago. Needless to say, they may have dependency issues.

But, he counts on her just as she does him. A month after stitching him up, she gets to cash in on her favor.

“You okay, Princess?” he asks as soon as he answers the phone. It’s become an unspoken rule that they only call for emergencies. Texting is their normal vehicle for communication.

“My car broke down,” she groans into the phone, feeling her pent up frustration coming to a head, “Normally, I’d take the train but it’s one in the morning and I’m fucking tired.”

She worked a double today and after spending half of it in the ER, she’s totally spent. This is just the cherry on top of an already shitty day.

“Give me fifteen minutes,” he grumbles into the phone and like magic, he’s there exactly when he says he’s going to be.

“Do you want me to take a look at it?” he asks when he pulls up and she shakes her head vehemently.

“Honestly, I don’t even care. I’m tired and it can wait until tomorrow.”

He laughs when she dramatically flops into the passenger seat, “You wanna just crash at my place? It’s closer at least. And we both know I’m going to be the one looking at it tomorrow.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she mumbles. Her exhaustion catches up to her as soon as he puts the car in gear she finds herself half asleep as he carries her into his apartment (he was blessed with a first floor unit). Normally, she would insist on walking because her pride is far too fragile to be carried, but at this point it doesn’t matter.

He places her on top of his covers and she sinks into the mattress with a languid sigh.

“I owe you,” she tells him softly. His lips graze her cheek and she falls asleep with a smile on her face that night.


It becomes weirdly routine like before she knows it. They do things for each other, make dinner, fix cars, arrange DVDs. Their random favors become everyday favors and each time one of them mentions owing one to the other, on instinct they jut out their cheek and wait for the familiar set of lips to press against it. It’s freakishly domestic.

Clarke isn’t the one that notices it. Bellamy’s sister comes into town for Thanksgiving Break and catches on to it instantly. They were hanging out in the kitchen, finsihing up the feast they had been cooking all day while the boys went to the store (crazy, but Clarke really wanted cranberries). She and Octavia were catching up on each others lives, having not seen each other since her move to North Carolina months ago with her boyfriend, Lincoln.

“You remember Harper, right?” Octavia is informing her on all their former college friends whereabouts, “She’s a Fulbright now. She’s in Germany.”

Clarke nods impressively as carves the turkey. She launches into another story and she can’t help but laugh at her friend. Octavia Blake has always been a gossiper.

“And what about you?” she tosses another bone in the trash can, “All this talk about other people, but what about you, O?”

Before she can answer, Bellamy and Lincoln shuffle into the kitchen with grocery bags. She watches has Bellamy shakes the snow from his unruly curls and gives her a grin.

“Gotta love being up North,” he comments, removing his coat. He walks over to her and hands her the can of cranberries she had so desperately wanted.

“I went ahead and scraped your car for you, too,” he informs her and, in retrospect it does seem like a broken record, leans against the counter next to her.

She says it without thinking, “I owe you one.”

She turns her cheek instinctively and he kisses it gently before beginning to lay out the dishes on his small dining room table. Nothing feels out of place until she glances over to find Octavia staring at her suspiciously.

“What?” she asks naively.

The younger Blake forgoes an answer and just grabs the cranberries from her hand and opens them. She doesn’t think much of it.

Until it happens again not an hour later. They finish their meals, but have lingered at the table to chat after Octavia’s announcement. They’re engaged! She spends an adequate amount of time fawning over the ring and talking wedding plans but at some point, she decides, she has to clear the table.

Bellamy and Lincoln are talking quietly and she finds herself surprised at Bellamy’s relaxed demeanor. After all, his baby sister is getting married. When she had first started dating, he had been a nightmare of a brother. She reaches over his shoulder to grab his plate, hoping not to interrupt the peace talk between the two men. He grabs at the plate and begins to stand.

“I got it,” she fusses and he sits down slowly handing it over.

“Thanks,” he says and this time it’s him who pushes his jaw out a little further. She reacts immediately, pecking him on the cheek and moving to the kitchen.

She manages to plant the dishes in the sink safely before Octavia corners her.

