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Outlaw Queen: Game of Thrones Au

sorry for the wait! I had to think on it since the lovely smolderandsass already writes a got au which is one of my favourite aus in the fandom! again, ignored the three sentences thing and haven’t read for mistakes and i’m sorry about my trash use of verb tenses!!


She’d said, “Stay for dinner, Ser Robin.” It had been an order as much as an invitation.

It began with the rumours that her husband, the old Targaryan king, had finally lost the last thread of sanity he’d once held.

Or mayhaps it all began years ago, had all been building all these years, from the moment a kind hearted queen did a poor, young thief a kindness he did not deserve. There was no reason she should have shown him compassion then, son of a minor lord and petty thief that he’d been. And yet, Lady Regina had pardoned him and prevented him from meeting his end at the gallows or from what was sure to be a cold lifetime at The Wall.

In any case, there was something in course, arrangements were being made - it was in the very air of the city, behind the closed doors of the small council meetings which seemed to be permanently in place. And Robin knew that he was like to get caught right in the middle of it, as the commander of the Queensguard.

That was the first night he’d truly had inkling of it, though.

Dinner was already long done for the evening when Robin first considered taking his leave, mindful of the rumours his presence at her rooms might spark. There was enough to be whispered about the royal family, and he did not intend on contributing to the melting pot of hearsay swirling around. He was about to make up an excuse and bid her goodnight when a raven came flying in and perched itself at the back of the chair closest to her.

The queen rose and took  a small piece of parchment from the raven’s legs with a shaking hand. Dark wings, dark words, he thought as he watched her read with a furrowed brow. 

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