trash them

Okay so this scene is literally them reaching for balance and being torn apart because they are stuck in their ideals. This lightsaber was created by The Force Baby Anikin Skywalker at his peak Good Boy. Obi Wan carries it for Luke until the time comes, its Lukes first saber, Maz somehow gets ahold of it, Finn uses it despite not being force sensitive to fight Kylo, it’s Rey’s first lightsaber. It’s literally made as a conduit of the Force. In TFA it doesn’t go to Kylo at all and goes straight for Rey and like 5 days later in the throne room it gets used by Ben. Why? Because he was Ben with Rey. His saber went to her because she was aligned with him too. He was good. They were aligned. They are the balance. She’s yin. She’s good with a little bit of bad, as seen in the Black well with mirrors, and like. No Jedi would ever raise their saber to their master and she did to Luke. Ben is yang. He’s bad with a little bit of good. Being torn up by killing his dad. Not shooting his moms bridge. Shooting the pilots down that do shoot the bridge. ForceTime with Rey. The Touch. Yeah. Boys got some good. It broke to symbolize how desperately they need to unite. Permanently. They need to compromise. They have to shed their ideals and become one. They are what will balance the galaxy. Theories on what will happen with the saber bits; it gets turned into wedding rings for Ben and Rey (it’s a crystal and some metal. It can happen.), they each take half of the kyber and create new sabers using their own kybers (Rey has to find her own kyber), or Rey finds her own kyber and Kylo takes his out of his sword and they join them together with the broken kyber crystal to make a totally unique saber. Either way it’s going to be reused somehow. It would be a cute wedding gift to each other. If they made sabers using their halves and gave each other the sabers that they made.


“Like a centipede.”


harry potter and the  philosopher’s stone

it was dark times, harry, dark times. voldemort started to gather some followers, brought them over to the dark side. anyone who stood up to him ended up dead. your parents fought against him, but nobody lived once he decided to kill them. nobody, not one, except you.