“What the hell, Clarke?” she hisses and pulls on her wrist meaningfully.


The dark haired beauty rolls her eyes and pulls on her wrist again, “Don’t play dumb. You and my brother? How long has that been a thing?”

She widens her eyes innocently, “We’re friends, you know that.”

When it comes out of her mouth, she knows she’s lying. She’s spent a long time trying to convince herself that her and Bellamy are just friends. It was easier when they were dating other people. When all their friends still lived in town and they weren’t forced to be alone all the damn time. She can’t pinpoint the moment it changed. Somewhere along the line, for her at least, the feelings became a lot more. She’s tried dating in the past year with no luck, chalking it up to shitty people. However, now that she thinks about it, it’s because she spends every date comparing them to Bellamy. Fuck.

“I’m serious,” she argues again weakly and Octavia finally releases her wrist.

“Keep lying to yourself, Clarke.”


With all the holidays, avoiding Bellamy isn’t all that hard for her. After her conversation with Octavia, she finished out the day with them before excusing herself to the hospital. She’s never good at confronting her feelings, so removing herself from the situation always came as the best option for her. She throws herself into her work, picking up double shifts and fighting the urge to call him at any slight emergency. His side remains eerily calm as well. They still text daily, but no opportunity for favor arises.  Christmas comes and goes and he asks her when she’s going to exchange gifts with him. His gift has been wrapped for months, a first edition anthology of his favorite Greek deities. She had been so excited to give it to him, but now it all seems daunting.

She’s in love with her best friend. She’s been in love with him for at least the past year, if not more. It didn’t happen intentionally, clearly since she hasn’t known it was happening at all. But now she has to reconcile with it. She could tell him and he could feel the same. Or she could tell him and risk losing his friendship. The thought alone nearly kills her. By the time she decides it’s best to Keep her feelings a secret and hope they dissipate over time, New Years rolls around and everyone is home for the occasion. She can’t exactly avoid this one.

But She can definitely drink to forget about it. Yes, she’s an adult and should be far beyond using alcohol as a crutch, but it is what it is. She’s on her third shot and singing along to the current karaoke tune with Jasper and Monty when Bellamy shows up.

“Couldn’t wait until I got here to start?” he says into her ear and she hates the way the hair on her neck stands up.

“You’re late,” she responds casually, although she feels far from casual. To her dismay, Jasper gets up from his seat to go request another song and Bellamy takes it without hesitation.

Suddenly she isn’t nearly drunk enough.

“Long time, no see, Princess,” he drums his fingers on the bar, something he typically only does when he’s nervous.

Before when can stop herself, she calls him out, “Something got you on edge?”

To her surprise, he doesn’t seemed fazed by it, “You. Being dressed like that.”

Is he flirting with her? Her head snaps around faster than she means it too, and he’s watching the live coverage of NYC with only the slightest of smiles on his face. She tries to play his game and brushes off the compliment.

“Please,” she scoffs, “I always knew you thought I was hot.”

“Think,” he corrects and signals the bartender who finally decided to look his way, “Think you’re hot.”

Her mouth falls open a little. While they’ve always been playful with one another, this is a whole new territory. He’s definitely flirting with her. What is she supposed to do? She spent an entire month overanalyzing everything in fear of losing him for good and he just waltzes in and puts it all on the line. Fuck it, she thinks. She doesn’t have anything to lose at this point.

“We’re just meant to be then, aren’t we?” she hopes her voice sounds steady because she sure as hell isn’t. It seems to get his attention because now his eyes are boring into hers.

She gives him a sweet smile, “Being two incredibly attractive and intelligent people that is.”

Before he can respond, the bartender finally stops to take his order.

“Two Jack and Cokes,” he says and hands over a ten.

“Trying to catch up?”

He grins mischievously, “One is for you.”

She pretends to be appalled, the flirtation getting easier and easier with each moment, “Bellamy Blake, are you trying to get me drunk?”

He doesn’t answer, he just slides her drink over to her and clinks his glass against hers. Out of habit, she leans over and he immediately offers her his cheek. She plants a sloppy kiss onto it before taking a long sip from her cup. No one had to say, ‘I owe you. Not this time.

