I am sick and tired of unqualified trump and his kids making a joke out of this country and the world. When will Americans stand up to this outrageous stupidity? Matter of fact, when will hypocritical REPUBLICANS stand up to this?

*** If this was the Bush daughters, Chelsea or the Obama daughters, the fake Christian & moral police would have stopped them from sitting in meetings and having an office in the WH. Just think, if this was Chelsea Clinton, the Bros that complain about her for no good reason all of the time ( but her getting more attention than them online) would be protesting everywhere . ***

But you ignorant people think it is ok for Ivanka to sit her non qualified self in the WH, in meetings and now represent the country on a global platform.

This privilege woman has completely pissed me off and the fact that so many of you aren’t demanding this to be stopped is pathetic. Anyone with sense should be angry with this entire family by now. They are a complete joke and making this country one too.