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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #34
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> do you wanna make out?<p/><b>Phil:</b> sure-<p/><b>Dan:</b> cornflakes<p/></p><p/></p>

My boss’s never going to believe me if I look like this. You look fine! You look great.

my absolute fav things about guardians of the galaxy vol.2

- that hilarious opening scene 
- Groot waves at everyone 
- moody Groot
- we are family
- David Hasselhof
-  “i’m Mary Poppins, y'all!”
- when Peter said “Sometimes, the thing you’re searching for your whole life, was right there beside you all along…" 
- do you have any tape?
- you are beautiful…..on the inside
- his nipples are sensitive
- trash panda
- “You shouldn’t have killed my mom and squished my Walkman!”
- blue space dad
- Gamora is a dancer
- Rocket and Yondu bonding
- omg those character developing
- the colours are brighter than my future
- familial relationships

Open Book | Jughead x Reader

A/n: Hi! I wrote something and it’s not very good, but I’m an embarrassment so here it is.

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You were made of stories and poems, that’s what interested him. You didn’t hide your pass, mistakes and future. You were an open book, but he couldn’t help himself wondering why. Why were you an open book? This town was full of secrets, specially after Jason’s death.

Not you though, you had no secrets, that’s what you wanted them to think. They asked a question, you answered it. Everyone in this messed up town knew everything about you. Jughead couldn’t have that though, he had a feeling you were hiding something and he was gonna get to the bottom of it.

You knew that boy was special, instead of asking questions. He observed, you appreciated it. Though it scared you, what if he does find out? You hid one small thing from your past, you haven’t lied though, you just didn’t go into detail. The truth is, your family… the thought of it just brought you into tears, you quickly wiped it away. You were sat next to an old tree. Everyone had a special place in this town, yours just happened to be an abounded park. 

This is where you wrote your poems, songs, take pictures, paint, draw. To say you were an artist was an understatement. You had something special within you, it was truly beautiful. Though no one knows that, except the Blossom twins. Your two best friends, even though one happens to be dead.The two red heads would always try to convince you to flash around your talent, but you just couldn’t. They were the only people that knew about your pass. You drew about your pass, you couldn’t write it into words.

That mess up storm was too horrible to describe, so you drew. You drew until you got tired and the pain would numb. It would comeback in the morning though, the feeling of anxiety and loneliness. What ever did you do to deserve that? Why would your family put you through that?

After that little incident, you went to live with your grandparents. The look of your parents horrified you. You haven’t seen the since the goodbye. Although it was painful, still is, you couldn’t forgive your parents for this one. “There you are, I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” You look up to see your best friend, Cheryl Blossom. You gave her a smile with sadness written all over it. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t stay. I hate thinking that he was just there, lifeless.”

Your redheaded friend sat down next to you, tears rolling down her face. You were quick to wipe them away. “They wanna send me way,” that pained your heart. Tears were now coming out of your eyes, they both left. One already did and the other one on her way. The crashing pain came back, but instead of letting it drill you into the ground. You stood up to it,“you’re not leave. I’m not gonna let them take you,” Cheryl gave you a smile. Being put through pain for a year of your life, the only thing you could do was think.

Thinkers made up great plans, you were one. “Oh my dear best friend, what’s your plan?” You gave your friend a smirk before rushing off to the library with Cheryl closely behind you. When you got there you found the one and only Jughead Jones. 

Of course, the library was empty, who goes to the library these days? And that’s what was so perfect about it, no one ever went there. Perfect place to hide secrets.

“My dear can I help you with something?” Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. You’re grandma owns the library, making her the librarian. She was the only person working here, because this place was as dead as Chuck’s respect for woman.“Yes actually nana, do you have any stories. On the Blossoms,” right there and than Jughead has stopped writing and was waiting for a reply. He never noticed the two females come into the library, he was too busy typing away from what happened at Jason’s bedroom.

“I would my love, but I’m afraid someone else is listening.” Your nana looked over at Jughead, the boy began typing away again. You walked over to the boy, while Cheryl stayed to talk to your nana. You took a seat across from him, the boy has stopped typing and looked over at you. Silence filled the library, you might be an open book, but the town saw you as dangerous. How could the open book befriend the two wicked twins? 

“Something fancy you Jughead? You know I’m an open book, ask away.” His eyes were filled with questions, “You’re hiding something, what is it.” This boy, how interesting. “I hold no secrets,” the boy just smiled a little. 

He loved mysteries, and you happen to be one of them. The open book was filled with mysteries. 

So I have this little headcanon of Felassan’s spirit, like, “haunting” Solas whenever he’s in the Fade:

recapping his days, things he said to Lavellan and then Fel’s Deadpan-Snark Commentary on every little thing. 

But, at the same time, Felassan’s also hardcore like–
“…Seems like this little thing with this Dalish babe is going pretty well, hmm?”
“–She seems super good for you, buddy!”
“So!! Lavellan seems like a p. good reason to forego the whole world-annihilation plan, yeah?”
“A ‘Rare and Marvelous Spirit’, huh? Dayumm!!….
Wait, you didn’t actually say
those words, right? …Like, TO her?”

And is slowly like building Solas up to the whole Tell Her You’re THE Dread Wolf thing, building up Solas’s confidence and INSISTING that Lavellan will handle it super well, and they plan the whole Trip to Crestwood….

And then Solas comes back after The Scene—just, Blank-Faced, looking exactly like a man who’s just seen his whole world evaporate, and Felassan is just like

And then pretty much every night since, cause Fel is True Homie

(idk, sorry. I never sleep or talk to real people, so I got lazy on grammar.)

Typanophobia (H2OVanoss Oneshot)

Note: I wrote this a while ago and posted it on my A03 account. I haven’t proofread it or anything so good luck!

Evan felt completely at peace with his lover’s naked body tangled in his. He could feel every heartbeat, every breath, every little thing his lover did, and he absolutely loved it. Though he never was a religious man, he truly believed Heaven couldn’t be better than this. His lover stirred, muttering something about being sore the next day, and buried his sweaty face in the crook of Evan’s neck. Evan hummed with amusement and ran his fingers through the man’s dark brown hair, earning a small smile from him.

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Best Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs

Mermaid Motel- Lana Del Ray (2010)

Disco (My Only God)- Lizzy Grant and the Phenomena (2007)

The Man I Love- unreleased (2012)

Kinda Outta Luck- unreleased (2010)

You Can Be the Boss- unreleased (2010)

Because of You- unreleased (2012)

Trash Magic (Miss America)- unreleased (2007)

Kill Kill- Lana Del Ray (2010)

Get Drunk- No Kung Fu (2007)

Try Tonight- May Jailer (2005)


shimada (+1 mchanzo) doodle dump.. all i can say about these is that im sorry

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