They spend the rest of the night mingling amongst their friends, enjoying having everyone home for the first time months. It isn’t until the five minute countdown begins that he finds her again. She’s standing to the side, watching as Miller and Monty karaoke their favorite Rent song (Normally, Miller would never admit to enjoying a musical, but dating Monty had made him a huge softy), when he sidles up next to her and places a careful arm around her waist.

“I still owe you your Christmas present,” he says into her ear and offers her a beautifully wrapped package in his other hand.

She shakes her head at him shamefully, “I didn’t bring yours with me.”

He doesn’t seem to mind and hands her the package anyway. Monty and Muller have finished their song and gathered around the television with everyone else, leaving them secluded in the back of the bar. It all seems suddenly intimate.

He nudges her to go ahead and she pulls the paper off carefully revealing a sleek black box. When she pulls it open, she actually gasps. Nestled inside is a beautiful new stethoscope, one she had admired online months ago. She must have mentioned it to him without thinking.

“This was really expensive…” is all she can say, still trying to gather her composure.

Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven.

“Good bonus this year,” he says simply. When she finally looks at him, her heart nearly bursts in her chest. She fucking loves this man and at this point, hiding it would be useless.

He smiles down at her and gives a little tap to his cheek, waiting for her usual kiss of gratitude. She gives it to him, but instead of his cheek she grabs his face in her hands and crushes her lips to his. He responds immediately, gathering her up into his arms and making sure she knows that everything she’s felt, he’s felt to.

When they pull back, the crowd is cheering in the bar, their friends are cheering around them, and the clock reads 12:01am.

Hell of a way to start a New Year.

5 OTPs Challenge!

I was tagged by my lovely friend @mythicalheartbeat to list 5 OTPs of mine that I love! Thanks, Laura!

Now, 5 OTPs of mine…. ;D

1. GoChi (Goku X Chichi from Dragon Ball)

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2. DaiKari (Davis/Daisuki Motomiya and Kari Kamiya from Digimon)

3. LuNami (Monkey D. Luffy X Nami from One Piece)

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4. Danny X Sam (Danny Fenton X Sam Manson from Danny Phantom)

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5. DJ X Steve (Dj Tanner/Fuller X Steve Hale from Full/Fuller House)

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I just can’t help myself, I’m such Destiel trash/lover/enthusiast/believer/enjoyer.
That reading such positivity about our ship becoming cannon, not only on our blogs or shiper eyes, but actually developing in the last episodes, made me very happy today.
I want to share the feels with the universal language of music.
Today will I only communicate with music 🎶

Not my gif. 

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Hiya! Trash Hanzo main/lover so maybe some Hanzo? I really love jealous bb so Hanzo raging, maybe even lashing out at S/O whom found it funny at first but then getting in a big argument and S/O is stubborn like Hanz so they ignore each other until Hanzo can't take it anymore and S/O can't either but Hanz breaks first and begs S/O to forgive him and S/O asks for forgiveness too akward/a learning experience for both but like angst and ends happy! yeyeye if too much sorry just kinda ehdjd :) u cool

Lots of jealousy fic! You guys must like your jealous babs, hope ya like this! (sorry if it turns out short)

You and hanzo were out for once. Not at the mall or anything but grocery shopping. It was calm like usual with the silent Japanese as you two looked for the food you guys needed. You picked up a bag of chips and put it in the cart, asking him “So what else do we need? Rice?” Hanzo nodded and said ‘of course, we just ran out today.” You smiled and nodded okay saying “I’ll go grab it, get the other stuff from this isle!” He nodded and started to look for other things on the list. 

As you got the rice, you heard someone say something to you. You looked up then noticed a man. He was smiling and asked again “Uhm, do you need help carrying that rice?” You guessed he saw you struggling. You smiled and said “Sure” The male then grabbed the rice and said “Lead me to your cart!” You then started to walk back.

