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If I were a decent person I might have cleaned off the table before taking pictures but literally the only reason these were taken at all was because I got @negaiboshi this tiny trash can and had to show her just how well her Starscream figure would fit in it.

Soundwave saw an opportunity and he took it.

So I saw a certain photoset of Genrations Arcee doing some heavy lifting, and I was skeptical as to it being done without external support. So I cracked out my Arcee, to see if she could do it

I started small, to see if she was even sturdy enough to hold any other bot. She was

Next size class up, and still no problems

A bot more than twice her size, and barely breaking a sweat

It took a while to find the right position, but she managed to god damn hold Ultra Magnus, who I can assure you is not a lightweight

But now I wanted to take it one step further than the original. I wanted to try for a combiner. Annoyingly all the smaller combiners were so awkwardly shaped and weighted she couldn’t even get a grip. However the biggest one, while way to big to hold by the middle, was a success

So yeah I now love this toy even more, and we’re getting married.


Knockout hid it pretty well but sometimes Breakdown found it. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But could you imagine him revisiting and looking at these little remnant scribbles after the loss of Breakdown.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

This is what the two entries say if you can’t make them out:

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Okay but listen

Headcanon that Smokescreen gets really into cowboys while on Earth. The freedom, the speed, the wild and the dirt –– it’s electrifying

-He one day catches the kids watching “A Fistful of Dollars” while on his off-time, mildly intrigued by Miko’s cheering and hollering he stays and witnesses Clint Eastwood kill the four men who had shot at his mule before they could even draw. For some reason it shocks and resonates with him deeply, and he can’t understand why; he’s been the Cybertronian equivalent of a city boy his entire life, living in and protecting higher Iacon, he knew nothing about the Wild West and laying down your own laws, only following orders and respecting your superiors from day one. 

-He secretly develops a vigilante persona, a stetson-wearing badass who can kill 4 cons before they even draw their guns. The vigilante’s alt-mode is a red 1969 Ford Mustang, and he often has dreams of racing through the open desert roads of Jackson, burning rubber in the sunset. Sometimes he’ll even sneak out of the base just for a fantasy joy ride. He’ll come back covered in dirt to the other bots’ distaste.

-His holomatter avatar also now wears a stetson and a lot of leather, which looks very odd in his Indy 500 McLaren vehicle mode.

-He’ll often repeat famous John Wayne one-liners while in battle, which no doubt confuses both the ‘cons and ‘bots

-One day he does open up to Arcee, who laughs a little when she hears his persona’s alt-mode and abilities, Smokescreen thinks she’s laughing at him but she assures him it’s not that. 

“Your ‘vigilante’ just reminds me of someone… that’s all.” she says, staring out into space with a small smile.

 Arcee grows very fond of Smokescreen that day.

So! I went to Salt Lake City Comic Con && Met Steve Blum && got this recording for a friend of mine. 

It’s a birds rights activist tweet, && you guessed it, Steve Blum read it out as Starscream from Transformers: Prime

amporabmp  asked:

Imagine the kids and Smokescreen hiding around the base and shooting at each other with nerf blasters with the little suction cup bullets. The entire base is littered with them in no time at all. No where is safe. All of them are dressed as cowboys.

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