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hi your art is awesome and Farris is amazing! but uh how does Sans deal w/runs where Farris and Grillby get together b/c... on the one hand *mmmm hot* and otoh *sad whining noises at being left out* (also not sure if canon? there's wiggle room tho... )

sans is…conflicted.

in runs where farris and grillby end up together independently, he’s…relieved? but also just immensely stricken. neither of them will remember it happening with the next reset, neither of them have to go through that loss of knowing when the other can’t…and just, damn it, it’s his best friend (maybe more?) and his…well, he doesn’t think he has a word for what farris is to him, even after all this time.

grillby shows such open affection for farris that sans just can’t, and farris seems…so much more at ease with their surroundings when they’re with grillby, even when they’re not right next to him.

it hurts, he’s jealous, and he knows they’re both better off for it.


Anonymous said: Pssst. Could we get some fluffy Farris x Grillby x Sans? Just some completely unabashed fluff nonsense? ; U ; That would give me a tremendous deal of life.

sometimes things align just so and all three end up together. sans tries his hardest to keep those runs steady…and holds tightest to those memories when he can’t.

Happy Birthday, my dear dear grand king. I love you so much.

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This is actually not finished!! :D The second part will follow soon, hopefully today if I have the time.
so: TO BE CONTINUED! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


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