Hanzo heard the clank of the rice in the cart then looked up and noticed the man with you. He glared and looked at you. You waved to the man saying ‘Thank you so much!” He just smiled and said ‘any time!” with a wink before walking off. Hanzo waited for him to leave then asked “who the hell was that?” You chuckled and said “Oh no one, he was just helping me carry the bag of rice. It was heavy” Hanzo nodded with a more..angrier frown. You noticed but shook it off. You two continued grocery shopping, soon checking out and getting settled at home. 

You were putting away the groceries quietly as Hanzo helped. He suddenly spoke saying “He winked at you. That was a flirt.” You looked at him as you closed the fridge door saying “He was just simply being nice!’ You chuckled. He just frowned and looked at you saying “It was flirting.” You smirked and went over saying “awe~ are you jealous?” you giggled. He looked down at you and folded his arms saying “yes.” You lightly kissed his cheek and said “Well you won’t have to worry.” He nodded and said “Still. I do not appreciate idiots flirting with you.” You frowned and said “he just helped me with something I couldn’t do…” 

Hanzo just looked up and said “Only I can flirt with you.” You huffed, slightly angered. “Well you never even show any emotion to me…” You accidentally said out loud. He heard then said “what?! Yes I do!” You frowned and said “Barely! Maybe a small kiss on the cheek. We barely go out or even show emotion unless I start it!” He frowned and said “lies! I show my love just as much as you do!” You huffed and yelled “I feel like i’m in love with a brick wall!” He frowned and looked down at you saying “Well if i’m so emotionless, why even bother loving me?!” You felt hurt as you said “Because I actually feel something for an ass like you!” you huffed and stormed off saying “don’t fucking talk to me right now.” Hanzo just stared in awe at your sudden anger. He was super pissed though and felt as if he didn’t do anything wrong.

For the rest of the night, you two didn’t speak. Except for you telling him that he’s sleeping on the couch. You had trouble sleeping that night. You missed him next to you and you wanted to talk to him. You hated arguments, you two barely had any. Hanzo wasn’t doing too well himself. Especially because that couch was uncomfortable as fuck. It was a restless night.

Once it was morning, you were up and making some tea. As you boiled the water, you decided to make Hanzo some. You sighed, wondering if he even wanted to talk to you. You brewed the tea just how he liked it and poured it into a cup for him. You carried the cup to the couch and sat next to him saying “Hanzo…wake up..” He grunted and opened his eyes. He noticed you but didn’t say anything. You sighed and handed him the cup of tea. He took it and sat up, sipping it. You leaned back and sipped yours as well.

After a few minutes of silence, you spoke. You set your cup down and said “Hanzo. I’m sorry. I don’t like ignoring you or not having you in bed with me..I love you and I know you love me…” You looked at him. Hanzo finished his tea and said, not looking at you ‘It’s okay…I was being the jerk. I know I don’t show much emotion…I will start now. To show that I care.” He then looked at you. You were smiling saying “oh, Hanzo..You’re the sweetest.” He just chuckled and set down his cup saying “You’re sweeter!” He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you on him to cuddle as he pecked your lips. You giggled and said ‘Wow! I like this sweet side~”

Hanzo smiled and said “Good, you’ll be seeing more of it.”

Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate Carla Tsukinami route (Maniac 02)

I apologize for being absent for such a long time and I promise to be more active from now on since it’s summer and I have a lot of free time. Anyway, this is Carla’s Maniac 2 situation from the game “Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate”. Enjoy!~

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Naruto Ships Tagged Challenge!!

I was tagged by my lovely buddy, @karinvzumaki, for this challenge! Thanks for the tag, Ana! ^_^

Rule: List your top 10 favorite Naruto ships in order and tag 10 people you’re curious about! (P.S: Since I love a lot of ships, I’m just gonna list 10 I like! I am a rebel after all! ;D)

Alright, with all that said and done, let’s do this! ;D

1.) SasuKarin!

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2.) SasuIno!

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3.) MinaKushi!

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4.) NaruGaa!

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5.) LeeTen!

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6.) ObiRin

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7.) SuiSasu!

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8.) MadaMei!

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9.) NaruIno!

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10.) KakaObi!

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