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  • me: *has 23 padalecki/ackles/padackles saved urls*
  • me: *doesn't need another blog or a new url*
  • me: save more just in case

Every time I think about the fact that Zig was alone in the hospital after the crash with no family to get him or even to just check up on him I get super emotional.Does the boy have to lose a damn kidney for his parents to share actual concern because he’s had near misses with death and his parents are probably at home washing dishes giving 0 shits watching jeopardy.

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P1: I completely disagree. Rock is dead as far as mainstream. Unless youre the next AX7 album these bands can forget becoming huge and its YOU KIDS (not the amids) to blame. Youre unsupportive&Fickle. MIW is amazing but will they get bigger? Most likely not. Because the fans are brats. Everyones bitching about their new album not sounding the same (no shit! muisicians grow! noveltiy concept!) despite the songs being kickass. Dont pretend BVB is not the only band going through this.

P2: Whenever a band changes a riff or the way they wear their clothes you children flip your shit and trash them. Something I rarely saw growing up. Its amazing how previlant it is now. These poor musicians are dammed if they do dammed if they do nt. I respect the amids because they call Andy out on his shit but still support or give mature feedback on the music. Andy Black gets the same views as a BVB song if not more. How is that a flop? Sounds like ur hate of Ju is overriding support of BVB.            

I actually agree with you. I remember when Paramore ventured outside of pop punk music and did a few pop songs, people went ape shit, stopped following the band and they didn’t even give those songs a chance. & Also when Hayley decided to express her fashion sense and she started wearing stage outfits instead of a t shirt and jeans, people were pissed. People even got mad at her when she cut her hair really short a few years back. A lot of [young] fans of mainstreams bands are very immature and worry about stupid shit that doesn’t change anything about the band themselves and it really does annoy me. Although I have said before that I would prefer BVB to go back to their old sound (like the music they made in 2010/11), I think the reason for that is because that’s when they were happier, you could tell they loved every minute of being a band and now we’re lucky if they can even get their lead singer to come the studio and work on the album. -N

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Thoughts on ChocoFunduk?

A horrible person. Talentless and rude. They are not nice at all. If you are watching this trash, unwatch them right now.



I don’t need to show, I think we all know it

But just to be certain I’ll say it again:

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is in love with her friend…

…and his name is Adrien Agreste.

I have this silly crossover idea in which Jagged makes a song for Marinette the same way Ruberiot did for Star. And like, he is too very observant and thinks he is doing her a favor lol.


the best parts of the iconic i love you scene:

  • the huge relieved sigh alec let out and how it came almost like a little “oh” sound when he saw magnus who he had been looking for HOURS just imagine how stressed the poor bab was
  • he says it himself – he was literally TERRIFIED of losing magnus, the man he had just realized he’s in love with, the love of his life, because when shadowhunters find someone it is for life
  • alec’s heavy breathing bc his anxiety levels had been so high that he couldn’t even breathe properly and he had probably been running all around the institute just waiting to see what he feared the most
  • but magnus was scared too you could just see how relieved they both were when they finally had each other in their arms
  • magnus’ thumb rubbing down alec’s back in such a reassuring way, trying to tell him that its okay because he’s here now
  • alec burying his face into magnus’ shoulder because that’s his safe place and the only way to calm himself down
  • him hugging magnus even tighter because he’s probably still in shock trying to figure out if this is real if magnus is actually there, living, breathing and okay because he’s alec’s responsibility and if anything were to happen to him…
  • the i love you is so beautifully breathless too he probably just figured it out but it doesnt matter because he doesnt want to ever feel like that was the last time they’d see each other before he could even tell magnus about his true feelings, without magnus knowing how loved he is
  • magnus shaking his head a little bit because he cant quite believe it but answering right back the same words so easily
  • he has probably just been waiting for alec to say it because he himself has been too scared, too scared for his response, the possibility that he doesn’t get back the answer he so desperately needs to hear
  • the forehead touch ™ and magnus’ tiny smile just because of how happy he is to hear those words
  • the fact that they probably ended up hugging for a long ass time after that just holding each other, breathing each other in, feeling the other there with them…
  • after that they portalled to magnus’ apartment and just laid down for a bit, calming down, basking in each other’s existence and just ignoring the outside world for awhile because right now all they have is each other