I thought of this in class...

So one day you come home from a geek store with a tin box full of new Pokémon cards. You call to Michael and he comes running to you, wrapping you in a hug.

“I have something for you!” You say, a smile on your face. Michael starts getting all excited like a small child. You pull the tin box out of a paper bag and Michael goes berserk. He hops up and down and gives you a kiss, then leave the room. You try and find him but you can’t.

You’re a bit sad that he didn’t ask you to open them with you so you sit in the living room with your tunes playing, trying not to get distressed. You’re almost asleep when Michael taps you awake. He looks very excited as he holds out a card for you.

“I went and found the prettiest and shiniest one for you babe.”